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  1. 51 minutes ago, IzLogan said:

    Hi, I've been having this issue whenever I enable D.O.C.P. My pc would crash and boot 3 times and tell me something went wrong with the ram and has reset its settings. "Your Memory settings have been reset due to failure to boot" I have tested each ram stick and learned that it was the only one that had this issue. this started happening early this morning and it sometimes lets me get into windows with all of them installed. THE D.O.C.P settings are setting the ram to 3000mhz at 1.35000V. Anyone got any advice? I've also tried changing the order of the ram as well as updating my bios and resetting it. I've also changed the voltage to 1.37V to try and that didn't work either.

    The faulty ram stick is a corsair cmk16gx4m2b3000c15 DDR4 3000mhz
    My specs are
    ROG STRIX b450-F Gaming
    Ryzen 7 2700x
    2x corsair cmk16gx4m2b3000c15 DDR4 3000mhz
    2x A-Data DDR4 3000 2OZ DDR4
    GTX 1070ti DUKE
    EVGA 80+ BRONZE 500w

    Please help. Thank you.


    Do you have 'Gear Down' mode enabled in BIOS?

    This forces even-numbered timings (e.g. your CL15 would be CL16) -- it should help with stability, though, with it enabled.


    Are you running both the A-Data and Corsair kit together?

    4x DIMMs is harder on the Integrated Memory Controller (IMC) than 2x DIMMs .... and IMC on Ryzen 1000-series and 2000-series was pretty weak.


    Also, try bumping your SOC voltage up to ~1.1V.

    That *usually* helps stabilizes DRAM overclocks.

    Stock should be 0.9V or something?

  2. 34 minutes ago, CommandoPants said:

    @JurrunioSo I guess what I'm really looking to do with my RAM is keep it at 3600MHZ just like the XMP profile does automatically, but I did want to play with timings and whatnot based on that one Ryzen DRAM calculator I've seen floating around. I haven't messed with modifying memory before and I didn't know if that was considered "overclocking" and I do want to learn about this and give it a go.


    So are you saying it would be better/good enough to do that with the Hynix die that I have in my memory kit?


    You can still play with the timings, but probably won't get as tight compared to Samsung B-Die kit.

    Samsung B-Die kits (like top %) can do DDR4-3600+ with CL14 timings, which is pretty insane.


    For an example, with my B-Die DDR4-3000 CL14 kits, I can overclock 4x 8GB sticks to DDR4-3600 with CL15 timings.

    That said, I'm dialing in...probably... 75% of the timings manually.

    Primary, secondary, and tertiary timings, etc.


    I used this guide as reference...


    https://github.com/integralfx/MemTestHelper/blob/master/DDR4 OC Guide.md

  3. 15 minutes ago, jonnyGURU said:

    You didn't notice that that PSU isn't actually a 500W, right?  It's a 350W.  Says so right on the box.  On top of that, it's just a terrible PSU.  That PSU could only do 500W if it was operating at 0°C for very short periods of time.


    If you don't have the money to buy a PSU that's not going to kill all of your hardware in a year's time, don't buy a new graphics card.




    Oh wow...I didn't even notice that (to be fair, I didn't even look at the PSU he linked)

    Has '500' in the model number, but Rated Power = 350W.

    Marketing Tom Foolery at it's finest.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Bombastinator said:

    ? I’m not the OP.  

    The thing is it apparently did work some.  If you drop a 3600 into a pre zen2 b450 board you get nothing at all.  There is a difference.  It may be an older chip is needed that DOES work really right to even get the bios updated correctly. 


    Whoops...mah bad.


    In OP @grenadier_09's case, that is one of the few possible symptoms of the CPU not being recognized 100% by the motherboard.

    The CPU frequency is 0.0 MHz.


    It will also depend if the Microcode, from the existing BIOS firmware, is enough know you have a Zen2 / Zen3 or AM4 CPU in the socket....or a block of silicon sand in the socket.


    If OP is able to get into the BIOS, he / she should be able to update the BIOS.

    Plus, I believe his board also has Q-Flash Plus feature (e.g. update the BIOS without CPU / RAM / GPU, via USB stick).

    Again, it will depend on WHICH Aorus B550 board is he / she has...



    According to Gigabyte's website, ALL Aorus-tier B550 boards has Q-Flash Plus feature.

    BIOS can be updated even without a supported CPU...or just straight up no CPU in the socket.


  5. 59 minutes ago, Zayron said:

    Hi guys I noticed just a day ago this damage on my Be quiet system power 9 600w, i need to worry about?



    Do you have another picture with different angle of the damage?

