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  1. a 4U ATX case that will fit a ATX motherboard will do,budget of the case:$100,budget of the psu:$100
  2. I am looking for a good ATX 550W redundant power supply, is there any good suggestion?
  3. Is there any single core performance of a CPU is better than single core performance of i7 8700k?
  4. about 10 server Because 8700k has too low core count,i don't think thats enough about 64GB No,i am not going premade system.
  5. I want to know what is the best single core performance intel Xeon processor. I want to know some CPU model based on 3 budget : Unlimited, US$500, US$300 The purpose of the CPU is to host multiple minecraft server on it.
  6. server A: ubuntu 16.04.3 server B: windows 7 server C: ubuntu 16.04.3
  7. MySQL server unreachable on some server, but not all server,e.g. MySQL server on server A(linode) web server 1 on server B(home hosted, port not blocked) web server 2 on server B(home hosted, port not blocked) web server 1 on server C(digital ocean) now my web server 1 on server B can connect to MySQL, but web server 2 on server B and web server 1 on server C can't(same user same database), what can cause this?and how to fix this problem?
  8. I can't open any elevated task(e.g. regedit, manage, run any program with administrator), the UAC just won't pop up and deny automatically using domain administrator account p.s. If you need any more information, ask for it.
  9. When i was playing the game 'minecraft',if i hold the left/right click,the cursor will move faster then normal,but not in other programs Mouse: Logitech G502 Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
  10. Where does windows save the raster font in CMD?