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  1. cool, ill give an update once I get it all setup. My issue with emulation has always been the moving between computers. Or loosing the save file and having to start over.
  2. So my goal is to make a Portable folder for emulators and ROMs/ISOs so I can play save and pick up on any system I goto. I have a Unraid NAS setup and was wondering how well running the exe file from there and the isos for PS3 game off the NAS but having the PC I am playing on do the Computing. It is only 1gbps network.
  3. I collect game consoles so here is my list of consoles....I could be forgetting some. and I have some in a pile to repair. Consoles: Atari 2600 ColecoVison Gamecube NES SNES Nintendo 64 Nintendo 64 Jungle Green 2x Wii w/Gamecube ports Nintendo Switch PlayStation PSOne PlayStation 2 Slim PlayStation 3 Fat no backwards compatible PlayStation 3 slim PlayStation 4 slim Sega DreamCast Sega Genesis model 1 Sega Genesis model 2 Original XBox XBox360 white no HDMI XBox360 Elite Black
  4. Ya i was Hoping for something like the gamivo site but in a full screen ui that might use the API of each client to buy the game page to buy, so when you buy and tell it to install it will add to your game list... Ya I am not looking for a site and not looking to replace each launcher/client for a different one(I dont think they would every play nicely) More something to tie all the clients together in one app... Like LaunchBox can detect your installed steam(and other clients) games and add it to your BigBox mode with your roms and emulators. You Still have to have Steam
  5. So I know there is a Front End for installed steam, gog, uplay, games, etc.(I like LaunchBox). However is there any Front end to look at prices and games on all the stores then buy the game from that app without having to into every app and look? I like some PC gaming but hate the digital downloads and all the different clients. I miss big box physical media. Physical games are one reason I have mostly moved back to console. Anyways just wondered if there was an Front end to Combine all the PC game stores?
  6. I know I took some photos while I was building it....but i was going so fast on the NES modding I didn't make a blog like i wanted to...but if yall are interested, i can find the pictures and post them. I work night shift so in between calls I was working on cutting, gluing, LOTS of cutting and drilling.
  7. I was going to build it with just the APU. But after building it it was not quite strong enough to run all the Wii U Emulators at full speed. It also struggled on some of my games in my steam library. I found a full sized 1050ti I had in a workstation I sold for $200 on ebay and bought a LP 1050Ti for $250. I moved a 9800gtx, that was not being used, into the workstation(just used for citrix). In the future I might upgrade the CPU in this one and build another ITX system with just the APU for the living room for a media center or Steam Streaming system. But for now its good an
  8. So I spent a couple months modding and old NES into a PC case. This is my First Case Mod so I know it is not perfect...other than the late 90s early 2000s adding a plexi glass window. Towards the end I got in a rush because I was going to have knee surgery and I am unable to walk for a month. So I wanted it done so I could play games from my Gaming Recliner, that means the paint job isn't great. I plan to sand it down and repaint it with spray paint. So I wanted to keep the NES look as much as I could and even wanted to beable to use the original buttons. So I dremeled a
  9. At the moment its not linux I had a hard time recovering data. to test the drives after replacing them I ran a "darik's boot and nuke" to Zero them out with i think it was 9 passes no errors I also ran the tests from the the MFG of the drive WesterDigital or Seagate
  10. Ok so I am a Consumer PC/Laptop tech. So I know and understand the average consumer software and hardware issues. BUT, when it comes to servers, data transfers etc I am lost. And I have a issue with one of my computers that has been driving me nuts since I built this "server" it is about 9yr old (I know its old which is why before I build a new one i am asking questions) Basically about ever 6months - 1year I have data corruption on 1 or 2 hard drives. I normally do a chkdsk /f /r Drive: most of the time it will get the data accessible and ill move it to another drive and run tests o