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  1. Cheap PSU's tend to not give enough stable power when you pc needs it...... you might be doing something that makes you cpu hit 70% or higher and your processes might crash out or pc blue screens/locks up. and I have seen cheaps psu go pop (loud bang and sparks shoot out of psu) when you graphics card is under load. But I myself have not seen a cheap damage any other pc components. most modern components have some sort of surge protection, that older parts might not have. I tend to recommend name brand psu's for these reasons. and you can get good coolermaster and evga
  2. Use a network cable try making sure no cable are blocking the antennas direct line of sight to the router. failing that try using another/new wireless adapted (or better yet use a ethernet cable)
  3. Is it removable storage like a memory card or is it fixed internal storage ?
  4. hp compaq will use F10 or Esc key. (F9 or Esc Key for boot menu too) it should flash up on the screen when you first power on
  5. Ubuntu with Gnome GUI or Debian with Gnome GUI are my go too's for linux as for accessing the bios normal buttons are F1, F2 or Del Key. but it changes depending on the make and model of your computer. Also if you have a modern pc you may need to turn off Secure Boot in the bios/uefi
  6. Not bad, just needs a case I would also recommend getting a larger ssd or second storage drive. But for $200 that a nice pc
  7. think they are a number off things in windows that will wake a pc from sleep. think yu need to check wake from usb, anti virus and your scheduled tasks too
  8. That does sound like you graphics card is faulty. only way to double check would be try and new/different psu and maybe a fresh install off windows. also have you tried reinstalling the display drivers ? might be worth using DDU (Display Drive Uninstaller) to fully remove all nvidia software and the reinstall the lastest drivers ??
  9. i had the same problem. i just downloaded the update manually and installed it that way. thin it was about a 430mb download and i had to use IE too
  10. yer i thought the same thing Just happy to see someone else using the same dac and speakers. makes me smile
  11. Thought is was about time i posted an updated pic off my setup (sry for the bad picture i was sleep walking when i took it this morning )
  12. An SSD would help and would be you best bang for bunk upgrade. (you would also be able to reuse it in your next pc). but if I was in you shoes I would try and save up and build a new computer as you will notice a very big big improvement
  13. Good speakers and a mini fridge Oh can't forget the custom rgb lighting
  14. remove the overclock for now even if it's only while your testing to find out what the fault is. try reinstalling with the lastest drivers. When you go to install them, do a custom installation and tick the box for Perform A Clean Installation. also try replacing the display cable in case it has gone faulty. and lastly trying running 1 screen at a time or making a different screen you main display to rule out that it could be a faulty monitor.
  15. I'm not to sure how you would go about lighting up the vents. from the reviews I have seen, you'll mostly block or restrict the air flow through the vents... I've not build in a H440 myself so I'm just guessing; but maybe light up fans might be the way to go unless you want RGB ??