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  1. Does EA even develop anything anymore? Or are they just a publisher these days taking 80% of profits from the development studios under their umbrella? I think EA Sports™ is a developer, but EA themselves? I mean, I am not sure ubisoft is going to do a better job than EA, but its different and they deserve a chance at least.
  2. I mean this is neat, but inb4 they just start saying they do not support anything but their own devices, so you have to rent it or don't get service.
  3. I have to wonder if the rumour from Videocardz is true, about the December release of the 20gb model. nvidia and board partners could be witholding dies to slap on those models for higher markup, and they probably predict those to be the biggest seller, so they just aren't making that many 10gb models right now. Not the only reason for the shortage, to be sure, but could be a significant contributor.
  4. IMO if they want to compete with google they should have to put in the decades of R&D and work google did to get where it is today. You can't tell me Microsoft can't afford it with Bing. If Apple wanted to, they definitely could. If the old search engines wanted to compete back in the day, they should of had a clean ad-free front page like Google did. I still remember an old comparison from like...idk 2006? Comparing Google to Yahoo and Ask Jeeves and Lycos and all of them. All full of ads and other bs and Google is just a plain white page with a search bar. There is a reason people chose
  5. I mean...I get the whole anti-monopoly thing but seriously, Google is the most used search engine for a reason. It gives the cleanest, most relevant results for like 99% of searches. Try anyone else's search engine and its usually a waste of your god damn time because they don't index pages even half as well. If they want to complain Google has a monopoly on search engines, how about you just make your own damn search engine better. It's like a fat guy complaining an athlete is faster than him at the 100m sprint. How about you just work harder and try to keep up instead of trying t
  6. These people def play or played EVE online, sitting in Jita. Scam as old as the internet.
  7. Same. I've had ATi and then AMD many many times and I always end up with some stupid driver issues and whenever I have nvidia it is always smooth sailing, except for that one time when a driver update almost killed my GTX 260 because it made everyone's fan profiles flat, no spin up at high temps. To their credit, they fixed it real quick at least. I do really hope AMD can compete at the high end this time, and by compete I don't mean similar performance +/-10% but 300x the heat and noise. Looking at you, 290X! That being said, I was expecting to say something along the
  8. My work laptop here in Canada is a Toshiba but after we updated the bios earlier this year/late last year, the boot up splash says Dynabook. This must of been coming for awhile cause these updates are circa late last year. All of our Toshiba laptops now say Dynabook in the bios and the bootup logo, all models going back a few years now. It seems some of the bios updates did absolutely nothing but change the logo from Toshiba to Dynabook...........
  9. Man....I was just entering adulthood when the PS2 came out. Feel so old right now....its not even nostalgic for me because it doesn't bring me back to childhood.
  10. From what I have heard so far, one important difference(other than the obvious) between the regular S20 and S20+ is in regards to 5G support. The S20+ and Ultra support both lower and higher band 5G. The regular S20 only supports one......but I forget which one now. ? Edit: Looks like the regular S20 only supports the lower bands. mmwave(high band) is only on the S20+ and Ultra, though reportedly a later release(later this year?) of the S20 will also support both? I don't expect 5G to be a widespread thing until like late 2021 or 2022 anyways. At least here in Canada.
  11. I'm currently using an iPhone 6s and it received the latest ios update 13.3. This phone is like, what, 5 years old now? Pretty good update life. Too bad I hate iOS with a passion vs android. Stuck with it until my s20 arrives though. They probably think 2 major updates is enough for most people because it seems that the general public switch to a new phone roughly every 2-3 years anyways.
  12. Do we have any news about this causing delays for the Galaxy S20 release? I had it preordered at bestbuy for the bonus items and just got an email last night saying my order will be delayed 2-3 weeks "due to overwhelming popularity".....yesterday was supposed to be the shipping date with the 6th being the release date. I can't find any news on it at all yet, but its still early morning in north america.
  13. I just don't see the point of it....would you use it for some kind of compute work? But its a laptop and the formfactor would have all kinds of issues with heat and limiting performance and all that.... What would be the use case for this to exist in a mass-produced form? I could see some kind of show-off device for a convention but to be available to purchase...... Who is this thing for where they wouldn't just be using a workstation/server machine instead at a much reduced price? Imagine leaving this thing in your car and having it stolen. My buddy just got his wallet
  14. Huh. A laptop for over $20k? Neat. I'd rather spend that on an unfinanced brand new 2020 model year car, though.
  15. I mean, do bad guys ever have a product placement on them? Maybe a car but they are always using what appears to be a generic phone, you never see them drinking coke or pepsi or whatever and if they have alcohol its always in a special multi-use bottle as they pour it into a glass, never the original wine bottle or crown or something. Not really surprising to me, just apple is more of an everyday product for most people so it stands out more
  16. Wow that's pretty scary but it seems to be a vulnerability more regarding hardware, not WPA2 as a security protocol. If it was the protocol itself, everything would be affected. Just looked up the hardware on my home router and its Qualcomm so I am good to go, providing all my receiving devices are clear as well but its somewhat hard to find what radio your TV uses......or hell my consoles too. I have to look up everything.
  17. This is pretty awesome. I wish I could have done this with Wolcen but it was on steam. I might rebuy it later but right now and for the foreseeable future it is a huge buggy mess where half the stuff doesn't work. Reminds me of Anthem, which I also bought into cause I'm bad at this. I have to wonder if it is going to make developers/publishers reconsider having their games on GOG though. Too risky and open for abuse?
  18. This is pretty awesome and I'm excited to see what can be done with it. Inb4 bought from dude and patented by some huge corporation but keeps selling for 200k/tonne and no one can ever use this method.
  19. The irony of this is not lost on me and I am finding it quite hilarious. But yeah didn't expect to see Canada up there. Part of my humble Canadian nature, perhaps.
  20. Oneplus wants to have a word with you. The Oneplus One came with Cyanogen as the pre-installed base OS. I had one, and it even had "Cyanogen" engraved on the back of the sandstone grey rear panel. Sadly I sold the phone a few years ago or I would take a picture. Late models of the One lost the Cyanogen label, though, and they broke their partnership not long after and Oneplus created OxygenOS instead. I heard of the Essential phone awhile back but never really looked into it. Was it basically an upstart phone maker like OnePlus was ~5-6 years ago but had th
  21. I mean, to be fair...all you need to do to get around the missing headphone jack is a little dongle adapter. While there are a lot of bulky horrible/cheap ones, there are some nice slim ones that work well and some phone manufacturers even pack it in the box for you. Expandable storage is not really something you can conveniently add like that after the fact so I think its the more important thing they are cutting out. That being said, personally on-board phone storage has been enough for me ever since we progressed to 64gb models as the standard. I do take some videos and photos,
  22. I can completely understand this reaction. For people who have never been to a large convention before, you (or someone you know) almost always gets sick from it. Tons of people all handling the same thing and no body washing their hands for hours? There is something called the PAX flu(also GDQ Flu) but it basically applies to all conventions/large gatherings of people from around the world.
  23. Hmm how I Interpret this statement is that they are planning on pricing the new Xbox in a completely different bracket above the PS5 and way more expensive than the switch or their next Gen and this is partially how they justify it.
  24. Honestly thought these were gonna be for pooping in.
  25. Data striping. You can have a raid 0 setup within the same hard drive. The top actuator reads/writes half the data while the bottom one reads/writes the other half. That's where the doubling comes in. You are literally utilizing the data twice as fast. This is exactly how raid 0 functions. You could do raid 10 with only two hard drives. The firmware has to support such a thing though but from what I gather that seems to be the Idea from the start.