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    Anything that has to deal with tech


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    Intel 6700K
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    EVGA z170 Classified K
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    16GB DDR4
  • GPU
    ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Dual
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    Thermal Take MK-1
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    500GB Sata with 256GB SSD
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    EVGA 850 G2
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    Cooler Master V-8
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

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  1. Yes and no. It depends. I know when I had a z170 classified k by evga when I updated it it never changed my settings in the bios. I can’t say for sure on all boards but I just did an update to the bios a few days ago and everything I had set was still there.
  2. Ok this may be dumb but I think I may have an issue. I got this card a few months ago and put it into my i7 6700k build from a few years ago. All worked great. Well it was time to test the waters with the ryzen system. I got the 5600x as well as the b550-e from asus and built this a few days ago. I realized that the gpu fans are not spinning or staying on like it was on my i7 with the z170 classified k board. How can I go about turning them on to always on instead of having them kick on automatic. I looked in the bios and can’t seem to find anything. When I first boot the
  3. I am looking into 2 cards. Can't decide what I want. I am planing on upgrading my system. I am looking into a Radeon Rx 5700 Xt or the RTX 2070. I know that they are the same but different in many ways of gaming. I have used nVidia for a long time and don't know if I should jump on board with AMD. I am providing links to help out on the 2 cards I am on the fence about. MSI Gaming Radeon Rx 5700 Xt 256-bit 8GB GDDR6 HDMI/DP Dual Fans Crossfire Freesync Navi Architecture Graphics Card (RX 5700 Xt Gaming X) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Y8XCB36/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_i_WNrNEbCWGWRT8
  4. I had to send in my motherboard to evga for repair/replacement due to a bad usb 2.0 connector. It was a z170 classified k board. I got my replacement board in and now windows 10 is no longer activated. it is a different board due to them no longer having any z170 boards so they sent me a z370. I installed a processor and ram and my hdd as well as my hotswap and esata and when i booted it up it is deactivated. I try and activate it but tells me that it can not and Microsoft is closed. Is there something i need to worry about like getting a new win 10 pro key or will Microsoft reacti
  5. Thays for shore. I hated the older ones with the pins. Such a pain and worrying about installing them about bending a pin
  6. So the cleaner should work. I only ask this because I removed my board to swap out for a new one and accidentally touched the bottom. I don't feel like buying a new chip lol
  7. Ok so I have a Intel 6700k processor and there is thermal paste on the bottom pins. Can I use this to remove it? https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16835100010
  8. Ok so I have a Intel 6700k processor and the is thermal past on the bottom pins. Can I use this to remove it? https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16835100010
  9. alright thanks . I feel much better that my original. plan was going to work out.
  10. that is what I was planning but then when I was looking at videos and threads on the net people said that I will get a downfall in performance.
  11. Hello LTT forum. I seem to have an issue with my build. I built my pc a few months back but now realized I have an issue. I am using the EVGA Z170 Classified K mobo with the Cooler Master V8 GTS - High Performance CPU Cooler with Horizontal Vapor Chamber and 8 Heatpipes. I did not realize that my PCI Express x16 may not be able to support a 1060 that I am putting in it (space between the CPU cooler and the PCI Express slot). When I ordered the mobo from newegg they stated I hade 4 x PCI Express x16 instead of stating there is only 1 x16, 1 x8/x4, 1 x4 and 1 x1. So I was