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  1. Yeah I plan to spend my money left over for 2 intake fans on the right. I don't plan on using a radiator anytime soon so may as well use them.
  2. Imma be honest, I don't really know what you said but what this cooler seems pretty cool. Can you find a better cooler that's just as quiet and small?
  3. Uh I have one (exhaust?) fan in my entire system.... it came with the Phanteks case for free
  4. Lol thanks! QQ: After I install the cooler, would the fan spot at the top of the case be unusable? I mean I have 2 fan vacancies to the right (probs for a radiator) but the top seems like it would do better in airflow or something idk.
  5. I was planning to buy U12A for my R5-3600 but after looking at the pictures It seems like a big cooler, much bigger than what I thought. I have a B450 Aorus mobo with HyperX ram and a fat 2060 occupying the first slot. Would this still fit? I'm probably being paranoid but I really like this cooler as it has the performance of a D15 but is quieter and smaller. Picture for reference if it helps, but you can see here my stock wraith cooler that came with the 3600 is already close to the ram.
  6. I have found them I am just blind When I was looking into this I was kinda scared when I saw that the bigger slot was a different type and now "PCIe 3.0 x4" and definitely thought I was screwed. Now thanks to you I can go purchase the ssd before the sale ends!
  7. Thanks but what do you mean my Multiple screw Holes? I Can only see the end most one that is holstering down the heatsink... Maybe I am just blind lol
  8. On my Gigabyte Motherboard I have already filled up the smaller (bottom) slot with a Kingston ssd since it looked the right size (honestly no other reason) but now I want expand storage with a new Smasung 970 evo plus. Problem is that the Samsung SSD is the same size as my Kingston SSD. Looking at the images from the gigabyte site, there is some number differences or whatever between the two slots but does actually affect the performance of my Samsung SSD...? And Yes I am aware that the heatsink wont fit but I am prepared to sacrifice it since I don't think it will fit anyway since
  9. Every month or so I have to change my pin and its really annoying. As you can see there is no other accounts linked to my personal PC and when I click "email & account" it comes up with my personal email ONLY. Like nothing else. Searched online as well, but they all seem to be temporary fixes, Is there any way to get rid of this organisation thing for good, for everything not just the pin? The only connection I have with my school is with downloading Office 365 word excel etc. , but I don't remember giving them any permission such as security management and *if* I
  10. Yeah might just do ethernet and route it above in the roof and into my room or something. Its probably going to be a lot of work but I would like to atleast have a good portion of the advertised 950+ mbps speeds. I found some 30m "CAT6" ethernet cables, pretty cheap as well, so I might just buy that. I'm pretty sure the speed isn't going to degrade that much over the fairly short length.
  11. I am approximately 9 meters from the router and I switch between 2.4ghz and 5 ghz depending on which has more bars. I have 1 wall and like a "corner" that it goes through. I can't realistically bring the router closer, thats why I thought upgrading the receiver on my computer might be better. But now I'm thinking that maybe I should just try get ethernet and go through the trouble of routing it to my room. Apparently with my plan, I can get 700-950 download which is a hell of a lot better than my sub 100 (usually around 30-80) with wifi- and thats with 5Ghz. Still kinda confused why my wifi sp
  12. My Router is an Asus RT-AC58U which is an "802.11ac Gigabit router", I am not sure about the wave 2 part. My antenna thingy that came with my motherboard is on the side of my desk and is high as possible.
  13. my mobo has onboard wifi (https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B450-I-AORUS-PRO-WIFI-rev-10/sp#sp) but I get around 2-3 bars and my connection does have random spikes so I was thinking of upgrading the wifi, here is pic of like the antenna reciever thingy and the specs (I think). I tried finding more info in the specification but I didn't come up with anything usuable to me at least (I know next to nothing about networking though). Is it worth upgrading to a wifi card such as the TP-LINK ARCHER TX3000E? (You can click to find more info but it seems good and pretty cheap for 124NZD)
  14. Thanks, but what do the numbers mean anyway?
  15. Are you referring to the Spinfits CP100?