    It's hard to see in that one picture...


    Not sure if this is damage you are talking about...or some kind of additional damage......or the camera  flash / reflection from angle of the picture


  6. On 11/22/2020 at 8:29 PM, Bombastinator said:

    That’s... bad.  Clearly it’s not reading right because the computer is working.  B550 is supposed to be drop in ready for 5600 but I’m wondering how true that is.  Is there a new bios version out for the motherboard?


    On 11/22/2020 at 8:33 PM, grenadier_09 said:

    I believe there is. I attempted loading most recent version but it read error data check


    14 minutes ago, rowanhazard said:

    I have the exact same issues (with a 5800x & aorus b550i, clock speed showing 0mhz and stuck on windows logo on boot).... please let me know if you found a solution to this!


    X570 ad B550 is not 'Ryzen 5000 series Ready' out of the box, especially if it was a motherboard manufactured PRIOR to Ryzen 5000-series launch.

    You still need to update the BIOS to a Ryzen 5000-series supported version.


    Any of the X570 / B550 motherboard you buy NOW, should support 5000-series Ryzen, though.

    Board manufacturers should be shipping boards with it pre-flashed with the proper BIOS firmware.


    @Bombastinator WHICH B550 Aorus board are you using?

    Arous Pro / Ultra / Eilte?

    ATX / mATX / micro-ATX version?


    @rowanhazard Ryzen 5800X supported with BIOS version F10 on the Gigabyte B550i Aorus Pro AX.

    BIOS version F10 was released Sept-18-2020.

    However, BIOS F11i is not available too, Nov-11-2020.





  7. 1 hour ago, RejZoR said:

    I'm suspecting I won't be able to buy Ryzen 5000 or Radeon RX 6000 even in spring 2021... If this will be dragging any longer I won't even upgrade at all.


    I was surprised, but a friend of mine (local to me)  was able to a hold of a Ryzen 5800X on launch day.

    Apparently, he just called MemoryExpress the day before (and reserved one?), and picked it up at the local store the next morning.

    Already swapped, and running in his water cooled system... *shrugs*

  8. 23 minutes ago, huseyun said:

    these are the values on silence mode, and whenever i try to fly or something the FPS value goes down to 60-70 and CPU doesn't push itself to increase it.


    Oh...well that makes sense.

    'Silent Mode' keeps the cooling fans at a minimum, so then the CPU won't be boosting as high (probably same goes for the GPU).

    You are not going to get max performance in 'Silent Mode.' That's the opposite of what 'Silent Mode' does...


    Switch to 'Performance' or 'Turbo' mode and check again.


    3.0 GHz? That makes even more sense.

    Max Turbo Boost, assuming power / thermal  is not limited, for the i5-10750H is 5.0 GHz.

  9. 3 minutes ago, huseyun said:


    GPU: GTX 1660 TI(probably max-q version)
    CPU:Intel i7-10750H
    Don't know about the PSU, this is a laptop
    temperatures are around 80-90 maximum
    8gb one channel ram, around 7gb is used while in the game


    80*C ~ 90*C on the CPU?

    The i7-10750H could be reducing its Turbo Boost.

    Base Clock for that CPU is 2.60 GHz, so it's running at around 2.x ~ 3.x GHz, it will bottleneck.


    Specs say the laptop has 32GB of RAM...


    Monitor CPU usage, and frequency.


  10. 15 minutes ago, huseyun said:

    I just bought a Asus ROG Strix laptop with 144hz screen, installed games and started playing but on some games(to be specific, Minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege and CS:GO) gpu usage is low(around 30% in minecraft and around 50% in rainbow six with medium settings). The problem is the games are smooth, but they dont get 144fps. They're around 100-110 fps so it doesn't keep up with refresh rate. I tried adding them to Nvidia control panel and setting the power option to maximum performance, but it just doesnt run as smooth as other games(League Of Legends and Rocket League seems fine with locked 144FPS.) What should i do?


    What are the specs of your laptop?

    Could be CPU bottleneck.


    I don't know about Minecraft, but if you run R6 Siege on Medium details, GPU usage will obviously be lower.

    What is your CPU usage in R6 Siege though?

  11. 2 minutes ago, thomasteja said:

    Unfortunately I don't have any other PC at home... I have an old Mobo, but no CPU to try complete de system... In summary I don't have any other way to test if the 3070 is faulty. The only thing that I can tell is that at least the PC boots up with another GPU, but it could still be related with PSU issues, even though I think mine is capable of running a RTX 3070/ R5 5600x combo...


    I tried both slots, no difference... 



