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  1. So I just got an Asus VG248 144hz monitor and there is a strange tint on the top half of the screen and want to know if this is normal.
  2. I can't decide between these two monitors. I am looking to buy a 1080p 144hz monitor. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KO4518I/?tag=pcpapi-20&th=1\ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HY7PAUC/?tag=pcpapi-20
  3. I wanted to discuss why I think the Nintendo Switch needs more function besides gaming. The Switch like mentioned a ton already has no media functions like YouTube or Netflix and I can really rant about it until I turn blue. It boggles my mind how the Switch enters the console market as a direct competitor (in price at least) to the PS4 and Xbox One S as a portable dedicated gaming machine that can only game. I don't know why Nintendo expects the Switch to be a portable tablet that you can only play games on. If you're going to make a tablet that people are going to be carrying around, at leas
  4. What amazes me most about Apple is how effortless they market their products and sell them. Apple can use features other phones have had that work well and they take that feature or gimmick from being either not known about as widely to a "revolutionary" advancement. Apple uses something like touch id, borderless screens, dual cameras, or facial recognition to completely trump other phones that have already done so with little to no effort while doing so. I say this because after the Apple press conference I've been overhearing lots of people speaking of either how they've already ordered an i
  5. So I want to cool my whole system with 2 120mm AIOs for a i7 4790k and GTX 1070 (neither overclocked). Would I be able to run the system quietly say at less than 1900rpm and < 70 degrees
  6. No, Apple did face recognition and wireless charging... So it's REVOLUTIONARY
  7. I would only consider buying it at $699..
  8. Right now I have a 23inch 1080p and I sit about 3 feet from them
  9. I'm looking to buy a g-sync monitor to get rid of all input lag from v-sync (I'm also surprised there isn't very many of them) and I want to get the cheapest one (https://pcpartpicker.com/product/R998TW/aoc-monitor-g2460pg) but then the next cheapest one is 165hz and 1440 (https://pcpartpicker.com/product/CwgPxr/dell-s2417dg-238-165hz-monitor-s2417dg). My concern is I'm not sure if my PC is good enough for 1440p or if it's worth the extra cost. I have an i7 4790k and GTX 1070 in my computer. Also, It could be viable that I just get a higher refresh rate 1080p monitor at like 180hz but at that
  10. What would a good gaming laptop be to pickup that is around $750 that can play games like Overwatch and Dota 2 while also being a good laptop for class aesthetically and functionally. I'm thinking a good middle of the road size would be 15 inches but I'm not too sure. Thanks
  11. I played this when I was very young and I enjoyed it
  12. Yeah, I can do Discord if you want but I'm more of a casual player.. I'm also not level 10 yet (9).
  13. I've been keeping an eye on this game and I'm curious about it and I didn't get it at launch or anything and I don't really know what made it bad besides lying. I think the game was just updated, it's on sale, some reviews put in a good word, and there is a lot of people playing it right now (14,000). So, is this game worth it now? If this game isn't worth it, what would they have to add to make it better?
  14. Look for some people to play Splatoon 2 with Friend code: SW-2844-7338-6982 Or just add me if you want I don't care
  15. So I have a NW-800 microphone and I was wondering where I could find a stand for it to sit on my desktop rather than having it on a boom arm without the shock mount because I don't think I'll use the shock mount either for what I am doing with the mic, thanks.
  16. So I have been playing BF1 Beta and on a 1080p monitor with a 1070 and i5 4440 at ultra settings. I get around 60-70 fps and it's pretty choppy. Do I need to upgrade my CPU to an i7 or is this maybe because the game is in Beta?