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    Computers, playing rocket league, fishing, wood work and trying new things
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    Intel i3 6100
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    Gigabite h110-h
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    8gb crucial 2133mhz
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    Ati radeion hd 4840 oc
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    Thermaltake versa N25
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    2tb sea gate sshdd with 16gb ssd cache
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    Thermaltake 80+
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    cryorig m9i
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    Tt esports comander multi-light keyboard
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    Tt esports comander multi-light mouse
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    Plantronics gamecom 730
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    Windows 10

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  1. My resolution going into the encoder from premiere pro is 900p being turned to 1080p through media encoder
  2. Sorry I am new to this media encoder stuff but I will see I have uploaded a few vids on my YouTube and they all have the same problem. And where do oc check the fine output.
  3. So if I change it to 16:10 it might work I will try that.
  4. I have my render setting at the default one h.26 ect and the best quality YouTube 1080p
  5. Hey guys please help me. I am havering these black bars every time I try to render my videos. Please help because it is really starting to bug me. What a, I doing wrong.
  6. It is not worth overclocking a i3 6100 unless you have a good enough motherboard you can base clock overclock it but like everyone ealse has said it is not worth it.
  7. Yeah a crap psu can not only cause maybe a fire hazard but if it goes it can completely break all of your components. As cool as it would be to see your psu explode I don't think you would like to buy stuff to replace your broken components.
  8. Yeah the i7 is a much better choice because if you do ever want to edit videos then the i7 is a great choice not just for video editing but the i7 4790 is a far better choice.
  9. Yeah I agree with you if you want wait for something you know will come out like amd's vega line of gpu's
  10. I think for basic gaming and stuff like that that cpu should be fine I wouldn't buy it myself I would buy a fx 6300 that would perform better. Or the intel variant is the Pentium g4560 which is only about $80 aus. But if I know your budget that would make it easier.
  11. If you really can't wait then buy the 1080 but if you can afford to wait and see how the 1080ti performs, in my opinion I would just buy a gtx 1080 it can still game really well at 4K at medium settings but if you want to max everything out at 4K ultra wide then wait for the ti version. Hope this response helped.
  12. Yeah the kraken is a good cooler if it has a 240mm or 280mm radiator cpu cooler should be fine if they have a copper bas it would be better for heat transfer maybe a cooler like the cooler master master liquid pro 240. Linked below on pc case gear. http://search.pccasegear.com/search?p=R&srid=S1-2SYDP&lbc=pccasegear&w=Liquid cooler&url=https%3a%2f%2fwww.pccasegear.com%2fproducts%2f35964%2fcooler-master-masterliquid-pro-240-liquid-cpu-cooler%2f&rk=36&uid=547030628&sid=2&ts=ajax&SLIPid=1485828282093&rsc=pxmIb00rDYvpaDqG&method=and&isort=score&
  13. Yeah. No ha e the money for it yet so by the time I do because I hate it how everything costs soo much in Australia. Thanks for your help badger and streetguru
  14. I know that ryzen is coming around but I don't want to buy a new mobo to support amd's new am4 socket. Hope you understand where I am coming from.