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    KSP got a reaction from -rascal- in PC Crashes when using XMP   
    Ah yes, I forgot about IMC. I just assumed that these newer CPUs would just somehow be better built for higher RAM frequencies lol. Anyways, I’ve been running it at 3400MHz now and it seems to be fine. I’ll run it for the next few hours to be sure of course. Kinda sucks that I can’t use all 3600MHz, but I suppose it’ll only be a difference of a few frames in games. Thanks!
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    KSP reacted to -rascal- in PC Crashes when using XMP   
    Each CPU is uniquely different -- the CPU "silicon lottery."
    The motherboard also plays part role.
    It looks like the Integrated Memory Controller (IMC) within your i7-7700K is better than the IMC in your i7-9700K.
    DDR4-3600 can only be obtained by overclocking the CPU's IMC.
    i7-9700K is only rated up until DDR4-2666, which does not require overclocking.
    Try this:
    Enable XMP for DDR4-3600 frequency, so the timings + voltages are set for you With XMP still enabled, MANUALLY set the DRAM frequency to...say... DDR4-3466 or DDR4-3400. See if any of those lower frequencies are stable  
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    KSP reacted to Mister Woof in PC Crashes when using XMP   
    Add a bit more dram voltage, say up to 1.4v, and increase VCCSA and VCCIO to 1.2.
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    KSP reacted to unclewebb in Dynamic Overclocking?   
    If you enable the C states, you do not have to be concerned about your CPU speed when it is idle.  Here is a comparison.
    The screenshot shows a huge difference in CPU speed but no difference at all in terms of power consumption or CPU temperature when idle.
    When a CPU core enters the C7 C state, its internal clock is stopped and it is disconnected from the voltage rail.  The core is sitting dormant at 0 MHz and 0 Volts when it enters C7.  Individual cores with nothing to do can spend up to 99% of their time in this state.  Even when the CPU is partially loaded, unused cores can be in C7 saving power.  Forcing Intel CPUs to run slow is not necessary when the C states are enabled. 
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    KSP reacted to svmlegacy in 9700K Voltage Question   
    Work up from stock all core clock, and only give it the voltage you need to.
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    KSP reacted to ShrimpBrime in 9700K Voltage Question   
    1.300v give or take. 
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    KSP reacted to Jurrunio in 9700K Voltage Question   
    1.3V with medium level of LLC, should be more than enough for even the worst samples
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    KSP reacted to Lemtea in Possible PSU issue? Help!   
    When you say won't start up, what actually happens when you press the power button? A PSU fan not spinning does not necessarily mean it is not working as quite a few PSUs nowadays run semi passively with the fan only turning on when significant load is applied to the PSU.
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    KSP reacted to Spotty in Possible PSU issue? Help!   
    Just look at the fan and see if it spins. You might also need to disable the Eco mode on the EVGA G3 if you're expecting the fan to spin.
    If the PSU worked with your old system though there's really no reason why it wouldn't work with the new one. 
    Check the front panel connectors and try starting it manually with the front panel connectors or the start button on the motherboard.
    Make sure all the cables are plugged in correctly.
    Reseat the CPU.
    Reseat memory.
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    KSP reacted to AvogadrosDog in Upgrading a CPU and Motherboard   
    I think this is more of an issue if you're switching from Intel to Ryzen, for example.
    I've done it before and not had issues either.
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    KSP reacted to asand1 in Upgrading a CPU and Motherboard   
    Windows 10 will not require reinstall. First boot will install appropriate drivers and make adjustments.
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    KSP reacted to Princess Luna in Upgrading a CPU and Motherboard   
    Yes it will, it has for me at least when going from the i7 6700 to the i7 8700 I just booted from it and on the first time Windows adjusted what was there to adjust and that was it for me.
    Absolutely no need to reinstall windows, at least I never had to.
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    KSP got a reaction from Enderman in Upgrading a CPU and Motherboard   
    Awesome, thanks!
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    KSP reacted to homeap5 in Clean Installation of NVIDIA Drivers?   
    Use clean install if you have some problems with drivers. Otherwise just update existing ones.
    If you want to clean up old Nvidia drivers from your system, you can use this tool. Install, run as admin, click "Select Old Drivers" and look what was marked in "Display adapters" section. Then you can uncheck other sections and click "delete package".
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    KSP reacted to Airdragonz in NZXT HUE+ Not Working Correctly   
    The only fix I know of based on my experiences with CAM that sometimes works is to nuke the entire software from your PC (including registry files) after uninstalling all NZXT drivers. Do a full reinstall, and it might work. You also might want to make sure the strips are fine first by interchanging them with one another. 
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    KSP reacted to PlayStation 2 in (dumb) Question About Steam Games/Drives   
    You should just be able to delete the PUBG folder on your SSD then tell Steam to 'delete' PUBG.
    I've done that for a few games before.
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    KSP reacted to That_Dutch_Guy in (dumb) Question About Steam Games/Drives   
    I can't help you on this one, but for the future:
    you can move games without deleting and reinstalling them. For each game you want to move: select properties of that game > local files > move install folder.
