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Everything posted by BirdyBlue007

  1. Elders Scrolls is easily my favorite series, I've been playing since Morrowind. Although I played the latest Uncharted game and loved it so much I'm gonna purchase the rest. So here's hoping thats a good series!!!
  2. I think Aimee Mann entire album Lost in Space is pretty depressing, it's like good late night, raining and stuck at a traffic light music. Devendra Banharts entire album Mala holds a place in my heart, it's depressing ideas hidden in the song, but its a really peaceful jams that I HIGHLY SUGGEST!!!!!
  3. Just had the most delicious chicken sriracha burrito, 10/10 would recommend people to make it!!!

  4. @BashZeStampeedo plastic memories if you like Clannad or Angel Beats because it's got a sad but romantic story line. Beyond the Boundary is just really cute and funny with a decent story line. Those where just the top two that came to suggestion. I can't recommend a lot of anime cause I mostly read manga, but if you have any really good anime I should watch let me know!!!
  5. yeah @terrytek it'll probably be a lot of work, but i've got a lot of family who are down to help, I'll post a picture when I can! It's in pretty good condition body wise! It wasn't left in the elements which is good at least...
  6. I'm gonna get a picture of it as soon as I can, but recently I purchased a 1965 OLDSMOBILE cutlass convertible!!! It's my new baby, It needs a lot of repairs since it has been sitting in a garage since 1969... Nothing body wise, just that an engine sitting for that long is bound to need repairs!
  7. Okay so I just wanna highly suggest plastic memories and Beyond the Boundary!!!
  8. The world would be a better place if every meal was in BURRITO format.... 

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    2. BirdyBlue007


      Have you heard the new theme song? They added a new character which Timmy has to share his fairies with..

    3. BirdyBlue007
    4. Tech_Dreamer
  9. I wanna change out my graphics card cause I have the a 960, but I'm pretty sure any graphics card I get will mean I have to upgrade my power source...
  10. I mostly just wear globes, converse, or some Oxfords I bought online from some random company
  11. Lets just make a forum where we share BURRITO recipes, I think thats what everyone NEEDS!!!!
  12. I will not let any of you down, I will inform all of the greatness of THE BURRITO!!!! ALL PRAISE THE MAJESTY OF THE BURRITO!!!!!!!
  13. I will always appear when the topics about BURRITOS!!!
  14. Labi Siffre - Bless The Telephone It's a classic an I highly suggest you all give it a listen!!!
  15. I feel I might be wasting my time sharing the good word of THE BURRITO, but I know someone must share the word!!!!

  16. So I just ate this super delicious and super simple BURRITO. It was amazing, it was just steak, black beans, and rice. It was filled with steak tho. 10/10 BURRITOS ARE AMAZING!!!!



    1. pinksnowbirdie


      Burritos are good, when ever I get a taco I usually fold it into a burrito because tacos can be messy.


      I love getting Chicken, Brown Rice, Black Beans and Extra Cheese on my burritos at Chipotle. I think depending on the quality of cut you used and how you cook it, replacing chicken with steak might taste pretty good.

  17. I'm going to start taking photos of all the burritos I eat and post them to you lovely's, You've earned that much from me. 

    1. minibois


      I declare you the resident burrito guy

    2. BirdyBlue007




  18. I had a burrito for breakfast but it wasn't a breakfast burrito. It was just a really good burrito that I had during the morning, this morning!!!

    1. Nineshadow


      Don't discriminate burritos! All burritos are equal!


    2. BirdyBlue007




  19. After a comment I decided to post another delicious burrito, but with beans because thats an important structure of a burrito, not to hate on burritos that don't have beans. I LOVE ALL BURRITOS EQUALLY!!!!!


  20. This burrito looks delicious and I would be proud to consume it!!!


    1. AresKrieger


      That's a burrito? Where are the beans?

    2. BirdyBlue007


      It is a different burrito, but still a good burrito!!!

  21. Burritos, they are always on my mind...