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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to Uttamattamakin in Has PC tech become stagnant? I think so.   
    Agreed agreed agreed.

    I mean once the smart phone came around and there was money to be made there we stopped pushing for more.    I think about the fact that Windows Vista had more graphically intensive UI (compared to the hardware available) than windows 10.   You are right.

    Unless VR becomes a thing that is actually required in order to use some killer app or play the must have games who needs to upgrade.  Unless having many many cores becomes required a quad core i7 from 2018 will still be usable in 2038.
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    ANNIHILATOR284 got a reaction from TechMan2175 in When will net neutrailty repeal take affect   
    only google fiber can save us now but only until they roll Skynet out
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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in Asus WS C621E SAGE   
    Any live footage of Linus wetting himself?
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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to brob in Building a Machine learning/ Deep learning work stations. your suggestion are required   
    It shouldn't be a problem. If you check the user manual, section 1.1.2, (the motherboard diagram), #5, is labeled DDR4 DIMM.2_SLOT. The included DIMM.2 card has two M.2 connectors and plugs into this slot. See page 1-37 for details.
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    ANNIHILATOR284 got a reaction from NumLock21 in Building a Machine learning/ Deep learning work stations. your suggestion are required   
    lol unfortunately i don't have 150k. i've been using my 650ti for over 3 years and they've been performing great (obviously not amazingly great) with an i5 2600K. i make use of CUDA processing so that shouldn't be a problem. along with big data.
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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to Changis in Problem with floatplane, been having it for over a week. no resolves yet.   
    i would contact a floatplane admin or moderator
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    ANNIHILATOR284 got a reaction from Mihle in Rate the Photo Above you   
    Photo shot by me, color work done in Lightroom. please rate it as you please.

