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  1. So I have an old Optiplex 990 with a Core i7 and a 1050 ti with 12 gb of ram, got the computer for college in 2017 and have loved it ever since. I was playing Terraria since it updated, i played on a old save file with the new updates, bad choice I know. Everything went great and then I hit my home base and was hit with 3 freezes that lasted for about a minute each time I'd get farther in and then my computer blue screened. I reset it and when I did it said no boot drive found, I ran a diagnostic and it said everything was great except for the HDD, it couldn't find it. I switched the boot from
  2. Hello, my sister has broken her phone and the screen is permanently stuck in this look, the bottom half of the screen can be typed and used but it just can't be seen, do any of you know what part I need to fix, I'm thinking just a screen LCD fix, but I could be wrong, any help would be much appreciated, Thank you
  3. I wasn't sure, I've just got into computers about a year ago, but thanks you guys!
  4. Hey was looking at a computer for school and some gaming here and there and I am not sure if this is a very good deal or if the cpu might be too old to be worth it anymore. I attatched the link to craigslist so you can see a picture but I'll put his description down below too. https://cedarrapids.craigslist.org/sys/6245665559.html Selling my spare gaming computer. It has an Intel I7 2600 quad core 3.4ghz with hyper-threading cpu,12gb of ddr3 memory, 500gb hard drive, bluray player/dvd burner, brand new evga gtx 1050 ti gpu,windows 7 pro, various software, 19 inch monito
  5. I havent decided on one yet I wasn't sure what a good monitor to get would be
  6. Hi, I have never built a PC before I've always been a console guy but id like to get into the PC side of it. I am looking to build a gaming PC that is capable of playing games at high quality but I'm hoping to keep it around 1000 or less, I think I have a decent set up but i need help figuring out a motherboard, case, and am open to changing the graphics card. Heres what I'm looking at CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor, going to put an Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Motherboard: -- RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 Memory