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  1. I uninstalled the games I haven't played for the last month and got to 140GB free out of 460GB. How relevant do you think my RAM has to do with this? I'm using a WD Blue 2.5" SSD
  2. I have a laptop running a 7th gen i7 7500U with Geforce 940Mx, 8GB (dual channel 4GB) at 2133 mhz ram, and a 480GB SSD (around 80% full). My usual setup is running discord, steam, with chrome (at around 15 tabs, but I mostly switch between 4 tabs often). I would describe it as "not as responsive as before" I have my important media files saved in another external hard drive. And all installed programs are required for my work. To make it short, I'm trying to determine if my laptop is running slower because of the ssd or because of the ram so I don't waste money upgrading my ram to 16GB when
  3. Last year I upgraded my laptop from a HDD to an SSD. There wasn't any extra slots so I bought an external enclosure and turned the HDD into an external drive via USB. Now that I'm buying a desktop, I would rather save money if I can just use the laptop HDD with my Desktop (I don't want it to be connected via USB like what I do with my laptop currently). Do I have to buy another adapter of some sort to do it ? Or does it not differ from your standard size HDD for desktops.
  4. My friend was also able to view it so I think it doesn't work if you're not in the same region, I'll just edit the article to include the parts itself. Unfortunately Newegg is the only online retail store that ships to my region especially when it comes to pc parts. Ultimately I will also check out the physical stores when the local stores, Newegg just coincided as a store that offers prices very similar to my area and can conveniently store lists as well.
  5. Budget (including currency): PHP 100,000 / ~$2000 Country: Philippines Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Modern AAA titles at 2k 120fps, Mod it till it almost breaks Skyrim SE, Streaming, Some light CAD work/ programming. Primarily for Gaming Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): These are the parts list that I made and basically I'm trying to save as much as I can wherever possible : https://pcpartpicker.
  6. The explorer I was talking about was the file explorer and not the browser, I do get the confusion as I didn't put the word "file" in every use. I edited the tile of the thread as to avoid further confusions.
  7. I didn't notice when exactly this happened but it is probably just this week. To describe the problem sometimes when I make a new tab (mostly when I make an incognito tab from non-incognito chrome), when I maximize a tab/window (including file explorer but I have not used any other app in my use case to show it's a universal problem), and when I open file explorer from the task bar. The white space is non responsive and is treated as if the address bar (or whatever should be there normally) does not exist. For example, in the photo included if I click on the space where the close button
  8. It's my first time using a second monitor on a laptop. It works great and there are no problems. But I ordered a Nintendo Switch the yesterday and I was wondering how would it work if both systems are running and connected to the same display (via HDMI). If I am using the 2nd monitor as my extra display on the laptop and then switched the input from the laptop to the Switch, would windows automatically treat it as the 2nd display is no longer available?
  9. When the PXC 550 was first release it I didn't need a wireless earphones yet and sony's offer was cheaper as well. But recently I've been travelling a lot and I'm in need of a pair of earphones. I mostly listen to music, stream meadia, and play games. I don't do any professional work that deals with music. As of now it's around $180 but I'm also wondering if there are any other wireless headphones released within the year that beats/competes with it at the same or at a lower price. My maximum budget is well, $200. But honestly if spending more than a certain amount doesn't give much in t
  10. I want to create a new user in my laptop (Windows 10 build 17763) so I can comfortably lend it to my roommates without worrying about my personal files being compromised. However if I go into my settings and click the add someone else to this PC, it leads to a window labeled "lusrmgr - [Local Users and Group (Local)]" and tell's me this snapin may not be used with this edition of windows. I am asked to go to the User accounts tools in the Control Panel. However clicking on add a new user on the Control Panel leads me back to the settings at the beginning.
  11. I need help identifying what type of connector this is. I was planning to upgrade my laptop and this was the connector the ODD was connected to
  12. I managed to find a monitor with similar specs to my current display. Regarding the adapter, does it have to have "thunderbolt" in its name? Or would any mini display port to hdmi work?
  13. I want to increase my productivity with another display since that is the only upgrade possible that I could still make that could still be used elsewhere when I would change my desktop. I'm running windows 10 on bootcamp. And I don't have any experience using a dual monitor setup. I don't know what I should look for since
  14. I've found the extra screw, it's under the warranty seal sticker. What should I look for when it comes a caddy adapter?