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    NerdNinja reacted to spartin503 in Estimated Performance?   
    I would switch to 2x8GB because that leaves room for upgrade in the future, and just because it is an after market cooler doesn't inherently make it better. So the Evo, like metioned above, would be my recommendation.
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    NerdNinja reacted to needmorewood in Estimated Performance?   
    everything will run really nicely that gpu is the best AMD has to offer atm
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    NerdNinja reacted to Prothetik in First Rig and I Have a Few Concerns...   
    If you want a fanless cooler, you can go for a Deepcool Lucifer. Looks better than your zalman one imo and its a bit cheaper.
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    NerdNinja reacted to Geekazoid in Does This Build Look Good?   
    Just remember at the end it's your cash and you need to decide on what best suites your needs. Many people may sway you on what they believe you should have but ultimately it's your decision. For example, you could plan a max budget of $1,700 but then find that, after everyone has voiced their recommendations, you end up spending, say, $2,000. Just thought I would tell you this as I believe it's needed.NOTE TO EVERYONE ELSE
    Please don't go hating on me or reporting me because you don't like what I said, please.
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    NerdNinja got a reaction from CoolBeans in Does This Build Look Good?   
    I'll Check them out but your post came in one min of me posting!!!!
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    NerdNinja got a reaction from Langdon in Build Edit Suggestions   
    oh now I feel dumb because I should have been able to guess that. heh
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    NerdNinja got a reaction from SSOB in Newbie help wanted: recommended build components   
    Thanks for the idea and being the first to comment! I do like the pricing and the components, as you can see I edited the storage options out and I am now open for suggestions. But so far your build wins by default until a better one comes along(if one does) again thanks for the help!