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  1. Critique is covered under fair use, and fair use is covered under the US constitution as free speech, that's a pretty compelling thing for a US court. Unless there's a contract involved which explicitly states he cannot do "such and such" or "this and that", I think he could even put up footage without permission for critique purpouses. As it stands Stephan Woods made a blanket statement on the Steam forum that "Sure! You can make a Youtube from our game!" and the fact that he sent them a review code after recieving the inquery e-mail from Cynical Brit, WGS has for all intents and purpouse
  2. Yeah, let's just throw fair use out the window shall we?
  3. In Norway I think the electricity price on average throughout the year is something like, 0.05 USD kWh. I think I pay something like 67 USD for electricity consumption over 3 months, but I have to pay something like 170 USD for the grid rent(or network charges or something like that).
  4. Somewhat, potentially for the wrong reasons. Although I can't really remember having ever heard an "official stance" on the subject there's certainly a hint of negativity shining through when the subject is brought up. Now I've been playing on PC for over 20 years, I've been playing on console for almost 14 years, my very first gaming system that was mine and mine alone was a Playstation hooked up to a TV set I scrounged from an electronics dump you had to beat smack half to death to make work. Now I'm the kind of gamer that grew up with PC games that wouldn't work unless you had the corre