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  1. Forwarding info I found on reddit post, but this is screenshot of someone getting confirmation from ASUS Rep https://imgur.com/gallery/mUCdiBZ source: https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/comments/kqh1b0/gpu_asus_strix_3080_new_retail_price_92999/
  2. I'm not talking about the antis specifically.. I'm talking about general hate towards vtubers which some in this chat seem to have, and to answer the question the other person had.
  3. There is a mix of hate. Most common probably fall under three categories: 1. They hate vtubers in general because they think it's just another anime thing. 2. They hate certain people becoming vtubers (they feel like they are invading a concept that they don't understand such as the pokimane drama) 3. They are antis and hate specific members for certain reasons They really are just like any other youtube entertainer, except they separate their IRL personality from their Youtube personality. Some may play completely different characters, and some may just be themselves.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't see this ending. This is all over the fact that two of the vtubers mentioned Taiwan in their Youtube Analytics, and they didn't get fired for that. And though they released Hololive CN, unfortunately China market is just to large to avoid. ASUS from my understanding is a Taiwan Company, and yet they still got undermined by China influence. There is just too much global connection to China to really avoid it. I mean sure, they can continue growing and ignoring it, but this kind of controversary will always pop up here and there.
  5. Summary In other news of Tech Companies taking a unprofessional stance, JP ASUS today has canceled a collab with Virtual Youtube group Hololive after Chinese branch posted a non-professional community post on official bilibili, and being pressured by Chinese Anti community. No official announcement has been made other then cancellation of collab stream. Community consensus seems to think this may be a Community Rep going rogue. Rough Translations For those wondering, Hololive is a Virtual Youtuber idol group that is currently experiencing a boom in popularity. Cu
  6. I am in the final states of parting out my new build, I just looking for a high end motherboard for a AM4. Currently Amazon is running some decent promos with 20% off some used products. I am particularly eyeing out a Asus ROG Crossair VI AM4, and the used price is $171 for Very Good vs $250 for New. I have noticed tho that reading asus warranty policy that they changed it since my last build years ago that now you need to be original purchaser and they don't support third party warranty anymore. Is this a risk worth taking for $80? And if not what manufactures support S/N warranty still?