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    i7 4770k
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    MSI Z97 Gaming 3
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    8gb Kingston HyperX
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    Asus R9 290
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    Samsung 840, Sandisk SSD (original), 1tb HDD
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    BeQuiet l7 730W
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    LG 29EA73-P, LG Flatron E2240T
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    CM Seidon 120V v2
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    Corsair K60
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    Razer deathadder (original)
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    Beyerdynamic Custom one pro

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  1. I'm in need for an upgrade of a mobile workstation. I currently have a Thinkpad L450 with an i5-5200u and a 72wh battery. I did me good service but its 4 years old and not fast enough for my workloads. Budget: 500-1000€ in germany (i can get student discounts). If there is a really good reason i can go to 1200€ Usecase: 50% office (powerpoint, excel and pdf's, also outdoor use), 40% Design engineering (Solidworks assembly of 500+ parts, matlab, Ansys Workbench, Altair Inspire, rarely 3dsmax, Programming), 10% photo editing in lightroom Mobility and IO: My laptop is still good fo
  2. Honestly a phone without IP67/68, headphone jack, wireless charging and SD card expansion is completely unaccaptable to me, especially at that price. I dont really care about fancy screens or if its a little tiny bit faster. Also that camera is not only going to break if you are working as an engineer chances are you will have to put a privacy sticker on your phone camera at some point to enter a factory. Thats just impossible with this phone which means you will have to leave it at the entrance. I just think modern phones sacrifice way to much usability for the screen to body ratio.
  3. I do know that but i am looking for a good deal essentially.
  4. I just found the TP-Link Archer C7 V2. It has got more storage an a better cpu for 80€. https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/tp-link/tp-link_archer_c7_ac1750_v2.0 What do you think? Since I have 50k internet and im not doing crazy stuff with it i dont need perfect router performance but it would be nice to have some headroom to play with.
  5. interesting. But they havent got firmware versions for the faster gl.inet routers and the old tp link has not enough storage. do you have other hardware suggestions?
  6. Hi everybody, im searching for a new access point since i bricked my TP Link TL-WR841N by mistake. My budget is around 50-100€ (germany). If it is really neccessary to spend more i will think about it. I do want to run the access point with the Private Internet Access VPN. So some form of openvpn compatibility (open-wrt, dd-wrt, ...) is required. And realisticly im not connecting more than 2-4 devices at the same time. I already found the family of GL.iNet GL-AR... mobile access points which come preinstalled with dd-wrt and 16mb of flash memory. But they are using a
  7. Well its pretty decent and high end build. you dont really have bottlenecks but its worth noting that you could save a buck or two.
  8. maybe a little tip for ltt benchmark department. delid the cpu's and then engrave the model on the heatsink. that way they dont desolve under isopropal alcohol.
  9. Not a single launch video of Coffee Lake compared the 8700k directly against the 1800x which in price is its direct competitor when you account the increased motherboard cost of intel. Also holy balls 5ghz is amazong for gaming.
  10. cheapest upgrade for you is to sell your i5, get another 8gb of ram and a used 4790k. otherwise i would go for a ryzen 1700, 16gb ddr4 and a new motherboard.
  11. So Blender, 3ds max and cinema 4d are doing a lot of numerical operations. Those types of workloads require a lot of cash, a decent amount of ram and last but not least a lot of FPU (floating point unit) performance. This means that the workload scales pretty good with more cores. Depending on your budget you can go with a Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7 or on the higher end intel i9 or threadripper
  12. To be honest im not very impressed by this. For a 5000$ you can get a stratasys uprint se plus which has support material too, has very reproducable machanical properties and is way easier and better to use. Its essentially full automation since with decent maintenance it never fails. Also the software is very powerful (automatically choosing best placement and automatic support material placement). It also knows how much abs is left and warns you. Im using it since half a year now and its pretty awesome. From a business perspective it would make more sense to go with the stratasy
  13. well thats up to the manufactorers. if they push the prizes down enough VR has a very good chance of becoming very popular (at least in my opinion). but if they get caught in more new features which probably wont work in many games they will probably go down the kinect route. you just cant sell those for 400+$ over a long period of time. people wont spend that kind of money on what is effectively a toy.
  14. ah my bad. they only limited the 470 and 460 not the 480 it stands under 'multi-gpu updates' http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Graphics-Cards/AMD-Radeon-RX-480-Review-Polaris-Promise/Multi-GPU-Support-Power-Design
  15. in general but like nvidia they limited the new generation to 2-way multi gpu. i dont know if dx12 multi gpu could it though.