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    KSP got a reaction from Umbranoctuna in Looking for a 4k IPS Monitor, ir is 1440p the better option?   
    After making the jump to 144hz a few years ago, there’s really no going back. If you are going to use the monitor for productivity primarily, however, then 4K 60Hz will probably be the better option over 1440p 144Hz, just for that extra bit of clarity. If you are going to use it for gaming, however, 1440p 144Hz all the way. I personally own the Dell S2716DG (revision A04). It’s 1440p, 144Hz, TN, and 1ms. After I messed with some color settings for about 5-10 minutes, I got the monitor to display really nice colors, for a TN panel; it’s the nicest TN panel I’ve seen. I would highly recommend, especially since I got it for $475. If you really can’t stand a TN panel tho, and if you’ve already looked at the Acer Predator lineup, the ASUS PG279Q is a good option from what I’ve heard, although some say it is plagued with many of the same problems as the Acer monitors have. That’s one of main reasons why I went for the Dell monitor actually; their QC is incredible.
    Edit: Gsync isn’t really needed but it’s really nice to have. I know that you said you were going to upgrade to the new GPUs whenever they roll out, but for the time being, having Gsync will really help your GTX 980 to provide a smooth experience in demanding situations.
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    KSP reacted to Revan654 in [Build Log] Project Frost - Case-Labs THW10 | X99 Watercooled | i7 6950X | Titan X | Borosilicate Glass Tubing   
    No idea, I don't work on it everyday. There was a stretch of time I didn't touch it due to other concerns. There just allot of testing involved which can take weeks to do.
    Right now I'm in the middle of HDR testing, Which is allot more complex then I thought it would be. It looks like I'm going have to write my own software to get this to work.
    This is whats causing massive delays. Weeks and still not anywhere closer to what I need to do.
    Anyone know of any Software that will fully support DirectShow Video Card and able to capture HDR Metadata? Or have some skill set in Programming. Programming is a bit out of my wheel house.
    This is what I'm trying to do:
    I'm not 100% sure where to start or what I'm looking for. What I'm trying to do: Using DirectShow Filters in GraphEdit to create a way to bring in HDR MetaData from the capture source and send it all the way through to the file writer. The First Problem: When I get to say AVIMux, It accepts the input of bitmapinfoheader However it doesn't output the bitmapinfoheader. Which basically loses the Color settings for Metadata which is needed for HDR. The Second Problem: I'm using the basic filters, allot of filters will not work since I'm using different Colorspace which these filters were not designed for. Like Rec.2020 (BT.2020). The Third Problem: The interface will not connect to allot of filters due to the capture Source. Side Note: Is it possible to bring other filters into GraphEdit like FFMPEG? Allot of these filters are so outdated. Is there a way to go into the AVImux and alter it so bitmapinfoheader is also outputted? Or maybe something new to use? Few other things: I have access to the SDK for the Capture Source but I'm not sure what to do with it.  
    - After trying to get it to work and still not working (Even with official Cables). I pulled my RGB LED"s from the Case and Replaced them with Solid Blue (G2).
    * Side note* These LED are Bright, Even brighter then the RGB LED's which are SMD 5050. G2 LED's are only 3528. I guess there is a reason why BMW uses the same LED's.
    -  Ordered one last PowerAdjust 3 to hook up.
    - Leak test is finished, Everything is sealed. For some reason one of the tubes still has some white powder stuck in it (From cutting the glass). I can't get it removed from it.

    Rec2020 fully running on my Monitor (It's only plugged into a old GPU currently, It's why it's not 4K). I will say this Holy hell, Once you see a monitor that is 10Bit with Rec.2020. Every other monitor looks like crap.
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    KSP reacted to limegorilla in NZXT Internal USB Hub Help   
    I have and have never had any problems with the hub - in fact it works fine. This could be because that people are pushing too much power through the hub somehow - in fact I have never heard of this issue before. While NZXT's services are not brilliant, their products are.
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    KSP got a reaction from ThisIsNotTheITGuy in Phanteks Evolv mATX build   
    Love the balance between the red, grey, and black. Really nice build!
    Edit: 07 to accomplishing so much in a mATX case. I can never see how people can fit a full custom loop in such a tiny amount of space!
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    KSP got a reaction from r2724r16 in Phanteks Evolv mATX build   
    Love the balance between the red, grey, and black. Really nice build!
    Edit: 07 to accomplishing so much in a mATX case. I can never see how people can fit a full custom loop in such a tiny amount of space!
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    KSP reacted to orbitalbuzzsaw in First Build!!!!   
    In 8th grade, just built my first last December, already looking forward to switching CPUs (8/9600k) come Christmastime
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    KSP reacted to Bhav in Nvidia SLI vs NVLink functionality?   
    If you send me your Titan Vs I can investigate this for you. I'll keep them as payment though.
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    KSP reacted to Crunchy Dragon in Gtx 1080 / 1070 for 1080p monitor   
    The best is the 1080Ti. The 1080 should be fine for the next couple years at 1080p