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  1. Hey guys, I have an O11D XL in white. I've purchased a couple of white Hardware Lab rads that are more cream/warm white and don't match the case well at all. Has anyone here tried to color match the white of the O11D? I'm not necessarily looking for the exact color, but I'd love to get the rads to match more closely. Let me know if you have any recommendations or experience with this particular case or best way to color match unless buying 20 spray cans of different whites is the only way, lol. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I figured. Just like any of these manufacturers, there's a wide range. I actually just read that kitguru review right after I posted. Lots of good info there. Thanks for the help, dude!
  3. Thanks! I did check, but I CTRL+F'd the full name, so I didn't find anything, heh. Sooo, CWT, as far as I remember, doesn't have the best track record overall, right? Or am I wrong there?
  4. I tried to search this thread a bit, so I'm sorry if it's already been mentioned or talked about. Is there any more info on the Dark Power Pro 12 from be quiet? Do we know the manufacturer? Is it still FSP? Or is it still too new to know this stuff?
  5. If this does take off, I'm gonna wait til there's an EMV version. The US will hopefully be adopting this tech (EMV) moving forward and getting rid of the antiquated magnetic strip. Chip+Pin is the way to go. As far as the Coin goes, there has to be a better way than, "once the battery runs out, you'll need a new coin." There was a recent kickstarter for the Loop wallet. This seems like the way we'd be paying for stuff in the future. Except, once we (the US) stop using the magnetic strip tech, I believe they'd have to completely change how the loop wallet works.
  6. Is this new? I thought they've been doing this for a while now. I currently have a 250gb cap that's not implemented.
  7. GUYS RELAX! It's $1 billion sold to retailers not customers! I feel like it needed to be said because no one has pointed this out at all in this thread. /s
  8. I'm extremely happy to say that I did not buy CoD or BF4 this time!
  9. Just because I've pointed out that I'm using the sensei doesn't mean that I'm only looking at ambidextrous mice. I just want a mouse that has two buttons on both sides and an optical sensor. I haven't found a mouse that meets my criteria. It's simply not out there (at least not from a decent brand that I know of). I don't care whether it's ambidextrous or not. I don't know why you're confused. The reason why I pointed out that I used an MX518 and MX500 before the sensei was to show that I like logitech's design, nothing more. I'm just adding to the convo by talking about what I'd like to s
  10. No. I want a mouse that has two buttons on both sides and an optical sensor. Not 4 buttons on one side and 2 on the other, or 7 all on one side, or whatever all these other mice have. For the record, I used an MX518 before switching to the sensei, and an MX500 before that. I like logitech's design.
  11. While I'm glad that logitech went back to an optical sensor and seemingly stopped with the DPI race, I'm not a fan of all the freakin buttons. I just want a mouse that has two buttons on both sides and is optical. Closest thing I could find is the steelseries sensei. If the sensei used an optical sensor, I would consider it the ultimate gaming mouse.