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  1. That ROG Flow seems like a good portable machine, not too flashy for work but still play some games I'll definitely look for it
  2. Cyberpunk 2077 is really taxing on your GPU, moreso with the 3000 series because they comsumes A LOT of power My TUF Gaming 3080, which is considered one of the best 3080 in terms of thermal, manages 80c after an hour of CP2077 session
  3. i7 10700K and RTX 3080 I played at RT Ultra, which is basically max everything plus Ray Tracing at Ultra and DLSS Auto, in 2K, and I got 60 ~ 70 fps (depends of where there's crowd) For your RTX 2080, I suggest you get RT at medium if you really want ray tracing, or just turn off completely and you will be fine
  4. So because of my stupidity of forcing a screw into a fan, my hand slipped I accidently bent around 2 ~ 3 fins on my new AIO, with the paint came off and right now it looks very unsightly What should I do to re-bend those fins to their normal shape, and should I black paint on the tip of a toothpick to repaint the fins?
  5. at $550 it's gonna be a tough competition against the Sony
  6. It's gonna be somewhere around 5 to 10 fps, honestly difference is minimal because both are based on the same architecture
  7. The i9 will pull out more fps due to higher clock speed, but your i7 X will be able to handle the 3080 just fine Also, don't buy 3080 to play at 1080, it's a waste of money
  8. They are having problem keeping the 3080 on demand and then pulled out this?
  9. The CS:GO chart gave me severe depression
  10. You need a graphic card anyway, the 9100F doesn't come with integrated graphics. Just use the 710 until you can buy better card
  11. Depends on your need, if you need to crunch a bit more multi-core and your budget allows, get the i9, otherwise go for the i7 and a GOOD cooler You do need to remember that in order to get good temp and overclocking headroom, you need a decent budget for a beefy cooler as these things are nuclear meltdown in CPU form
  12. So yeah, I betrayed AMD, but that 10700K on sale is so tempting
  13. If you can wait, the R5 5600X is better, otherwise the i7 10700K is by no mean a bad product (at least at $360 after tax where I bought one) since apps like Premiere Pro utilizes QS really well on both encoding and decoding. Probably the only one thing I don't like is that it gets super toasty under load when OC unless you spend a lot on an AIO