    That Antec PSU should be more then plenty.

    Plus, the Eco Gold Zen is a Tier B unit, too.


    If it works with another GPU in the slot, then evidence points towards a faulty RTX 3070 still...unless you can test the GPU in a friend's computer or something.

  12. 11 minutes ago, thomasteja said:

    Checked it. I tried to push it as tightly as possible. No difference...


    Are you able to try the RTX 3070 in another system / PC?

    Just to rule out the graphics card is not faulty from the factory (it happens).


    10 minutes ago, thomasteja said:

    Tried swapping the NVMe between the two available slots (a PCIe3 and a PCIe4). Unfortunately, it didn't change the outcome...


    Are you using using the top slot, or the second / bottom M.2 slot?

    Top slot is using the extra 4 lanes from the CPU.

    The other slots are using the PCI-E 4.0 / 3.0 provided by the B550 chipset itself.

    (If you are still trying to rule out that as a possibility)

  13. 11 minutes ago, thomasteja said:

    I updated the Bios with 1212 4/11/20 update already. I'll check the connections again and if the M2 SSD could cause any issued with 16x PCIe lane, as mentioned above by another person. Thank you for your help. :)


    Okay, cool.


    Another thing would be to check if the RTX 3070 is going into the actual PCI-E X16 slot properly / fully.

    This has happened to nVidia / AMD GPUs BEFORE but VERY rare.


    The backplate / cooler / rear I/O shield might be too big or wide, and the GPU might not be sitting in the PCI-E X16 slot properly.

    As in, it *might* have some fitment issues with the motherboard / case you are using.


    Upload a picture if you can


    Well... Ryzen 5600x provides 16 + 4 PCI-E lanes.

    16 allocated for GPU, and 4 for a M.2 SSD.

    Unless something is physically faulty with the CPU (or motherboard), it shouldn't be an issue.

  14. 4 minutes ago, thomasteja said:

    If I'm not wrong it means there is an issue with graphics card. However, it is still very vague. I read it can mean that there is a bad connection, unrecognised GPU or also, a problem with the PSU. However it would actually be a shame since it's a pretty good 700W PSU, with all the 80+ Gold bells. 


    Thank you for your answer :)


    Also, make sure your BIOS is up-to-date.

    BIOS version 1212 is needed to properly support Ryzen 5000-series with that motherboard.


    B550 motherboards do not necessarily support Ryzen 5000-series out of the box, especially if it was older stock board.

    If the board was shipped to retailers before BIOS 1212 (Nov-05-2020) was released, it won't have the supporting BIOS flashed onto the board.





  15. 57 minutes ago, thomasteja said:



    After battling the scalping bots for a few weeks, I finally managed to get a hold on a brand new Gigabyte RTX 3070 Gaming OC GPU. I updated every component for this new rig:


    - PSU : Antec Ne700G Zen

    - Motherboard : Asus Prime B550m-A

    - CPU : Ryzen 5 5600x

    - RAM : Corsair 16 Gb DDR4 3600 MHz


    However, when I plug in the 3070 into its brand new PCIE x16 slot and I attach the PSU PCI-E connectors (one 8 pin for the GPU and a 6 pin for the fans) there is no POST on my PC and I obtain a, in all honesty, quite frustrating sonata composed of a long beep followed by 3 short beeps. I managed to get into the BIOS with and old GPU of mine (an RX 480) and tried every tip I found in the vast sea of information we call the Internet : updating my BIOS, Clearing CMOS, turning off CSM, turning on 4g decoding, forcing the PCIE lane to work in Gen4 mode and so on. After spending 5h troubleshooting everything (I even did a clean windows install, and changed my SSD to GPT) and losing my sanity in the process : nothing, nada, rien, res.


    Soooo, before I send back my GPU in hopes of getting a new one before summer of 2021, has anybody got similar issues or have any well informed clue about what the purgatorium is going on?


    Thanks in advance.


    Yours truly (and forever and ever),




    What do you mean 1x PCI-E 8-pin for the GPU, and 1x PCI-E 6-pin for the fans?

    Both 8-pin and 6-pin are for powering the entire GPU / Card...

    Fan is powered and controlled by a controller on the board itself.


    For ASUS motherboards

    1-long and 3-short beeps = No VGA Detected error.


    Ryzen 5600x CPU nor B550 motherboard has iGPU.

    If no graphics card is detected in the slot, the VGA error will sound.


    Re-seat the graphics card, and double check your PCI-E 8-pin and 6-pin connections.


