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    Intel Core I5-6600K
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    ASUS H110M-K
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws V 16GB (F4-2400C15S-16GVR)
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    MSI GTX 560 TI
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    1 x 320GB Western Digital Blue,1 x 2TB Western Digital Blue
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    Corsair TX850V2
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    Acer AL1916W
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    Cooler Master N520
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    Logitech G402
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    Razer Kraken Pro Neon
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I'll ask my local electrician if he could change it or not. If it's too expensive, I guess I'll have to do it with a bad LED.
  2. Can we find replacement LEDs?
  3. Can we find replacements LEDs? I bet someone can do that if I find LEDs right? I mean electricians?
  4. Can't, it's outta warranty period. Isn't there any solution I can go with?
  5. So I just realized that one of my LED in my keyboard is not working properly. Upon inspection I came to the conclusion that the green light or diode [whatever it is called] is not working. The switch is fine and blue light does work from the same LED. It's just the green that's gone bad. My keyboard is Motospeed CK104 Outemu Blue. Can I replace the LED or something??? I really want it to work properly. It's kind of an OCD thing for me that the LED on one switch is not working. Please advice.
  6. Damn you're correct. The bandwidth is 100mbps. I didn't knew about color code. Damn I gotta redo the crimping. Thanks for this. I always thought that color coding didn't really mattered. All you need to do is match the order.
  7. It worked, although I don't have a gigabit switch yet to try but my old 100Mbit/s switch shows connectivity of 100Mb/s.
  8. CAT-6e 23 AWG I have DLink RJ45
  9. Can I connect Cat 6 cable via normal RJ45 plug???
  10. That I actually did while trying to connect my PC via the AUX port of the Cisco AP, as the AUX port wasn't working so I thought my cable might be broken but as soon as I connected my PC directly in the LAN Box it was working and my PC is still fine. So yeah now I'm fully set to take the next step and thanks for the software link, it doesn't actually solved the issue but I can switch the AP immediately as it shows all of them, so it's kind of a fix but I'm unable to lock it to that particular AP or maybe I'm not doing is correctly.
  11. Yeah we have Cisco APs and the switch, even though I can't really make out the model or the brand seems like an enterprise one with 24 ports and fiber input. I hope this info helps. As the switch are locked in a cage (not sure what to call it) and is placed high on the wall.