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  1. I've tried all of these things to no avail. If the computer is on when I plug in the tv, it just says no signal, and does not show up as an option to duplicate or extend the display.
  2. I recently got a samsung 55'' 4k TV, model UN55HU7250FXZA, and was hoping to hook it up to my computer as an additional display occasionally. I've got a GTX 780 with all the latest drivers installed, and I bought an hdmi cable long enough, (http://www.amazon.com/BlueRigger-High-Speed-Cable--wall/dp/B004GW25WY/ref=lp_202505011_1_12?s=audio-video-accessories&ie=UTF8&qid=1422742286&sr=1-12) Yet when I got to plug the TV in, my computer is not sending a signal, but here is the weird part, if I plug in the tv as my only display, and then I boot my computer, I am able to see the A
  3. Best thing to ease the pain is pouring some table salt in a glass of water, gargle it, then spit it out. It sounds like that would make it worse, I know, but it really does help.
  4. was in too much of a rush before class, oops linked now
  5. Pretty good deal if you're looking to hop on the 4K train. Monitor Specs: Screen size: 28 inches Panel type: InnoLux M280DGJ-L30 TN (Twisted Nematic) LCD Panel Native resolution: 3840 x 2160 Typical maximum brightness: 300 cd/m² (370 cd/m² specified by Sasmung) Colour support: 1.07 billion (10-bits per subpixel without dithering) Response time (G2G): 1ms Refresh rate: 60Hz (Display Port), 30Hz (HDMI) Weight: 5.65kg Contrast ratio: 1,000:1 (Plus ‘MEGA’ Dynamic Contrast) Viewing angle: 170º horizontal, 160º vertical Power consumption: 32W typical Backlight: WLED (White Light Emitting D
  6. I pay for premium and got the PlexPass for free on android, however I had to pay to get the windows 8 app for Plex (worth every penny though, beautiful application)
  7. If you like RPGs check out Kingdoms of Amalur, it's pretty fun so far. Only $5 right now
  8. I love watching, as well as playing CS:GO. If you haven't tried it, you should. It takes a great amount of teamwork and communication to win, and watching the pros do it is just awesome!
  9. Colors look great on it, and everything looks much crisper due to the 2160x1440p display.
  10. I got my entire set up (the i5 256gb, best buy blue type cover) for ~1,333 My main reason for going to best buy was that I had $200 worth of giftcards. The pen is included in the initial purchase, along with the charger.
  11. Perhaps when I get some more use, as of right now, I'm extremely impressed. The flexibility is nice, I'm able to consume content while laying in bed as a tablet (youtube, twitch, even kindle books) then get actual stuff done when I snap on the keyboard, or take notes with the pen.
  12. hahah, yes, I bought it (with graduation money, for use in college next year)
  13. So far I've gotten "Don't Starve", Amnesia, risk of rain (super fun coop), prison architect, and payday 2
  14. both, lol. Bought and received yesterday.
  15. http://us.reddit.com/r/Surface/comments/28oz6c/gpu_throttling_info/ it seems like there are some throttling issues on the gpu getting too hot, as you will see in that reddit post I do use Plex! and so far it runs like a champ! communicates between my phone, desktop, and even chromecast.
  16. I went for the 256gb i5. The battery (so far) has lasted ~5 hours, but keep in mind I had it at full brightness, constantly messing with it. I'd expect 7-8 with normal use though.
  17. http://imgur.com/1jo4olQ I tried to outline it with red to make it a little clearer lol, but you get the point
  18. sorry my working my have been kinda weird, but there are two small bars across the bottom and top. I'll take a pic in 1 sec.
  19. I looks fine, you just have a small black bar across the bottom and top of the screen.
  20. I was ready to leave towards the end lol, but I do think I was the first one, I got there just as they were opening
  21. Well, I finally got it! I walked into my local Best Buy at 10a.m. Everything was seemingly normal, so I walked towards to section of the store where I knew the Surface Pro's are kept, and out of no where, I'm swarmed by employees and a Microsoft rep (swarmed in a good way), they had balloons, party hats, even a Surface Pro cake! The Microsoft rep asked me a few questions about why I was choosing the Surface Pro 3 and I explained that it was the ideal device for a soon to be college student. We then all posed for a picture with my new Surface Pro 3 in hand. (we as in a few Best Buy employe
  22. Sloth and Snail package for $79.99 TWC FTW
  23. One day my ping is 30, with 22Mbps download, the next I deal with this... Contacted them multiple times complaining, each time taking about an hour before my internet "magically" becomes fine again. Then they provide me with this service. It's not even like I'm torrenting and they throttle me like this, this is just out of the blue. I wish there were other options, but sadly, there are not google fiber me pls