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  1. My Colour flickering is gone at 8BPC Limited RGB. I truly don't understand this anymore. The Card runs well though so thats not the problem.
  2. -Its a very short 12 Euro Cable i bought online. -How do i set up the resolution and 120 hz properly? Do i use a custom Resolution? -I have set my Colours to 4.4.4 Full RGB 10 BPC on the OLED -How can i check my cable?
  3. I have a HDMI 2.1 cable plugged in to my OLED and it has wierd flickering issues with the colours. My XB270HU is stuck on low res and i can't get both screens higher then 60 FPS MY XBU should be able to go up to 1440P 144FPS My OLED should be able to achieve 4K 120FPS I would love some help on this. I keep tinkering but i seem to make things worse.
  4. I'm selling my GTX 1080 to a guy who has a i5-4460. But since he is in my social circle i wanna be as helpfull as possible. Will a i5-4460 bottleneck the 1080 at 1080p? I'm under the impression it will. But since he is used to a GTX 960 he probably wont notice it. Its still a very great improvement. Should he uprade?
  5. A buddy of mine bought a Xbox Series X and the site where he buyed it on vanished.
  6. What i wanna know is how to check if the contents are real. Being sealed is the best indicator ofc. But what else to look out for?
  7. That was my final offer. And i will check the contents myself before transferring the money.
  8. It is sealed. I'm having a friend who lives close check it out. What are the key things to keep in mind when checking the package and Card. I'm aware of the many scammers out there how will i be sure it is the RX 6800?
  9. My phone is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S. i have a SD card installed as internal storage. I can't download anything anymore and my Whatsapp can't upload or download pictures anymore. I'm completely lost to what is causing this problem.
  10. Hello Tech junks and PC Master boyz, Would love if someone could give me some good information. I can't really find any online for some reason. Like a release date and what to expect of the stock. Thanks in advance!
  11. Turns out i'm stupid. I got it to work! Thanks for responding anyhow!!!