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  1. If the NAS is mounted as a Drive in Windows, YES! The ransomware WILL encrypt everything it has access to, including NetworkVloumes (sometimes even if not mounted). The way I protect against that is to have my data on a snapshottable filesystem (btrfs) on my Homeserver. I do daily snapshots (they won't take up additional space) and if I should get infected with ransomware, I at most loose the data between snapshots. Yes. It will still encrypt the data, but I can revert back easily. Depending on your NAS you might have the possibility to do that as well, but if not: Have a good
  2. I use NiceHash. Quite cool as it automatically selects what to mine based on profit margin. It's not 'real' mining though. You rent your Hardware to be used and get paid in BTC in return. I make ~3-5€ of profit a day. (GTX1080, 0.29€/kWh Definitely, make sure to either have enough power to spring for the big payout (<0.01BTC) or use the NiceHash wallet to get your BTC faster.
  3. Well, that's why I asked if I can change the pump top on that one. I know that that works with other ones. But I'm not sure about it. I would really like an official answer from @EK Luc whether I can change the pump top on this pump and apply this heatsink. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-ddc-3-2-pwm-laing-ddc-3-2-pwmhttps://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-ddc-heatsink-cover-black As for the D5: It would probably get too tall
  4. Quite simply because of space constraints. And the DDC pump with the res at least looks nice when mounted. (See pic in first post) I use 10/16mm tubes
  5. Ok, so I would buy https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-ddc-3-2-pwm-laing-ddc-3-2-pwm and https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-ddc-heatsink-cover-black and switch out the pump-top with the one from my 3.1? The shape of the 3.2 I linked weirds me out a bit, is this the correct one for my application? Again, only if I'm not happy with my temps after the addidional blocks. Thanks in advance!
  6. @EK Luc so I COULD go with that pump first, and see how I like my temps and upgrade to a 3.2 if my temps are awful? Can you buy the Pump solo, or do I have to buy it as a bundle? Thanks!
  7. Okay, so I have this pump/res combo (3.1 instead of 3.2) https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-xres-100-ddc-mx-3-2-pwm-incl-pump-1 Is that an 18 Watt pump? I can't find anything on that site,... nor in the manual
  8. Hands down the 990 pro if you can drive it.Just awesome headphones for their money! Most newer Mobos have an amp on-board. so it's worth a shot.
  9. OT: Regarding the image, yeah, I already shot a PM to luke. Btt: Cool, so my thought when planning the build were correct. Thanks!
  10. Hi there, I was wondering if my EK-DDC Pump will push enough to support a 360+240 rad + 2GPUs and CPU. I am currently rockin' a 360 with the CPU (OC'd) on the pump and temps are awesome. But now I want to add 2 cards to the loop. And I wondered if that pump was enough? I always heard that the DDC pumps are quite good for that kind of pressure, is that true? Do I even need the additional 240? (I think so...) The 140 fans to the left would be replaced with the 240 and the ugly kink near the CPU would get away then. The 980 would be replaced by some sweet 1080s with EK block
  11. asiancorruption: Ubuntu and Mint are so called distributions. Linux itself is something much tinier and down to the core. Distributions add things that Linux needs to run. This here is another distribution called Gentoo with a custom kernel and a XFCE UI on top.
  12. UPDATE: Found a article on the blog of Fail0verflow. That should be better as it goes into more technical detail: https://fail0verflow.com/blog/2015/console-hacking-2015-liner-notes.html The known hacker-group Fail0verflow has done it. Linux runs on the PS4. This was demonstrated at the german hacker-congress 32C3. There is some functionality missing, but the general system is working. Source: http://www.golem.de/news/jailbreak-linux-und-pok-mon-auf-der-playstation-4-1512-118279.html Translation of the source: The known hacker-group Fail0verflow has managed to run L
  13. Yes, sure, i have no problem with G2A. You probably should not buy from sketchy sellers, but other than that great platform and much better than eBay for buying keys^^
  14. I have made some research with mine and a friends card and came to the conclusion, that this 0.5GiB this is total bullshit... https://secure.xendosoft.de/?p=90 Short from:
  15. 1. One Res. for the bigger one one for the smaller one, because it's rumored, that there are 2 sizes, hence the two resolutions. 2. Because, if the RAM is used as framebuffer, a higher resulution means more memory usage. Also it makes a huge difference between iOS and Androids memory-management. Because in iOS everything runs in a Sandbox, this Sandbox sets the Limitation for the App. This is why some apps (like Chrome) perform very poorly if unoptimized. This is the security-concept of iOS. And multitasking on iOS is mostly done by preserving only the latest app in memory and dump the other
  16. I totally agree on that! But i see the problem in cojunction with the increased resolution of the Display, not because the OS needs more.
  17. Source: http://www.gforgames.com/gadgets/iphone-6-will-feature-1gb-ram-44826/ My 2 cents: Considering, that the 5s also comes with 1GB and given, that this rumor is true, i can only see a improvement of the TouchID, inclusion of NFC and a possibly better Display as well as the A8-Chip to be a reason to step up to the new 6-Model. If however the A8 is not making up for this possible lack of RAM, we might see some issues regarding performance, if the higher display-resolution (rumored to be quad-HD/2K) is a thing, because the memory will most likely be shared between CPU and GPU within th
  18. I love the awesome customizability options, that work without breaking any functionality or style (well, at least on first look ) Especially the animation tweaking! Edit: oh, and it uses a 2100 MHz Band for Data, which is nice, as it works in Germany
  19. I use a TP-Link TL-SG1016, which is a 16-Port GbE Switch with decent (32Gbps) swiching capacity. However, because it is around 60-80$ i would recommend the TL-SG1008D, which is its 8-Port Desktop equivalent (16Gbps switching capacity) and only 20-30$. Both also feature some powersaving-stuff.
  20. IMHO it would not make sense to go to 1.3V only to get 100MHz more out of the CPU. Despite the unreasonable heatoutput, consider the power it draws to get that little more in performance. I personally would stick to the 4.4 @ 1.23V, maybe even go to 1.24V only to be sure in stability.
  21. I just ordered the DT 990 PROs so i think this thread can be closed. Thanks again for all your opinions!
  22. No, as i said, i will not use them portable.