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    tiberiusmoon5 got a reaction from Huutonytran in is 3440 x 1440 4k resolution?   
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    tiberiusmoon5 got a reaction from twoxdynamic in is 3440 x 1440 4k resolution?   
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    tiberiusmoon5 got a reaction from TubsAlwaysWins in Why do people still play on consoles?   
    Probably because they have crappy internet and prefer to buy a disk than wait for the download.
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    tiberiusmoon5 got a reaction from The Falcon in Why do people still play on consoles?   
    Consoles are for children that dont have much money/ know any better.
    someone who doesnt know how to torrent, buy pc parts wont know these benefits if they were brought up to play on a console
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    tiberiusmoon5 got a reaction from The Falcon in Why do people still play on consoles?   
    Basically consoles are like gaming laptops they only last till they cant perform any better or something new is out, literally only brought for convienience.
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    tiberiusmoon5 reacted to SteveGrabowski0 in Best Airflow case?   
    The Silverstone cases that flip the board so that the rear io is on the top are probably the best. They have massive intake fans at the bottom and exhaust through the top. In reviews I have seen these cases seem to crush all others for gpu cooling.

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    tiberiusmoon5 got a reaction from ARikozuM in harddrive help   
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    tiberiusmoon5 reacted to ryanmmax in Best Open-Back Headphones $300   
    Amp?  If you don't have one the Philips Fidelio x2 are supposed to be top notch...  if you do the HD650... 
  9. Informative
    tiberiusmoon5 got a reaction from saladcrack in Best Open-Back Headphones $300   
    Not having a amp is like running a under preforming cpu with a GTX 1080,
    you wont hear the details unless you give the headphones the power it needs.
    I have a asus xonar stx soundcard with in built amp paired with a sennhieser HD600,
    best way to make the most of your purchase is to split your budget in half and get a amp-dac and headphones.
    or by everyone's suggestion there could be a awesome cheap amp-dac and spend the rest on some good headphones,
    the reason why i say amp-dac is because a high quality amp needs a high quality DAC instead of the mobo headphone connection,
    but to get around this you can get a amp-dac combo in the form of a box or get a sound card with a inbuilt amp.
    My friend brought this card: https://www.amazon.com/Blaster-Performance-Headphone-Forming-Microphone/dp/B009ISU33E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475892532&sr=8-1&keywords=soundblaster+z
    He has nothing but positive remarks for it in sound quality and it has a 600Ohm amp bult in to handle any headphone,
    with the nearly 1K reviews so does everyone else.
    Headphones are a personal pref if the reviews mention a warm feel then they refer to the lower to mid tones,
    if you dont know what termanology they refer to in tthe reviews read here: http://www.head-fi.org/a/describing-sound-a-glossary
    P.S. Once you have brought your headphone and amp, whatever you end up choosing, look up the term headphone burning in and lossles audio codec.
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    tiberiusmoon5 reacted to W-L in GPU Bios Limit?   
    That is quite common nowadays after maxwell cards came out, using a modded BIOS can help but there is still a physical voltage shunt on the card that will still limit you to after a certain degree. Only way completely around it would be at that point is to physically modify the card to remove that limit. 
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    tiberiusmoon5 got a reaction from koolerone in worlds best gaming computer with no limits to money with a single cpu support   
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    tiberiusmoon5 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Speaker mod help   
    Run a serprate cable.
    Those + and - leads are for audio, so it varies in voltage and is AC.
    Voltage wise, it depends on the volume, and a a normal listening is around 1-5V and max volume is around 50v depending on the amp.
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    tiberiusmoon5 got a reaction from TubsAlwaysWins in moving os to m.2?   
    you can put your OS on a M.2 but i would not buy that M.2 drive. . . its like 10mb better than normal SSD's i would go with the samsung 950/960 pro
    as there speeds are 5x faster
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    tiberiusmoon5 got a reaction from Zangashtu in Best custom sleeved cables?   
    The best custom sleeved cables are made with love and care ^u^
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    tiberiusmoon5 got a reaction from NickFromSweden in Does a liquid CPU cooler already come with water inside of it?   
    ^ What they all said my my answer is 50x more swag ;3
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    tiberiusmoon5 reacted to W-L in I need suggestion   
    If you do want to use something like velcro I would recommend to go with 3M dual lock, it's basically like velcro on steroids, holds stuff really well. 
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    tiberiusmoon5 got a reaction from theanimun in Pimp My WiFi Ep. 2   
    Here is a wallpaper everyone can enjoy:

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    tiberiusmoon5 got a reaction from vanished in Pimp My WiFi Ep. 2   
    Here is a wallpaper everyone can enjoy:

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    tiberiusmoon5 reacted to WoodenMarker in PC Problems   
    Lower fps is expected but games like minecraft should be fine. The issue you're looking to recreate is the white lines. 
    You should remove the graphics card to make sure it's not causing the issue.
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    tiberiusmoon5 reacted to HKZeroFive in First pc build need feedback   
    Feels like the potential of this build is wasted since you're only playing on a 1080p 60Hz monitor. I would at least try to aim for a 1080p 144Hz or 1440p 60Hz monitor.
    I would also get a less overkill power supply on top of that.
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    tiberiusmoon5 reacted to UnlimitedTMD in How noisy does it have to be for open-back headphones to be affected?   
    What noise are you worried about? I hear quite a lot trough my Grado SR80 (also open), but you`ll get used to it.
    If you have decent fans in your comp, you won`t notice them, cars, trucks and such will be audible most of the time
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    tiberiusmoon5 reacted to DewgSauce in Nowhere near the performance I expect.   
    i'm sure i'll figure it out, thankyou for your help!
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    tiberiusmoon5 reacted to guillaumedsde in Getting Tech Products from US to UK   
    As in stuff you already own or newly bought prodcuts either way, you will pay heavy shipping costs and in the latter case probably Customs taxes as well
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    tiberiusmoon5 reacted to Vercii in New Case Suggestions   
    Yes yes yes. Get that case. I've always wanted that case and it's just a good piece of work. 
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    tiberiusmoon5 reacted to Bananasplit_00 in New Case Suggestions   
    i wouldent get any other case, thats IMO the best looking case on the market as far as i am aware. it looks amazing