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  1. Basically I have 3 monitor setup right now with 2 computers. 2 monitors I use on my main computer and 1 monitor is for the other pc that is not ON as much as the main one. I want to sell both monitors I have and get one ultrawide that will have a split screen capability so I can display both computers on 2 sides of the screen. Is there a monitor lineup that specifically has that software capability? Thank you!!
  2. I bought a graphite thermal pad after watching Linus video about it and never looked back. Best $8 I've ever spent.
  3. Microsoft makes most of their revenue from selling windows to enterprises anyway, home user will not be affected trust me, otherwise they will lose a huge market share in the consumer sector, they will not want to do that. They should make an absolutely free LITE version for home use only and a subscription based service with support and all that other crap that businesses may benefit from, OS is like a necessity at this point it should not cost money for home use.
  4. I'll be excited when google releases a smart speaker with aux port that is not $400.
  5. Do they even have a fan there? Isn't it passive cooled?
  6. Make G mode. Special windows with a lot of crap stripped out, only the barebones required to game and browse the web.
  7. It was always like this, but because of internet we hear them complaining, even if we don't want to.
  8. Startup that did what tech giants like Intel and AMD could not, yeah, my ass.
  9. I've been using Allo when it came out, it's a good app, it's clean, has plethora of features and most importantly is fast (thx google superservers), I really have no idea why they re-doing it again, it's a perfectly good app, invest more money in marketing or whatever, it's a good competitive product. Biggest issue with all chat apps is that your circle of people might not use it, but since they include allo and duo with the phone preinstalled its slowly becoming non-issue. I personally use Allo and Duo and I like both of them a lot. I wish that Allo and Duo had apps for windows and tablets
  10. I bought 350, I don't think you're correct, they became available once again on newegg and amazon, got mine from amazon.
  11. Bought a bunch of hardware from Newegg, but since I'm not a US citizen and all of my purchases been forwarded by freight forwarding company I just kinda lol at this.
  12. I see absolutely no problem with it. I recently played AC: Origins and it had microtransactions and they were non-influence on gameplay at all. If people want to lvl up or get some weapons that are weaker than weapons you can get ingame then be my guest.
  13. I see, thank you, learned something new today, gonna go with one that For Science posted, thx again to all.
  14. So it's only MSI products? How are they different in terms of dimensions from say FE? Am I wrong thinking all gpus are the same size when you strip off the cooler solution>?