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  1. Should I get a 2070 Super for $500 or a water cooled RTX 2080 for $570?
  2. I can't decide what RTX 2070 Super to go with. Are the reference cards quiet and cool? Or should I go for a 3 fan card from like Gigabyte?
  3. Hello currently I am running a r7 3700x, 16GB CL14 3200mhz, and a GTX 1070 on a 1080p 180hz G-sync monitor. I have been hitting 60fps on most games but I want a little more. Since I play a lot of competitive FPS I want a little more than 60 since I value high refresh rate over visuals. I just got RDR2 on Steam and I am only able to average about 35 fps on max settings. I think that's the type of game I would want to experience with a lot of eye candy. To increase FPS which GPU should I go for? I have really only been looking at the RTX Super cards. I have been thinking
  4. I want a bigger screen and battery isn’t getting me all day anymore
  5. I am looking to upgrade from my iPhone 7. I was looking at the 11 but the LCD screen has been putting me off. The XS has an OLED and 2x optical zoom which is appealing. I think the darks would look a lot better on iOS 13’s dark mode and make the notch less noticeable. The only thing is I would probably only be willing to buy it used due to price. Which should I get? I cannot decide
  6. We don’t have the same exact motherboard but this might help. I have the ASRock x470 Master SLI/ac and was having trouble getting my memory to get past 2166mhz. After doing this I still wasn’t able to get it to 3600mhz but I got it to 3200hz.
  7. How much better is it? Would that only matter if I was overclocking or had a 3900x?
  8. Should I purchase the x470 Taichi ($160) or x570 Asus Prime ($165) for my R7 3700x?
  9. But at that point should I just get an X570? That’s about where they start
  10. Any idea where it would be? Also, any better X470 alternatives that are high good for $140?
  11. So just yesterday I upgraded to an R7 3700x, 16gb 3600mhz ram, and an ASRock X470 Master SLI/ac. When trying to overclock my memory I was only able to get it to 3066mhz. Even playing with timings and the voltage at 1.35 I was unable to get it past that. I suspect I can’t push it farther because this $140 board doesn’t let you adjust ram voltage from the bios. What should I do? Is it not worth it? Should I return my x470 and get a better x470? Or just do x570?
  12. Okay I set the voltage to 1.35 and am only able to get it to 3000mhz. Is there anything else I can tweak?
  13. I have an r7 3700x, ASRock x470 Master SLI/ac, 2x8 16GB 3600mhz Corsair Vengance. So I just got my parts today and they've really only been causing me problems. It's also really hard to get the motherboard to boot to Windows on my m.2 SSD. I have updated to the latest bios and have tried different ram slots. Whenever I put my memory speed past 2133mhz (even 2400mhz) I cannot get it to boot to Windows. If it ever does boot to Windows, it blue screens and gets stuck in a repair boot loop. Even when I turn on fast boot in the bios the m.2 won't even show up as a bootable option. Not
  14. There wouldn’t be any gaming performance difference between boards?
  15. Gaming. I thought it would possibly help to eliminate stuttering in certain games
  16. I am looking to upgrade my storage to a Samsung 970 Evo NVMe. Is there any new SSD technologies coming out within this year that are worth waiting for?
  17. What kind of new m.2s are being released?
  18. I ordered an R7 3700x and I can't decide what chipset would be worth it more? I am also getting DDR4 3600mhz ram and it looks like the max x470 boards support is 3466mhz.
  19. I am looking to purchase this motherboard before Zen 2 launch next week in an attempt to save money. Right now I have a budget micro ATX board for my 4790k and the onboard audio is not very great. The output is mostly fine but the input has static due to interference. Does this B450 Tomahawk have good onboard audio? I'm guessing it's not really a problem on any recent motherboards but this one doesn't have a heatsink on its chip. Is this a strong indicator of good onboard audio or is it not much different?
  20. Right now in my computer I have an i7 4790k GTX 1070 16gb 1600mhz I want to upgrade to r7 3700x (assuming the 5-20% increase at least) 16gb DDR4 3600mhz m.2 NVMe SSD I use a 180hz G-sync display because I really prefer frames and low input lag over high graphics. I read a while ago that the Ryzen CPUs achieve better 1% and 0.1% lows despite inferior ipc. Would this contribute to a lot smoother gameplay with better frametimes? I know my FPS won’t sky rocket from a CPU upgrade but I would like my games to run
  21. I am looking for an adaptive sync monitor but cannot find a good one myself. I have a GTX 1070 and i7 4790k. All I would want from a monitor is adaptive sync (would a "g-sync compatible" Freesync monitor be ideal?) >144hz 1080p 24" 1ms I would want it at least under $350
  22. I play a lot of Arma 3, Dota 2, Rainbox Six Siege, DayZ SA, Overwatch, and Mordhau. Are Freesync and G-sync basically the same in terms of performance? Especially when using it on an Nvidia GPU?
  23. I have been looking to upgrade my 1080p 144hz monitor to a G-sync monitor. I play a lot of games where I am getting way below 144fps to take advantage of the 144hz reduced screen tearing. I also can't stand v-sync's input latency no matter what game I'm playing. I am stuck between a MSI monitor that is 1080p 240hz and a Dell monitor that is 1440p 165hz. I have an i7 4790k, 16GB 1600mhz, and a GTX 1070. Would I be okay to run 1440p? The 1080p 240hz feels like less of an upgrade versus 165hz 1440p. But with that said, I am not sure If I care much for the resolution upgra