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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to Jelly Boy in Rate the Photo Above you   
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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to Pixel5 in NAS For Work Use   
    honestly with that low requirements the easiest way would be to get a two bay synology, drop in some 3TB drives to future prove it and let them mirror each other.
    additionally you want to have either USB drives to backup the synology or if you want to go the better route get a 2nd synology and let them mirror each other, possibly even have the 2nd one off site and replicate overnight.
    far better than fiddling with a self build system unless you have an actual IT guy that sets it up properly.
    since you only have 1 gigabit networking you could get a NAs with link aggregation support and maybe get them to buy a managed switch that supports it as well, this way you can atleast supply 1gbit to two users at a time.
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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to leadeater in XFS vs ZFS vs EXT4 vs BTRFS for a NAS, your thoughts and why?   
    For a small NAS where small addition of single drives is wanted to expand it BTRFS would be my pick, ZFS simply is not as flexible as BTRFS in that regard and not everyone is going to be able to add disks to a ZFS pool in groups of 4 or 8 etc. Then the other issue is that if you add vdevs to a pool they are striped so if a vdev dies the pool dies. 
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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to Mikensan in XFS vs ZFS vs EXT4 vs BTRFS for a NAS, your thoughts and why?   
    I believe redhat dropped btrfs which is a kick in the balls, having a large player like that bundle it would'vet helped it gain more traction. ZFS has grown pretty fast lately simply because of FreeNAS/TrueNAS.
    EXT4 is just a file system, as NTFS is - it doesn't really do anything for a NAS and would require either hardware or software to add some flavor. So it has no barring.
    I don't know anything about XFS (I thought unRaid was entirely btrfs before this thread)
    ZFS is pretty reliable and very mature. It's not the fastest but not exactly a slouch. It's built for protecting your data, but since the performance hit for that protection isn't really that bad, lot of us use it for more than just warm/cold storage.
    I've used FreeNAS for... 3 years now I think. Since 9.6 maybe? The only issue I've ever had (consistently) is AD integration. Now that I have a second FreeNAS box that does not need AD - I used it to test AD on updates. Other than a burnt out cyberjock (I say that because he seems pretty grumpy answering the same questions 100x times, I would be too) the FreeNAS community is pretty lively and full of support. Also since your boot disk uses snapshots rolling back after a bad update is cake.
    Linux distros would bundle ZFS if it weren't for the more strict licensing (much more complicated I'm told) of ZFS. You can install it manually (hence the port) but bundlinging it somehow offends the license gods. I think linux + zfs would be badass given the immense flexibility and support for linux. Install docker and KVM, and you have one hell of a solution.
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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to Jarsky in XFS vs ZFS vs EXT4 vs BTRFS for a NAS, your thoughts and why?   
    Details are in my signature but heres a link. It's now up to a 12 disk RAID6
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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to Jarsky in XFS vs ZFS vs EXT4 vs BTRFS for a NAS, your thoughts and why?   
    Out of those unix file systems, if I could afford the upfront cost of all my drives and didn't really plan to expand it - then i'd go for ZFS on BSD. 
    It has excellent protection, a robust filesystem that protects against bitrot, and lots of features like the levels of cache. 
    If i wanted flexibility to grow the array then i'd go EXT4 with MDADM in Linux due to its maturity and robustness. Theres a lot of support for it as well. 
    XFS is a mature file system as well, but I don't like the way its implemented in unRAID - especially for multi-honed use. 
    BTRFS is basically the Linux version of ZFS (rather than just ZFS ported to Linux), but it still needs work around RAID. 
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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to Name Taken in CRITICAL! Need help with extracting data from what seems to be a failing FreeNAS box.   
    For FreeBSD, drop to the shell, import the zpool, mount the NTFS drive, run copy.
    For Linux, Ubuntu is the easiest option as it has binary ZFS kernel modules in its repos then same as above.
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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to UberGamerKing in Display Resolution Issue   
    Sounds like you need to update your Graphics Card Drivers
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    ANNIHILATOR284 got a reaction from Safa Asgar in 3 MILLION SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY   
    i'd love to get a laptop let alone a blade. hope i win and congratulations to who ever that will win.
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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to AshleyAshes in PC shuts off abruptly under CPU load with q-code 00 on mother board   
    Err,  you need to have a word with your hydro company regardless
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    ANNIHILATOR284 got a reaction from Captain_WD in PC shuts off abruptly under CPU load with q-code 00 on mother board   
    getting another gpu or a different cable to connect to the gpu is not possible as my power supply only has 2 and i don't have any friend for miles who can lend me one. i will use it without the gpu for a few hours
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    ANNIHILATOR284 got a reaction from Mildphil in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Thank you
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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to ChrisxIxCross in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Just added the RoG Swift to mine! 

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    ANNIHILATOR284 got a reaction from UltraNeonGaming in CORSAIR WATCHES MINECRAFT VIDEOS?!   
    can we get 900D minecraft edition?
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    ANNIHILATOR284 got a reaction from nimtra in Don't you think that Linus has moved a little too far away from computer videos? your thoughts here!   
    ok, a few videos here and there i did enjoy back then but now it seems as if he no longer uses a computer with barely 1 computer related video every week. i like presumably everyone else here started following him for his computer enthusiast related videos but then now i barely see any.
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    ANNIHILATOR284 got a reaction from Syntaxvgm in What's something so underrated but is actually really good?   
    It's an Indian brand, locally made, the build quality us pretty shit but works like a charm, just go onto Flipkart.com ans search for the Bharat gold
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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to terrytek in What's something so underrated but is actually really good?   
    Nah. They actually suck.
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    ANNIHILATOR284 reacted to JoshK in So Linus Commented On One Of My Instagram Photos   
    So I own a PC Gaming instagram page where I post pictures of pcs setups, screenshots etc. And in the description of one I said: I just ordered my highLANder shirt last night. Cant wait to rock my @LinusTech swag. And then linus commented and said nice rig. Im stoked because Linus is like my favorite person and if it wasnt for him I wouldnt be into computers and I would know that Luke existed. Thanks Linus

    Sorry If Im fan girling