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  1. Really an oversized blowtorch. This is a flamethrower: Credit Besides, if running at people with fire fits anyone's definition of fun, I'm glad we're on the Internet.
  2. Cryptocurrency is currently valuable as a way to transfer money. Millions of people have relatives or friends or sell goods or services abroad, but a traditional wire transfer has high fees and takes days to clear. Bitcoin transaction fees depend solely on supply and demand (and not coincidently, are currently similar to wire fees), and takes a few hours to be confirmed.
  3. Kernel patches are a sufficient workaround for Meltdown, but not Spectre. Spectre breaks security within a process, like a browser tab could read data from another if they're in the same process. Vulnerable software needs to be individually updated, either to give each security context their own process (like the Site Isolation option in Chrome that gives each tab their own process), or to add code that prevents the vulnerability. The BIOS upgrade is necessary to patch the CPU microcode, which prevents the vulnerability even in software that has not been updated.
  4. National currencies are backed by the threat of force, which is about the best guarantee there could be. Cryptocurrencies can prevent manipulation by being coded with a fixed rate and a maximum limit of creation.
  5. Some coins use algorithms specially designed to prevent that, because specialty hardware is a threat for decentralization.
  6. If you think it's going to be overpriced, check this out: https://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/cat-monitors/cat-oledmonitors/#
  7. As long as one accepts it won't last as long as an LCD and is able and willing to replace it sooner, burn-in doesn't really matter. On the other hand, the upside is huge. For me watching sports with that kind of response time (on a 2008 plasma TV) feels like night and day compared to a 5ms IPS LCD, let alone games.
  8. It isn't just mining, gaming is like 4th in manufacturing priority behind machine learning and smartphone SoCs as well. Besides, they won't drop this kind of money because of a fraction of the crypto market, even if from the consumer point of view it's gobbling up stocks.
  9. More than a hand, he has the last word. He's what in open-source is called a Benevolent Dictator for Life.
  10. Microsoft is a $680 billion company, surely they can afford compatibility testing. They just decided not to. Probably because it would cost money and make none, as Windows is paid for upfront. Stupid would be to buy a more expensive CPU unnecessarily.
  11. The point of cryptocurrencies is the public ledger, it couldn't be worse for tax evasion. Even a private investigation is able to tie transactions to people. I don't think it should be surprising that income from cryptocurrencies is still income and is taxed as such. Regarding services provided in return, guess what prevents this outcome.