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  1. So the ASUS one would be the best choise?
  2. all those numbers makes no sense in my head
  3. Thanks. Can you tell me whats makes it better than the other 2?
  4. So my gaming monitor died yesterday. and i need a new one. Ive been looking at these 3 models. Anyone got an idea what to pick? i would like some pros/cons since i dont know anything about monitors. ASUS TUF VG279QM Acer Predator XB272 BenQ Zowie LED XL2740 Thanks
  5. Thanks for the replys and tips guys.. guess its time for a new monitor then.. Currently looking at these acer predator xb272 or benq zowie xl2740 if anyone got and suggestions about these i would like to hear them
  6. The problem isnt with the pc. because the line is there if i turn the monitor on without any display cables.
  7. Last night my monitor suddenly started showing a white flashing line Here is a video showing the problem. All text under the white line isnt looking sharp anymore. Have anyone seen this before? and does anyone know if theres a fix.
  8. The drive will mostly be used for OS, and then installed applications like (Office, PS, video tools, and stuff). All games and stuff are on a 2nd drive. So if theres any other suggestions than samsung, let me know
  9. So im going to get a m.2 for my pc.. but im unsure if i should go for the 500gb evo or the 512gb pro... i can't really figure out the diffrence. so maybe one of you could guide me on the right path.. thanks.
  10. Yea all drivers are up to date. and no OC. seems like the ingame lags is gone after i switched to 2.4 wifi instead of 5
  11. I have tried to disable crossfire, and that didnt change anything.
  12. I7-6850k Asus x99 deluxe ii 16 gb ddr4 corsair vengeance led mouse: razer deathadder keyboard: razer blackwidow 2x AMD r9 380 nitros i havent been downloading anything, its always been like this. i have done the 3dmark thingy without any problems
  13. So i finished building my pc like 2 weeks ago. and since ive gotten some random lags, sometimes on the desktop but always in games. ive been trying to find a fix for ages now without any luck. So if anyone here got any ideas that can help me!!!!! i games i getting stutters that lasts 1-2 secs and then the game runs fine for 2-3 mins and then same thing happens.. on the desktop my mouse sometimes gets the same type of lags, and the keyboard stops working.
  14. Thanks i see, its because im going to get them all gold plated.
  15. Is there any way to remove the coating thats on case screws? after the looks of it, its coated with some black colored stuff.