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  1. Hi LTT, I have a small server being utilised as a NAS running Debian 7. It is terribly old and is well overdue for an upgrade of its OS. I'd like to get it running with Debian 10. Initially I was thinking of upgrading the OS from 7 to 8, 8 to 9 and finally 9 to 10. However since the server is more or less only used for hosting the mdadm software RAID, I was thinking if it'd be easier to simply reinstall the OS directly to Debian 10 and assemble the raid again. From what I can see from the documentation, this seems to be fairly straight forward, simply run the following commands aft
  2. My initial thought is, who is going to buy a single 16GB RAM stick. I know people like me, but I need to find a buyer that has an exact matching one.
  3. I've tried with both FFR on and off but it showed little to no difference. For sure CPU would be appropriate to upgrade but I have multiple friends with the same or older CPU and they have better performance with higher graphic settings. Where I live 2x8 is the same price as 1x16
  4. Hi LTT forum, First of all I'm not sure if I've posted this in the entire correct location. I've posted it here as I've only encountered this problem in BF V. I'm having issues with very low FPS in Battlefield V. A quick breakdown of my system (will make it more detailed when I get home) is that I have 980Ti GPU 7600k CPU (not oc'ed atm) Single stick of 16 GB ram Temperatures on the CPU while gaming seems alright, they are in the 60 range. GPU is around 80 and fans are not ramping up to 100%, more like 60% so it has more to give in terms of
  5. The quite beautiful Lian Li PC-O5S :-)
  6. That makes sense it's not compatible then. Now I just have to figure out if I can sacrifice some space for the controller in my already snug case.
  7. I don't mind waiting at all. I suppose it's this product you're talking about. From what I can see it doesn't mention anything about support for Asus Aura. So my question is, will the new RGB-W series support Asus Aura? Thanks for the quick response.
  8. I do have a question. I was looking to buy your RGB LED strips but was told by one of your employees that it was out of life and therefore won't get in stock again. What would you recommend as an alternative? I could go for the magnetic and mount it with adhesive tape myself but I much prefer a factory solution, which is often more elegant.
  9. Legolas, a water cooled and wall mounted Mini-ITX build Picture coming up Introduction: It's been almost a year since I sold my desktop as I was going on a exchange in the states. Now that I'm back my Macbook Pro is not sufficient for my study needs nor my gaming needs. For many years I've wanted to make a water cooled system but it was always hard to justify the price and the case I was using at the time. Now with the PC-O5S I think there's no alternative to water cooling, even if the performance gains are negligible. To make it easier to justify the price of water cooli
  10. New and exciting build coming up.

    1. exousia7


      Looking forward to it!

  11. How would something like this work: https://www.coolerkit.dk/shop/3-pin-kabel-2032p.html Fine I imagine but could I run into problems when the fans are running on top of a radiator (no speed control)? My case only has a CPU and Chassis fan header (2 in total) so when having a total of 4 fans (3 case and 1 cpu fan) I'd need a splitter. If I connect all 3 case fans to a splitter and control them via SpeedFan, they will all run at the same speed all of the time right?
  12. Hi LTT, I have some Gentle Typhoon 1850 lying around and I wan't to use them in my case. However, I really need to undervolt them, as I don't want them to run at full speed. What is the easiet way to do so? Cheers
  13. Hi LTT, I'm about to make a new build with a Lian Li case. Naturally I want to keep the case clean of finger prints. To this a need a pair of gloves that will protect the case and not leave and finger prints. What gloves have @Slick been using when assembling builds in Lian Li or other cases having brushed aluminium and tempered glass? Hope anyone can help. Kind regards, Shaqalac
  14. I've also been convinced elsewhere that I shouldn't get the Asgard 2. I've watched Z Reviews's review of the Vali 2 and from him it sounds like the Vali 2 doesn't sound that much different from SS amps. Don't know if the guy's opinion is worth a thing though.
  15. It it tempting and looks really good. It is however beyond my price range at the moment. Would the DAC be necessary at all? If not how would I connect the Vali 2 to my MBP in the best way? If I were to buy a Vali 2 it would be my first tube AMP. From the replies in this thread is sounds like tube is preferred for the HD6XX, is the difference really that big compared to an SS AMP, like the Magni 2 or the Asgard 2 (which I'm also considering)