  16. 11 minutes ago, melborn said:

    Hello everyone,


    i am currently building a new System using an Ryzen 5800x, Asus TUF-X570 Plus, RTX 3070 and 36gb of G.Skill 3600 Mhz Ram.

    After i had finished building the pc i tried booting it up only to find out it wasn't posting and kept getting stuck on the yellow dram led. After some troubleshooting (removing ram sticks so i only used one etc.), i at first was under the impression that the mobo is faulty, since a lot of people online reported similar problems with being stuck on the dram led. However, another post made me realize that the BIOS that is preinstalled on the mobo doesn't support the 5000 Series but needs to be updated (mistake on my part here, when i researched it i thought that the x570 motherboards were ready immediately, withouting having to update the bios). 

    Since this motherboard unfortunately doesn't have a BIOS Flashback function, i am planning to pick up a Ryzen 3 1200 tomorrow to use it to get the PC to Post and update the BIOS manually, since i can return the CPU with a 10% penalty, which means it would only cost me around 10 bucks in my currency to update the bios. I don't want to go through the AMD loan program, since i have already waited to build this system for more than two months. 


    My question is: since the only DDR4 Ram i have is the 3600Mmhz one, and the 1200 only supports frequencies of 2666mhz, will i be able to get the pc to Post with this combination, or will it not? If it means that the cpu only lowers the frequency but i get to update the bios, that would obviously not be a problem, since this is the only purpose i need it for. Couldn't find anything on the subject anywhere. 


    Thanks in advance for your help ! 


    Default JEDEC spec for DDR4 RAM is DDR4-2133.

    The computer will first boot up at default settings, and won't run any higher frequency until you manually enable XMP / A-XMP / DOCP within the BIOS.


    If you flash the BIOS, return BIOS settings to factory defaults, clear CMOS, yank the CMOS battery, etc, etc, it will go back to default / auto.

    Which is JEDEC DDR4-2133.


    Soo...you should be fine.

  17. 3 minutes ago, calarahil said:

    I currently have a gsync chipped gsync monitor the PG278Q solid monitor. Its always kept me with team green because gsync is a nice feature along with the 1440p and 144hz I get with the display. However given the performance of the 6800xt and "maybe" the stronger availability to lose the feature for an AMD or wait till Evga calls my name for the 3080. Really curious what the community would think. Thanks.


    Depends on how much you use / need G-Sync.

    6800 XT is the better performing card, but you won't lose out too much with an RTX 3070 either.

  18. 6 hours ago, Ja55ie said:

    I am wondering if the first PCIe x1 (slot under the x16) slot on this Motherboard will be available if I install a 2.5 or 2.7 slot wide Graphics Card. Or is the only way that this X1 slot will available is if the Graphics Card is maximum 2 slots? 




    The If the card it 2.5 ~ 2.7 slots, it will eat up the first PCI-E X1 slot.

    You'll need to use the bottom PCI-E X1 slot.



  19. 5 hours ago, Laister said:


    Thanks for the answer but Phanteks Halos Lux Digital version is 30 leds for 120mm and 140mm. Still can i use it? My motherboard's one drgb header can maximum support to 120 led / 3A



    Oh, I looked at the different version...whoops.

    That is still fine, again, even if we assume max current (0.6A) per Halo Lux.

    3 ~ 4 of them per DRGB header.

  20. On 11/21/2020 at 7:45 PM, alyen said:

    I've seen water cooling stuff that says UV light, but it doesn't say its used to prevent/reduce organic growth in the loop. Are there such products for use in a computer build?


    UV light in build was to NOT kill the organic growth, but to add color effect.

    UV reactive tubing and pre-mix coolants, and such exists / existed.


    But the trend is just now LEDs / RGBs, and colored pre-mix coolants.


    As already mentioned, the liquid is already treated / mixed with organic growth inhibitors / killers.

    Like this (clear or color options are available):




  21. 5 hours ago, StDragon said:

    So I'm looking to install a front-mounted radiator for a custom loop. I understand that with AIO units, the connectors to the rad should be at the bottom of a vertical mounted rad. But with a custom loop, wouldn't you want it on top so as to flush out as air bubbles as possible? Meaning, trapped air in the rad inhibits efficient cooling.


    Any thoughts on this and how the advice might differ between custom and AIO hardware orientation/placement?


    Correct, it doesn't matter for a custom loop -- as mentioned by 'Tech Jesus'.

    In a custom loop,  you just run the pump for 24 ~ 48 hours, and let it circulate the air bubbles to the reservoir. 

    Then just top of the reservoir....and the bubbles are gone.


    Can't do with with a sealed AIO.