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  1. @BashZeStampeedo plastic memories if you like Clannad or Angel Beats because it's got a sad but romantic story line. Beyond the Boundary is just really cute and funny with a decent story line. Those where just the top two that came to suggestion. I can't recommend a lot of anime cause I mostly read manga, but if you have any really good anime I should watch let me know!!!

  2. I've been really struggling with the idea of upgrading to either whatever newest Iphone of the time or samsung galaxy of the time when I can upgrade. I loved my iphone 4 when I had it, I never really had any issues and it was a nice and simple device that lasted from receiving it to when I upgraded. Then I got the galaxy note 4 and I loved it at first, it had a much simpler control scheme and easier to follow, with more I could change. Though for the past year it's been getting worse and worse and I don't understand at all. Sometimes it just stops functioning which can be a real pain.. Like I said tho i'm struggling cause I loved galaxy but had problems long term with them, But Iphone wasn't as intuitive but seemed to have lasted longer with no issues!

  3. 1 hour ago, Canada EH said:

    @BirdyBlue007 Why are you following me around with your


    Lmao, sorry I just wanted to share as much good news as possible as quick as possible. lol, but I've now gotten a warning that I'm spamming which is fair... So I'm going to cut back on commenting stuff about burritos and maybe just sharing it on my profile. Sad days when a man can no longer share his love of burritos properly!!!

  4. So there I was, I had just finished making an amazing refried black beans and brown rice with chicken burrito in a low carb tortilla shell (cause I don't need all those carbs). I go to watch youtube on an old mac book I bought used and see Linus Tech Tips just uploaded a video... "WHAT IS THIS!!!" I said to myself, followed by a "I ENJOY FREE STUFF!!!" So of course I watch the video, enchanted by the thought of winning something through the internet. The only thing I had ever won before was having sexy singles in my area, which is an award in itself. So after watching the video I followed the instructions which lead me here. I created a profile AND FINISHED MY BURRITO. Decided I would tell people of this most amazing burrito I made and share the good word, along with asking for a NEW RAZER BLADE STEALTH so I could have a nice computer to do art on. I just hope telling you about my amazing and surely most delicious burrito will somehow increase my chances. If not that is okay for I have already won thanks to that burrito, and thanks to the fact that I made enough burrito mix to make at least five more burritos which till tide me over till I buy more ingredients to make more burritos. I appreciate you all and wish for you to one day be able to enjoy a burrito as delicious and as amazing as the burrito I just enjoyed. I also hope 3 MILLION subscribers feels as good as the feeling of eating that most delicious burrito. If anyone wants to know about how I made the burrito hmu and I'll tell you the ingredients I used, YOU ALL DESERVE TO KNOW!!!! Bless the burrito and thanks again!!!