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  1. Those cards are different in performance and price ... still for the resolutions you want either the 1070 or the 480 8gb. It really depends on how much you are willing to spend on a gpu.
  2. Well between those two id take the r7 370 for gaming. But having said that you should look into the rx series or even the gtx 960 the price difference will be worth it. Still if I was at that budget I would probably look into a used gpu you can do A LOT better there.
  3. My bad didn't notice the M ( too sleepy ). But honestly you don't look like you have a clue about what budget is. But anyways I don't want to have a silly internet fight. So yeah since you look non polite and non helpfull, to my eyes that is, have a nice day.
  4. I think that the 1080 is an overkill since you are stuck at 1080p, you should consider a newer cpu and generally ddr4 support since you are spending that kind of cash, get an ssd for your boot drive ( YOU WILL LOVE IT). And besides gaming you could do everything really, I mean nasa send a rocket to the moon using something with much less power than your kitchen oven might be having today.
  5. I 'll vote 470, more vram, will get better in the future ( dx12 ) and at last it isn't a scam like 1060 3gb is. Just get an aftermarket if you care about it working cooler and more silently.
  6. You should probably learn what a tight budget is. Also if you want to judge other people about their hardware choices you really should consider your purchase of a gtx 960 with 4gb of vram... We can all judge but this forum is about helping I think.
  7. Actually the majority projected pros and cons of the fx 6300. Also the fx 6300 is amazing for a budget build and will last some time if you don't have extreme requirements, witch honestly most of us don't. I for example use it in my gaming rig and I play at 1080p without any problems at all. It doesn't bottleneck my gpu it doesnt disrupt me at my workload and all in all I bet I got a better deal buying it and using it than most people that bought i5's or i7's. Remember it is all about cost to performance ratio. I bet that 80% of the people that buy i7 k's don't even use half of their amazing p
  8. Yes this specific one does. But others may not have. For example my msi AM3+ motherboard doesnt have intergrated graphics. Also keep in mind that intergrated graphics from mobo's usually are quite worse than intergrated graphics on cpu's.
  9. Honestly you would not notice a difference in gaming, 8350 is ok BUT if budget is not an issue go with the intel it is futureproof has ddr4 and is better overall. Actually these two cant be compared the one is cheap and the other is better but the cpu itself and the rest of the hardware, mobo and ddr4 memory will be a LOT more expensive. So to cap it up if you have monies go intel if you are in a tight budget go amd.
  10. Just noticed your budget keep in mind that the fx seriers DONT have intergrated graphics so tou will have to buy a gpu.
  11. No it wont it is just factory overclocked to a higher speed, save the bucks buy the 6300 and a non stock cooler for it is that you can overlclocked it with out worrying about temperatures, it can easily reach 4,5 without issues.
  12. If your budget cant be altered get an 6300 and overlclock it, or dont. It really is the best cpu in the fx line, cost for peformance that is. I curently use it and i even tried the 8320 witch is the base for all the higher clocked fx seriers and to be honest apart front the cache you wont notice any difference in gaming and normal workloads. Also it is cheap af.
  13. That cpu is a beast, i dont see how you can have a problem with it at the moment.