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  1. Yeah it's in full gaming controversy mode now where most people complaining are getting seriously carried away complaining about everything they can think of and paying no attention to CDPR's press releases. Heck, reddit's full of posts about "missing promised content" that was never in any way promised to be in the game, complaints that the game doesn't have every feature from every open world game ever made, and people pretending that this is the only game to ever launch with bugs. Yes the console issues are very bad and it shouldn't have released like that, but a lot of the comp
  2. Gamer girls love their cooling fans being blocked by bits of plastic.
  3. I'd take soft silicon tips which actually fit the ear properly over cheap hard plastic which hurt your ears and don't seal any day.
  4. Not a chance but that's the excuse they're going with. Given the supply problems their retail partners and Nvidia will likely be requesting lots of information about the status of shipments and MSI will be keeping a close eye on them. There's no way this flew under the radar.
  5. They were on sale on Ebay even before the launch. There's no proof any of the ebay scalpers actually have the cards to sell.
  6. That's the thing - there were so many people trying to grab one somebody would still have seen them go available, but so far I haven't heard of anybody who did,
  7. So I was sitting on a number of chatrooms filled with a lot of people madly refreshing trying to get a 3080 FE the moment they went live. The problem is they seem to have sold out without ever appearing as available to buy. Not only did nobody get one - nobody even saw a buy option before they were listed as out of stock. Did anybody here manage to get one or see them go live? Edit: Looks like Nvidia have actually started selling the FEs on their US site now - about 2.5 hours after they were supposed to go live. Technical issues maybe? Haven't seen them go live outside of the
  8. If that's the 3090 those numbers really suck - I don't get why people are impressed. The 2xxx series was really underwhelming as well and it came out nearly two years ago If all they can do in that time is a measly +30% performance it better be cheap.
  9. Yeah I've had some bad experiences as well but come on, if you haven't been to a doctor since you were 9 that's on you. And you've completely changed an informative story to some kind of NHS hit piece because you have a grudge.
  10. Out of interest - has honey actually saved anyone money? I've had the extension for like 2 years now and it has literally never found me a coupon to use.
  11. Wouldn't a Gigapixel be 1000 Megapixels as it is with everything else? So this new camera would be 0.144 Gigapixels not 1.44.
  12. Nobody should be surprised by this. Neither should they be when it turns out the whole negative latency thing is actually a load of Bs and doesn't exist, nor will it ever.
  13. This is literally just unmoderated comments, nothing more. We all know how well that works. Except no it isn't, because not only that, this is only useful for those who can't chat using the normal functionality because they would get banned. So that will make up the vast majority of users. Dissenter does not exist to protect free speech - that is just another transparent lie the far right uses as a shield to dismiss criticism. It exists to create an echo chamber of extremist conversation not allowed elsewhere - racism, death threats etc
  14. Hah this is a great way for Nvidia to piss off their datacenter customers who are presumably asking for such a product.