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    8GB Kingston Something
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    R7 370 4GB
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    2x HP Compaq LA1905wg
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    CoolerMaster i70C
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    Shintaro EBay
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Never really bothered considering they've worked ok and I don't really have the drip to afford a good one. Everything wireless for now, getting powerlines into the room though, property manager didn't want ethernet for some reason.
  2. Hello all, Been having a bit of an issue lately regarding remote desktop for Windows 10 Pro 1903. It seems after a while that my web server will not accept any remote connection, as if it's lost network access. Cant ping it, can't access webpages hosted on it etc. Now when scanning the network for alive devices it does come up and same in my router admin panel. Only variable that has changed is my router. However funny story with that. We had ADSL installed so our ISP came out and replaced the coaxial converter box with the "NBN" box and also replaced our router with
  3. Yeah nah my router isn't supported by any third party router os'.
  4. What's RRAS and I have a second router (the exact same model as my primary) but wouldn't bridge mode require an ethernet port to my prim router?
  5. Ok no worries, thanks for the reply. Have just ordered a set of powerlines adapters.
  6. Hello all, As I am in a rented house it would be quite the challenge to install an ethernet port in the same room as my computers etc. I picked up an old system for free and thought fck it, FreeNAS. The only way I could get an internet connection to it was through my main desktop, sharing the internet connection through the ethernet port. I know, I know, wifi = slow. I can access the FreeNAS web interface fine through the internet-sharing-pc just fine ( but if I try to access it from anything else I cannot access
  7. Hello all, I have setup the windows VPN server on my webserver, PPTP, nothing special. I can connect to it fin on LAN but as soon as I try to connect to it from my mobile hotspot I get the following: "the network connection between your computer and the vpn server was interrupted...." Now to my firewall situation. I have port 1723 port forwarded and added incoming and outbound rules to the server. When I do a quick canyouseeme check for 1723, nothing. Any ideas? Have I missed a step? Thanks in advance, anyth
  8. Because why not? It's because of the rarity of mini-stx I didn't feel like paying $100 just for a case so, I put it in my main rig.
  9. Hello all, Just looking for some advice on how to create custom motherboard standoff threaded holes. I put a mini-stx board in my system. It works brilliantly. Got mouse without borders running and a bridged WiFi card.
  10. Back...again. So. Anybody know of a Mini-STX case that can be delivered to Australia for less than $100? I've only been able to find the SilverStone VT01B. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hey, Back again. Will a Mini-STX mobo fit in a Mini-ITX case? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello all, Came a cross on a GA-H110MSTX-HD3 on Gumtree. All well and good, pretty good price however I am completely new to the SFF motherboard scene. Only ever worked with M-ATX/ATX and server motherboards. I was wondering if anybody could point me in the right track in terms of a power supply for it. Only thing I've been able to find so far is this. I would like to spend around $50 on a PSU if possible. Any help is greately appreciated!
  13. Really? I've heard to access something on LAN I need loopback. I have the telstra Arcadyan. I cannot access my services from LAN but from a mobile hotspot I can
  14. http://opensimulator.org/wiki/NAT_Loopback_Routers