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  1. Well, it's whatever, I don't think Nintendo games are all they're cracked up to be other people love them. I think the new games are very samey, other people don't. It's all subjective.
  2. Well, it's still too close for my tastes, it's like baking a rollcake with different kinds of fill in it, it's still the same cake just tastes a bit different. They might all be delicious but some people can't have eggs.(I guess that's a thing people are allergic to?)
  3. Wonderful 101 is developed by Platinum games, which also made Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Bayonetta etc. I can't find any news that they are a Nintendo exclusive developer, they've expressed a wish to be a second party developer for Nintendo. But the Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 are being published by Nintendo, so I guess that's a thing. Project X is a first party title, I'll give you that, frankly I'd forgotten it even existed. Still it's not that long ago that Nintendo bought Monolith Soft.. Actually never mind it's been 7 years. I keep forgetting that there are actually other deve
  4. Well, I for one don't think it's going to work forever, if they can make it work great, if not well.. But yeah, not really a console for me.
  5. I don't really see why people like the WiiU, disregarding that there aren't very many games out at the moment, the games that are out are just rehashes of old stuff. I don't know, maybe I just expect at least a certain level of originality in my games. Or maybe it's just that I had a Commodore 64, PC and a Sega16bit when I was growing up. In any case, I don't get why people rag on other game developers that milk their franchises when Nintendo has been the king of franchise milk for nearly 3 decades. Just goes to show that people don't really want originality, they just want tomorrow to be pret
  6. http://www.theverge.com/2014/1/20/5326772/windows-xp-powers-95-percent-of-atms-worldwide "Microsoft’s 12-year-old Windows XP operating system powers 95 percent of the world’s automated teller machines, according to NCR, the largest ATM supplier in the US. While the idea of Windows powering ATMs may surprise consumers, XP runs in the background powering the software that bank customers interact with to withdraw money. An upcoming Windows XP support change from Microsoft means ATMs will need to be upgraded and modified throughout 2014. Bloomberg Businessweek reports that the US has 420,000 A
  7. Because it's 2 hours 14 minutes? I mean if you're going to link that you should at least provide a timestamp. Although it is kinda watcheable at 1.5x speed, so I guess you save about 45 minutes by doing that.
  8. Oh yeah, they also trademarked the word "Saga"... They've now engaged in legal battles with the developer of Banner Saga, because reasons. It's so mindnumbingly stupid that I just want to rip my own head off and beat someone to death with it. Why do "all" the casual/mobile game devs turn into asshats the second they make a buck?
  9. That is true, I'm not really sure why it is in the news section to be perfectly honest.
  10. I didn't write this, I don't know nor care enough about cryptocurrencies to even consider writing that many words about the subject.
  11. As Logan is wont to say, well why don't you just give me access to your credit card information and e-mails then? It's bad when the population, who should have privacy knows less about their, politicians/state who should be transparent. That's the issue here. Yeah yeah, the state needs a few things to be secret too sure, but it should be at least mostly transparent.
  12. at $1k I'll be all over that if it's any good. That's less than I paid for my current HD 46" TV like 2 years ago.
  13. I always thought lodestones were the magic ones, and magnets are just minerals that happen to have all their electrons spinning in the same direction or something.
  14. Well, yes, I never said that the person is 100% factually correct just that it's an interesting argument on what cryptocurrencies are. Whoever it is seems to have at least a decent amount of knowledge about the matter though. Well, it was the first paragraph under the question "So could Bitcoin ever be a real currency?", so I nabbed that, I don't really know/care about these modern internet monies. I work for a FPT dealership and I have never heard of Fiat money.. Please elaborate or send me a PM or something.
  15. I read this entire thing through, even though I don't really care about cryptocurrencies. It's an interesting take on the situation though. http://brokenlibrarian.org/bitcoin/
  16. I saw this and thought that it is a very cool technology, it doesn't seem to be all that useful though in terms of what it can actually levitate, for now anyway.
  17. Alternatively I can just weld in a piece of sheet metal.. But that's work and takes time to get it to look right, and I'd have to repaint the thing... It's not difficult it just requires effort. Oh well, I guess I'll try living with it, it's not as if my PC normally sits in such a place that you can see it anyway.
  18. Y'see, I was pretty sure that there wasn't a window, but there is! I don't know if they changed the model or whatever, but honest there's a lexan/plexiglass thing in the sidepanel. The lack of a window was one of the reasons I had an interest in buying this case in the first place. So here it is, sitting on top of my old tower(which is probably 10+ years old)
  19. So, I recently bought a CM Storm Trooper, but I for some reason thought that it didn't have a windowed side panel. I'm not a fan of windowed side panels. I'm really happy with the rest of the case, I guess I'll find out if I actually like it once I'm doing the transplant. Anyway... Does anyonw know if there's a non windowed door for the CM Storm Trooper? It needs to be a shop that ships internationally(Norway), or will accept that the shipping and billing addresses are different, I have a US P.O box. I've tried Google, but my Google-fu is literally the worst on the planet. Thanks
  20. Kind of, but personality and experience matters a hundred times more.
  21. I'll just clear out the relevant bits, that is less of a hassle than logging back in to a million sites And it usually does the job just as well as deleting everything.
  22. The "Day Theme" isn't dark at all unfortunately, I don't know if it's just easily misunderstood or I'm not being very clear, but big sections of white is not amongst my favourite things to see on websites. I prefer websites to have black backgrounds. I used to love those green one black monochrome monitors, still do actually. My browser accepts all cookies, well near enough, there are some shady cookies that gets blocked, but I've never had any issues on other forums. I might go and delete the cookies for linustech and see if that sorts it out, might be some cookie confusion going on.
  23. I don't live quite that far up north I prefer winter and the dark though as too much light gives me migraines, hence my love for dark website themes. Awesome, I'll definitely be using that until there's an official theme Unfortunately there's no dark theme, it's still gray-ish white background colours which doesn't really help me
  24. Hi people, greetings from Norway. I'll probably be lurking for the most part, but I'll stick my head out every now and again. A couple things; how long is the cookie timeout for a login session? I'm pretty bad at noticing settings, is there one to change it? I seem to get logged out after a couple of hours, I haven't really paid attention to how long I actually stay logged in so, it might be like 24 hours or something. Are there plans for a darker theme? I'm fairly oversensitive to light and white websites are the worst, this isn't bad with the blue and stuff, but a black backgroun