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  1. Front panel connectors. Look at your motherboard manual for the placement of the cables.
  2. I purchase my wife's from Amazon with zero issues. I have yet to have an issue with them at all. Been doing it for nearly 5 years now. As for shelf life, most of the time the ones in the store have been sitting around longer than when you purchase from places like Amazon. I work in the shipping industry and do haul Duracell and Energizer batteries around. I've actually picked up a load going to Walgreens that had been sitting around the warehouse for nearly a year before being shipped out.
  3. @_Mateos__ for the processor, your motherboard does support the cpu bit it might need a bios flash to use it. It might be on an old bios. Not 100 percent sure as I know I had to do a bios flash on my b450 board.
  4. You have to make under a certain amount of money. Which both my wife and I do. So they direct deposited the money to myself, my wife, and for my kids. We took the first round and used it to pay off my son's prepaid college and a decent chunk of my daughters.
  5. The main issues with most prebuilts are sub par motherboards, custom connectors making it impossible to upgrade pieces easily. I personally would rather wait and purchase what I want. Not what someone else slaps together.
  6. I'm not hurting the purpose of the stimulus check. I'm still spending money the same way I always have. But I do agree that there are some who truly need the money more than others. But just like everything else in the US, it's a broken system.
  7. They have a Ryzen cpu. No onboard graphics. They need a gpu.
  8. Simple. Put it in the bank and forget about it like the first stimulus check. My job has not slowed down at all. I don't have any debt nor any need to upgrade my home computer.
  9. Reach out to deepcool directly. Tell them your exact case and that you are willing to purchase a new panel. They will most likely let you purchase it.
  10. @DelicieuxzPersonally, I don't understand the need for USB 3.2. That's me personally. But as for the 5.25 drive bay it's not needed anymore. A simple external drive does the same as the internal. As for filters on the P400 series. You can do what I did. I put a magnetic filter behind the mesh panel. Done.
  11. You might have a short in the case. For example, with the panels now on you might be pinching a cable or bending it so it shorts out.
  12. First of all....we really need to know the specs of your computer. Kind of hard to give answers without that.
  13. @oldSockI myself being a former smoker understand addiction. I personally use youtube about 6 hours a day on average after I finish my job for the day. It's my main means of entertainment when I'm not working. And unfortunately, I can not use the math formula to calculate how much money I lose during the time I'm watching YouTube. I'm paid a percentage of the load that I'm hauling.
  14. Your motherboard is not compatible with the 6700K. Simple as that.
  15. Neither. If I want a soup, I tend to get egg drop. Much better flavor.
  16. I reply when I can. I work non standard hours and have spotty access to internet in some places.
  17. I have my ifixit kit next to me in my semi truck. Also a second one at home.
  18. Try remounting the water block. Could be a pressure issue.
  19. Not sure about the UK. But I purchased my OnePlus 7t Pro Mclaren edition direct from OnePlus in the US.
  20. No thanks. If I want another BMW, I'll stick with a 1978 BMW 2002 ti.
  21. Can let you know it works on T-Mobile. I have the OnePlus 7t Pro 5g Mclaren edition.
  22. Zusafek


    I regret a few things. Selling my 81 Delorean, selling my 68 Mustang Fastback, and selling my 71 Dodge Dart Demon. But can't change the past.