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  1. I've been getting into finding out how HDR video works and it's pretty cool, but this makes me wonder if there are any standards that exist for still images. I know that HDR photography (bracketing exposures) is a thing and this makes finding information on this extremely difficult. I'd like to know if it'd be possible to color grade STI images without being bound by 100 nits. I know that I can select different color spaces such as Adobe RGB for my image output, but I'm still limited in terms of luminance.
  2. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much, I've posted this to other places and no one has responded but you, and even better: it works! You're a lifesaver, bro!
  3. I have been using the dev tools of the new chromium based edge (basically identical to chrome's dev tools) and my logo (The SVG with the id="nav-home") shows as a height of 0px. Whenever I put text inside that anchor then text shows up in it's place just fine. What should I be doing differently that I'm not right now to have the logo show up where it's supposed to in the flex box? webpage documents in uploaded files, there should only be two text files, one for the html and then the external stylesheet with the css, as well as the .svg and .png that are a part of the site as well.
  4. Didn't read much of this but this might work http://archive.techarp.com/showarticleefc1.html?artno=539&pgno=0
  5. Is there any way to bypass the limitation through flashing the Graphics Card's BIOS?
  6. Wow this is actually a bit too much with all of the stuff this offers. Kinda pricey but might be worth it. Thank you as I had no Idea that this existed.
  7. I do think that the 1050 TI is a great value for the price especially for cad work. But you do bring up an excellent point with the quadro. I just don't think that a quadro for that price would be that powerful. What I would reccomend is to get the 1050 Ti for most cad work and then get a cheap quadro to also chuck in the system for when you do use solidworks. I don't work in solidworks at all but is it just a artificial limitation that would allow you to use the 1050 for the processing if there is a quadro somewhere in the system? If I can remember correctly then this is a thing in some
  8. I am trying to make a presentation for my pastor using motion graphics and I was wondering if there is a way using any software solution to have video seamlessly trigger like slides in a PowerPoint but with me just lining up video clips one after another like PowerPoint slides and have them trigger from a wireless presentation dongle. I don't know if what I just said made any sense but if it did then any recommendations on what to use to accomplish it would be extremely thankful.
  9. Was going to buy a TV for my room, not anymore! Twitter: @GammettTweets
  10. An Intel NUC for either my parents as a work-media PC, or for my sister so that I can get her into low end (Valve) games. I might also be able to gift it to my church so that we can live stream our services. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00F3F381A/ref=s9_dcbhz_bw_g147_i4_sh Currently under $300 USD and would be a great gift. Thank you, Garrett Sandberg
  11. I love 4k video playback for the ability for me to zoom into my footage it also allows me to upload to youtube without having to upscale my footage so that my viewers can get the video stream at a higher bitrate.
  12. I recently 100% AC4 and there are so many "This feature could be way better moments".
  13. You might be able to help but I ideally want someone who has taken the test because there might be some things that are on the test that you might not know. Send me the cookie clicker though, that is pretty cool
  14. Hello my name is Garrett Sandberg and I am in a bit of a prediciment and am wondering if any of the members of this fourm can help me with my problem. I recently transfered highschools to Mark Morriss located in longview, Wa as a Junior, and when I was picking classes I noticed that Microsoft IT Certification was a possibility I was excited that I could finaly get my certification. Well eventualy the summer ends and on the first day of school I walk into the IT class and find out that we will be learning office for the entire year. I then imediatly start laughing and ask the teacher if I
  15. IT IS THE GOD MONITOR I love the thing for the price.