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Joseph (Seph) Cabayacruz

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  • Birthday Dec 27, 1993

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    Cebu City, Philippines
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    Building Rigs.
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    IT Helpdesk technical support


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    Corsair vengeance 2400mhz 8x2 16gb
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    MSI radeon r9 390x gaming 8g
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    Armageddon Microton TX1
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    Crucial 520 gb ssd
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    EVGA 750 B2 bronse
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    Cooler master v8 GTS
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    WIN 10 64 home

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  1. Hi everyone, Would you help me chose what specific AVR Brand and UPS Brands that i will buy in amazon. thanks!
  2. Thank you soo much for your little time.... (fistbump)
  3. Uhmm. I just want to sum up everything you said. So by subscribing to eso, i could get unlimited bag for crafting materials, i could get access to DLC's but without fetured skills from DLC's, i can get some crowns on it?????? How?, or in what way i could get crowns? If i could save enough of crowns i could purchase a DLC's FOR GOOD? Except MORROWIND, right?
  4. Good day, what could i get for ESO membership? Help is it worth it?
  5. i bought this game on steam, i literally paid it. because there are on sale the other day.
  6. good day, i would like you to ask if i'm on the right track of getting this antique coin inside the vase ''supposedly'' be found here. seems it went missing.. i'm following a video walkthrough on steam and i just shock the moment when the video shown that there is a vase but in my game there's no vase on this tv bracket. i'm on the part when the bakers heard the telephone rangs they went outside and checking out. help! # thanks
  7. So technically, we can use steam family sharing if my friend wants to play certain games on my library but we cannot play certain game on the same time? Right. And family sharing which also means that my friend should always go to my house to play games on my library and not at his house right? Because it's localy shared game.
  8. Good day everyone, I would like to ask you some questions regarding "Transferring my licenced games to another account on steam" would this process be played on another account on steam? especially I bought them for myself and it has a licenced keys exclusively for myself. because in my understanding that when you bought offline games like (ex. Metro redox, the witcher, or anything that is offline) on your account so it would be yours and the games could not be played to anyone else, especially when we talk about the CD license or key. am I right.....?? transferring
  9. Good day, I have been playing my character since Breach league. but when the patch has been updated there are things where change like, my character has been put to standard league. and my skills points were reset. Now the legacy league is in. can i able to transfer my character to Legacy League?? thanks guys..
  10. Good day to all, i would like to raise a question regarding Uplay to STEAM, i have an account in uplay because i purchase AC:unity(DVD copy and i have a game code) and download the game in UPLAY as a client launcher. now, i want every games to be sync on Steam and play it, since i have alot of games in steam(i purchase a lot of games in steam) so my question, right now i have 2 assassin creed game series which is the assassin's creed 3 and the Unity, i want it to be played on steam. is that possible? could i sync and play on steam?
  11. good day, i would like to ask what is the difference between the original and the redux of the metro game series? and should i buy them? since they offer it to cheap. do they sucks or not? im just confused. need a little help to this. thank you and merry christmas.
  12. Good day everyone, I would like to know or could give me some link on your Guides which also you used to build your character. -dual wield Dagger -high DPS stamina - the best medium armors -race could be used for passive skills thank you so much
  13. yes i used Radeon r9 390x from MSI, Crossfire? nope i did not use crossfire..
  14. Good day, i would like to know if who among you had a AMD A10-7860K and what is your stabled overcloking configurations, especially to those who used MSI A88XM gaming Motherboards. thank you.
  15. because it is essential to the hardware. updating the firmware is also a need for the hardware right? but i'm also skeptical for that thought so i consulted you guys if whats the best.. so everyone. thank you for the advice guys. its really best i should consult to Linustechtips first. before everything go fucked up. it a great help..