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Nick Kapo

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    Nick Kapo got a reaction from WAR Corporation in GTX 970 vs GTX 960   
    970 is a huge boost from 960.
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    Nick Kapo reacted to SpaceGhostC2C in AM3+ around 100 USD   
    You are free to give advice for free or ignore threads and users at will in this forum. People who asks is not committed to take any particular course of action based on the answers received. No point in being butthurt about people not following your advice, no matter how good you think it was. You did your altruistic good deed, you can move on.
    Also, the question was AM3+ CPU for $100, not CPU for $100. I prefer to answer what people ask, not what is best for them, because what do I know about the latter, dealing with complete strangers and all. The former, though, is perfectly well defined, regardless of whether it's the best question they could ask or not.
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    Nick Kapo reacted to Dabombinable in AM3+ around 100 USD   
    It may have integrated graphics, but they are crap compared to what's inside AMD's own APU. Even the budget ones (BTW-never go below an A8 "quad core" APU, "dual core" APU are very similar to old Pentium 4).