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  1. According the the test result of other users, the up speed of Baidu Yun cloud storage could be 1.85MByte/s or higher through high speed network. I don't know if the up speed of housr broadband network is limited by ISPs in your country.
  2. Well, I used to use another Tencent product "Tencent Transit", through the 100Mbit/s network in my wordplace, down speed is 10MBytes/s, and up speed is 3 MBytes/s.As for Tencent Weiyun, I don't know. And I use Baidu Cloud Storage through my house network, it can be 1.25MBytes/s down speed, and the up speed, here in China ,home broadband is limited to 0.5Mbit/s or 1Mbit/s by the ISP.
  3. As a native Chinese, let me tell you what happend in the area of cloud storage in China and the details.This is called "Cloud Storage War in China" First of all, you should know the top cloud storage companies in China: Baidu, Tencent, Sina, Kingsoft, Qihoo 360, Huawei,115 Before, China’s free storage services are mainly focused on storage capacity under 15GB. But in Aug 13, 2013, Kingsoft Cloud officially announced that the company has received $ 20 million investment.Supported by the financing, Kingsoft Kuaipan, a service under Kingsoft Cloud, offers a 100G free storage service to pe