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  1. There is a Brand New version of cinebench released by Maxon today, wich makes it a very quick release following Cinebench R20, wich was released in March 2019 This new version supports Apples new M1 Powered mashines The rendered image is the same, but the scoring is alot different, so it is not comparable to R20 This version also now shows the single core benchmark w/o needing to enable the advanced options, and features a build in stress test where the test loops for 10 or 20 minutes Sources https://www.maxon.net/en/products/cinebench-r23-overview
  2. Gratz on that 5600X, it clearly smokes my 3600 (3630CB at 4.15ghz, stock pbo @100w and aircooled) what does it score in single core at those clocks and how is the powerconsumption? (what would it score when locked to 65w for example)
  3. i wonder how apple will spin this, blaming the user (kinda like the old iphones crappy reception if you held it in your hand)
  4. i take it this board is what you need to run a i7 9900K
  5. A computer controlling virus is using its computer controlling power to fight a crypto mining viruses on the computers it infects its wierd kinda like getting a rash , but that rash cured your flu
  6. you know that, starting on the PS3, you could set the scaling for ps1 games? expect that sorta thing on the PS1C, you know whats worse than 480i? 256x224p aka Composite (nes , snes , n64 AND ps1)
  7. so i take it you have not played Spyro 1/2/3 Gran Turismo /2 Castlevania Symphony of the night Driver 2 The Final fantasy everyone likes Silent hill Tekken 2/3 Street Fighter Alpha 3 etc... yes the games look low poly and in most cases are , but they dont always look bad or are bad games because "blocky graphics" heck, Homeworld (cataclysm) , a year 199 (2000) Space RTS is still one of the best games in that genere w/ an amazing story to date and it looks like THIS
  8. something does not add up (edit: used the wrong pic at first)
  9. well TSMC / AMD still have working 7nm.... so the joke still stands
  10. stopping 7nm and loosing AMD, one who would use that node in massive capacities, is not helping GoFlo to become more profitable and competitive
  11. we knew that it costs money for a LONG time now , they announced it last year
  12. nice PCAT , love the setup as a whole have its modern(ish) counterpart that i scored at the office , a 2001 IBM netvista
  13. i wonder about the power draw , 8c/16t , base clock at 3.6ghz (for a reason) and rated for 95w? the Skylake X line said something different about that
  14. [SOURCE] : https://hexus.net/tech/news/graphics/120377-nvidia-partner-email-points-30th-aug-gtx-1180-release/ if this is true , it could be interesting but you know , dose of salt as always
  15. These wont be i7 chips , most likely i9 chips (atleast naming wise)
  16. well that TELLS the whole story , AMD yields are way higher and sillicon is better due to refinements over time , AMD can literally only have the best cores on a many core chip die to the cluster design Intel has to make MASSIVE chips for the large core count models and thus have a lower yield and of those wich are good , they might have minor defects and thus cant run at higher speeds also having all cores bunched up instead of slightly separated makes those cores in the center way hotter and again that hurts clockspeed
  17. yea , this is just an example , intels yields might be +10% , but 80% on zen seems believable by what AMD has said in the past
  18. my numbers are simply based on [Root]692 and[root]800ish respectively but since you provided accurate numbers for each axis ill redo em ZEN Xeon
  19. maybe they can trade in the company for a handshake and 300$ instore cedit at the bank
  20. id say intel makes less profit as the 28 cores are HUMONGUS DIES w/ shit yield edit: ZEN dies Intel 28c dies: