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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from narrdarr in Fan concept Help   
    Alright I am going to be a bit general even though this should be taken on a case by case basis as every chasis has different airflow, and the components and how they are arranged also greatly affect the airflow. but if I had to make a recommendation I would put the fan behind your air cooler to exhaust more of the already hot air even if this might lead to more turbulance.
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from Mymusz in Upgrade on a budget   
    The main areas I see you needing an upgrade at, a GPU (wait on that as crypto has drained the market), I don't know your display but it probably needs an upgrade, and for extra credit a CPU many games lately have started taking advantage of 6 and 8 cores, while they still primarily eat 4 and 6 it is best to upgrade to give your OS and other programs some breathing room, but this can wait. Otherwise at this time unless you are doing intensive productivity workloads, or browsing the internet with as many tabs as I have you do not need anymore RAM.
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    Wh0_Am_1 reacted to Eigenvektor in What type of shipping damages can occur to a laptop.?   
    Anything, really? The package could be dropped, set on fire, frozen…
    I'd say the worst type of damage would be one that you don't notice immediately. For example I've once received a notebook where the right hand side shift key didn't work. It's not really something I need "ever", except at some point I did and I didn't notice the damage until that time.
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from Eigenvektor in What type of shipping damages can occur to a laptop.?   
    Hate to say it, but literally any thing and everything, some damage can take years to find. But most likely you will find cosmetic damage, broken or damaged displays, damaged or destroyed HDDs, (if included) and etc.
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in What type of shipping damages can occur to a laptop.?   
    Hate to say it, but literally any thing and everything, some damage can take years to find. But most likely you will find cosmetic damage, broken or damaged displays, damaged or destroyed HDDs, (if included) and etc.
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    Wh0_Am_1 reacted to Eigenvektor in the reality of the color   
    No way to tell without knowing the source material.
    You need to know which shade of red the flower should have, in order to tell which monitor shows the (most) accurate representation of it. So you'd need to look at it on a color calibrated monitor and compare that to what you see on your monitors. For all we know, all of them could be wrong, in different ways.
    For color accurate work you typically need a calibrated monitor:
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from Antinomy9 in A newbie question about fps   
    In modern games with modern resolutions, the CPU will likely not be the bottleneck with the 20 series, it may be the case with some 30 series cards, but not with the 20 series, now though if we are talking about games. It's generally with older games such as ones from the early 2010s and older as well with 1366X768 or lower resolutions that we generally start to see this.
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    Wh0_Am_1 reacted to HairlessMonkeyBoy in A newbie question about fps   
    There is always a "bottleneck". It is impossible for every component to be always fully utilized. Whether the limiting factor is your CPU or your GPU in any particular game depends entirely on the game engine, and the settings that you choose to use, and can change from one rendered frame to the next.
    Any CPU can "bottleneck" any GPU and vice versa under the right circumstances.
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    Wh0_Am_1 reacted to Stahlmann in How much would you pay for a 1080ti in the current market?   
    The 1070Ti is not a 1440p card by today's game standards. Maybe back when it was launched. A friend of mine who had one until a few months ago had to play at 1080p or heavily drop settings at 1440p to achieve 60 fps in most modern games.
    That being said, I'd not pay more than $250 for a used 1080Ti right now. But i'm someone who would rather buy something new with a warranty.
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    Wh0_Am_1 reacted to Sararrr in Have 32gb ram, however almost every game uses less than 3gb!!!   
    with clock speed I meant through all components gpu and cpu including, but you answered really detailed like I thought, thank  you. Just after long time I just seen that some games use much less ram than it use to, and my computer just had just few changes  and the amount of ram usage dropped is huge. Well in sense cpu and gpu changes probably had effect on it, maybe games aswell, drivers update also.. Thank you for your time. 
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from Zelenia in Asus GeForce RTX 2060 TUF 6GB is loud...   
    Welcome to the LTT forums those who are new! At this stage in the game, I would have to say that the best option is simply to mess with the fan profile, as the hardware is already owned, and unless airflow is restricted, a new fan will likely not help all that much. What can be done is you can create a new fan profile that will limit the speed of the fan, and then turn the profile to auto when more performance is needed.
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from Blind X in SATA 3 Port on Motherboard   
    These are numbers associated with the ports not the standards themselves. 
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from Blind X in SATA 3 Port on Motherboard   
    Currently reading the spec sheet
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from Blind X in SATA 3 Port on Motherboard   
    It looks like Red and Yellow are likely SATA 3, orange is likely SATA two, and Black is ESATA. What I can tell you from the spec sheet, you have one SATA 2 (that is not black) and two SATA 3 (which is also not black.) 
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from Dr Seuss in What monitor route should I go for? 1440p or 144hz?   
