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  1. Hi There I want to make "professional" DVD's and digital Movies. By that I mean, the Medium shall incorporate the following things: - Movies with chapter makrs - Multiple Video Streams - Multiple audio streams in different languages - Multiple Subtitles in different languages - additional Menues - Chapter menu, Bloopers, etc. - Resolution 1080 up to 4k I've already looked into different sofware but either they offer very limited support for the things I want (Wondershare DVD Creator, Movavi Video Suite) or they don't have high enough
  2. Hi there I was wondering weather one can restore files from a .dmg file. I happened to delete an entire SD card with films on it. I tried to recover them by using the Photorec tool. Which worked almost. Because I used a rented C-Fast card, I had to return it before I could restore the entire folder with the movies. So I stopped the Photorec process to give it back. But before I returned it, I made a copy of the C-Fast Card as an .dmg File with my mac. I used the option "Disk image of [C-Fast card]" from disk utility on Mac and created a read/write copy of the C-Fast card.
  3. Hi there I'm currently trying to set up an iPhone for my grandmother. She owns a very old Android Phone, with Android 3. As we tried to transfer her data with the "move to iOS" app on the Play Store, we ran into an issue. When trying to install the "move to iOS" app, it always ran into an error. Because I couldn't transfer her stuff with the app, I just set the iPhone up as a "new iPhone" and decided to transfer the files later. This wasn't too much of a problem: emails, the calendar and the contacts could be transferred flawlessly. But the Whatsapp chats turned o
  4. Hello I figured out what caused the problem. After a reinstalation of the entire System I found that the application “Duet” was causing those weird issues. Upon uninstalling it everything went back to normal. So in case anybody has this problem as well. Check weather you have Duet installed and if so, try uninstalling it. AliSot2000
  5. Hi everyone I have an issue with my PC, which I wasn't able to resolve. I've tried everything I could think of. My last plan is to reinstall everything. My question, which might have been asked before, would be: Is it possible to reformate the boot volume and keep a secondairy volume unformated (can I just copy everything onto the secondairy harddrive and then copy everything back from the secondairy drive like from a USB thumbdrive) ? My drives are a SSD 275GB and a HDD 4TB. By the way the HDD is formated with exFAT and the SSD with NTFS.
  6. Concerning the CUE Error. Despite the error of CUE demanding that those three librarys have to be inside the folder with the CUE.exe, they are infact there.
  7. It didn't work. The problem remains the same. I ran the dxsetup.exe but when I try to open CS the screen gets briefly black and goes back to the desktop, with steam showing me that CS is running. Downloading DirectX9 didn't work ether, the installer gave me a message that it wouldn't work on windows 10. DirectX12 seams to be installed, but I couldn't figure out how to reinstalle it. (looked it up with dxdiag in the windows search ) This is the result of dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  8. Hi there My Computer isn't willing to open CS:Go, CUE, Infinifactory and Liftoff. At least these are the programs which don't work at the moment. Maybe there are more. I've already researched the Problem concerning the CUE. There is already a thread on the Corsair Forum but I think the problem lies deeper. (http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=176209) That's the error I get when I try to start CUE. Regarding CUE, I've already: - restarted my computer - updated windows - updated my drivers (GPU and rest of the sytem) - reinstalled t