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  1. I'm looking for a 1440P to 1080P 14-18 inches M.2 500GB SATA SSD 1-2TB needs to last me the 5 years im there for fast enough CPU (QUAD core) and GPU (1050 ish) non-gamer look also how much would you pay for this all fully working? im not looking for a buyer I would just like an evaluation if you were going to buy it off of me as a sibling https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/XZF9xY manny thanks
  2. I am intending to use the rendering server for photo scanning objects and turning them into 3D models. it takes multiple imaged and maps their vertices into a useable 3D object. can take like 33hrs + on an average home PC. (6850K is not home pc cpu tho) its Cpu intensive
  3. So I'm going guessing that I should stick to my 6850K then?
  4. Hi during the summer I want to build a rendering server (cpu intensive rendering) and I was wondering if anyone knew of a 4 socket mobo and 1 Xeon cpu to fit it for under £250 (don't need to worry about anything else) with my plan being to add multiple Xeons later. Also what OS should I use manny thanks Biddls
  5. yer my idea is that because i have a whole cupboard in my room that's empty i'm going to make a custom case out of wood and old cases and mount it in there and seal it off with an acrylic front and fans (filter etc.) then because i port required for my internet i'm moving my router to my room and thus a strait connection to the power over Ethernet. i will then have raspberry pies mounted to screens around my house: moms room (tv probs) my bro's for gaming TV down stairs then 2 pc's in the loft although i do not need this much speed i have never witne
  6. For my home server and all of my raspberry Pi clients
  7. If you guys say so and no this was not a troll But manny thanks any way rly helpful as always
  8. Im thinking of getting 2 2-4 TB HDD in raid 1 and using that as a back up for my 16 SSD's (raid 0)? worth it or should i just go with raid 5's into raid 0's i think that its about as safe because i can fail twice before i have to worry and then i can just rebuild with only 15 SSD's and add another later wear as only multiplying my speed by 5 and having 5 fail safes (roughly) Im doing this for bragging and also im fed up of my 1TB 10000000000000000 year old HDD
  9. On the mono user house it supports DDR4 ram speeds of 3110 and 3300 but not the 3200 that my ram is at
  10. How do I reset the CPU do I just press the big reset button on my Mobo? What is a case speaker. I've tried moving the g card around all parts are apit of the box except my psu case and gcard thanks and I'll try then this evening
  11. I have a corsair CX750M ill try the ram thing thanks man.
  12. I have a Msi X99A SLI krait edition Mobo i7-6850K 2X8 DDR4 ram (corsair dominator platinum 3,200 Hz) GTX 560Ti i can't get it to post I've tried everything I know I've ordered new cables because I had a socket that was nt full but all that did was prevent it from even lighting up on power up every thing lights up and makes noises I get no beeps from Mobo I've checked the led's with the user guide and I can seem to get to the bottom of it i have I barebones ATM with just Mobo, CPU and GPU power only please help I've been unable to get it
  13. i'm building a rig with a i7-6850K and a GTX1080 i don't intend to do SLI but i do intend to make a SSD raid with 750's (raid 0) with HDD backup i also only intend to OC my CPU What motherboard should i buy I need it for under £200 Do i go with: https://www.amazon.co.uk/MSI-X99A-Sli-Plus-Motherboard/dp/B00V4V4SFC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1472835918&sr=8-1&keywords=MSI%2BX99A%2BSLI%2BPlus&tag=linustechtips-21 MSI X99A Sli Plus USB 3.1 Motherboard OR https://www.amazon.co.uk/MSI-X99A-Sli-Plus-Motherboard/dp/B00VEACAOY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&
  14. If it fits it's fine but I would check the manual for the CPU because it will have digrams.
  15. Download a system motoring thing like HWmonitor then open it and put it under a game related load so u max it out all noise manny toys! do that for 5 mins then looking at the CPU and Gcard look at the percents they will show u how hard it's trying because ATM my Gcard bottlenecks my CPU because my Gcsrd is maxed out in prosessing and ram but my CPU sits at 50% even w BF1 on it so I would need to upgrade freind up my CPU to do more hope this is helpfull