    IF you can afford to purchase both in a monitor, that doesn't mean that you have to run both at the same time, you can run slower more aesthetic games at 1440p and your CSGOs, CODs, and etc. at higher refresh rates. I am recommending this for the long game, as you will probably be holding onto or finding a use for this monitor for quite a while. I would not be surprised if in 2030 you still had this monitor connected to your rig for in one fashion or another, and by that time will likely have a system quite capable of pushing such a monitor. Because as you are likely to use your FHD display as a second monitor now, this monitor will likely fill this same role for your system sometime in the future.
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from LAwLz in What to do if noone responds to a topic of yours?   
    To respond to your post:(this is just a checklist that may or may not be the cause of your problems)
    1) make sure the title is relevant and will attract the user with the knowledge to solve the issue.
    2) make sure it is posted under the relevant topic for the same reason as item #1.
    3) make sure that your post is easy to understand and contains all the relevant data so that those with the expertise do not have to work hard and wait to weed out the important info from you. 
    4) wait and hope that someone with the knowledge and expertise is available and willing to reply, many posts never get answered simply because the post was posted at the wrong time, or the people with knowledge were not available or could not find it.
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from panzersharkcat in Can Their Tech Support Save Us? - $1500 PC Secret Shopper 2 Part 3   
    Am I the only one who wishes that their system had a debug light through the power switch? 
    Also while Maingear and Origin knocked this out of the park, so far, as far as I can tell HP appears to be providing a consistently good experience (totally crushing Dell) they offer competitive prices, great specs, and serviceably decent tech support. Again the only thing that I really have to knock on specs is the RAM, and they could be better with their support, but if I had to recommend a company to a friend or family for a prebuilt at this time, I would have to recommend HP.
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from OrangeX in “Gaming Web Browser”… R U kidding me?   
    Watching this video while using Opera GX, with 250+ tabs open. The reasons I switched from Chrome are numerous, but the final straw was a UI update ~3 months ago that I just hated. Why I continue to use Opera GX, I use this system for a host of productivity workloads, some of them requiring a ton of tabs, or RAM and/or CPU hungry tabs that I can't afford to loose in the near future, and has happened all too often in the past with Chrome, which led to me spending hours recovering these tabs (and no Ctrl+Shift+T does not always work), as unlike Opera GX when you restart your system, the browser crashes, or you just need/want to free up some resources for intensive workloads,  the tabs are not automatically recovered, you need to press that button in the top right portion of the browser to recover your tabs, if Chrome feels so generous as to offer you the option to recover your tabs. Also for those of us plebs of us who only have on monitor, and want to follow a tutorial in a program such as Blender, and wish to watch that tutorial without distorting the UI of the program and interact with the program without the video disappearing, the pop-out video player is a Godsend. Also for those time that you want to boot into a game or go ham on productivity workloads and wish to keep your browser open without your tabs eating RAM and CPU (especially the latter) you just throw the RAM limiter to 1GB and turn on the hard limit and BAM! All your tabs are put to sleep in the same way as they are when you run out of RAM on Chrome, and the residual CPU usage is reduced to a mere 5% on my I5 2500, and I am just getting started.
    Although I have to admit I missed the fact that they were purchased by a Chinese firm.
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from SpaceGhostC2C in Game Streaming's Dirty Secret   
    They were their we just did not care. (super quick search could not find the video I wanted but I guess it works....🤔)
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    Wh0_Am_1 reacted to Oswin in Upgrade to a new gpu help   
    if you have the time to wait, then waiting is a the better decision. 
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    Wh0_Am_1 reacted to AndreiArgeanu in is This Gpu Good ?   
    The 3950X won't bottleneck any gpu out there to my knowledge, and the 1070ti is a great graphics card as long as you don't need ray tracing and other features that RTX cards have.
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    Wh0_Am_1 reacted to dogwitch in This 100TB SSD Costs $40,000 - HOLY $H!T   
    also less power draw to
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from dogwitch in This 100TB SSD Costs $40,000 - HOLY $H!T   
    Another thing to note: Fewer drives, not only equals fewer servers and cooling, but also less storage space to store everything and fewer personnel to maintain everything.
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from zeusthemoose in Feasibility question: passively cooled sealed submerged system   
    Well they work, and that is what got Luke in the door, but the issue is that the OG case manufacturer went under and sued everyone else on patent infringement grounds and brought the rest of the industry down with it. The primary issues include: degradation of adhesives and rubber cables the fact that you will NEVER get all of the oil off the system and etc. otherwise they work just fine. 
    P.S. HDDs and mineral oil DO NOT go together.
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    Wh0_Am_1 got a reaction from PeachGr in Hardware failure rate   
    Well there were some Pentium Ds that would cook themselves alive....