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Status Updates posted by -rascal-

  1. When you take your work mechanical keyboard home to clean / vacuum...and glitter falls out of it. Then you remember, your troll co-workers glitter bombed your desk 1.5 year ago. Why is there still glitter?! 😭

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    2. Grumpy Old Man

      Grumpy Old Man

      @-rascal- I bet it wasn't a glitter bomb. It was call girls in  the office party. Confess, you little..........

    3. Orange1


      The question is, who would have glitter bomb at work to begin with, that would mean they already have glitter bomb at home which is something I'd question to begin with. If they go out of their way to buy glitter bomb, who even knows where to buy glitter bomb to begin with. All very good questions I have.

    4. -rascal-


      @Grumpy Old Man 👀 👀 👀

      Two troll co-workers were trying to prank people at the office, and they wanted to mess with my supervisor.

      Thinking I was in on the prank, they instead lured me out of my office space, and blasted my desk.

  2. Picking up the car today...been without it for 1.5 weeks because the dealership damaged one of the forged wheels. Mixed bag...fixed wheel, but unable to paint match the 10-layer paint color (proprietary, no paint code). New wheel being ordered in, out of their own pocket, but back-ordered until January

    1. Tristerin


      What car?  That would be quite upsetting, as just based on the description it seems quite custom and tailored to what you wanted.

  3. You can never trust the Service Technicians at any auto dealership. Bring the car in for service, and they decide to do a courtesy tire rotation...but fucking damaged the face of one of my MAT forged wheels in the process, all the way around. Either they stored it face down, and dragged it along the shop floor, or it fell face down. Great way to start the long weekend...

  4. Holy moly it's 4:30 AM, and can't get back to sleep...might as well browse LTT forums ahaha

    1. dizmo


      I feel you.

      Fall asleep at 1. Woken up at 4 by girl that couldn't sleep because of work stress.

      Looks like another day on 3 hours of sleep.

    2. -rascal-


      Ahahaah similar situation...girl related...but not work stress though 🙃

  5. Supplies from EKwb, all the way from Slovenia, came in today!!


  6. DRAM overclocking...tedious stuff, but fun to learn nonetheless. Samsung B-Die, some quality stuff. From XMP DDR4-3000 CL14 to manually overclocking to DDR4-3600 CL15, with probably more to go even higher. Reducing tRFC makes more of a difference than I thought...damn.



    1. Haro


      Ram overclocking the best overclocking :P

  7. Motherboard is able to self-learn...using 1.4V DRAM, 1.15V VCCIO / VCCSA 🤔

    • DDR4-3200 16-15-15-37-2T
    • DDR4-3400 16-16-16-39-2T
    • DDR4-3600 17-20-20-42-2T

    Might try tightening the timings for 3400 or 3600...shooting for 3600+ / 4000 seems really aggressive...

  8. Now that the water loop is on the i7-8086K. . . currently running at 5.1 GHz @ 1.30V . . .wonder if this chip can do 5.3 ~ 5.4 GHz 🤔

  9. FINALLY moved my Intel X99 (dead) CPU water cooling loop into my Z390 system...assignment that has been looong overdue 😅

    1. Haro


      Why z390 tho ? It's basically a dead platform 😅

    2. -rascal-


      @TofuHaroto I've had my i7-8086K / Z390 since Feb 2019...when my i7-6800K decided to sleep forever one night...

    3. Haro


      Oh an 8086k 

      Nvm thought it was an upgrade from scratch 

      Grats on the switch :D

  10. My GPU was supposed to get delivered May 27th...but UPS decided to "hold it" at the local UPS warehouse...still 'In Transit' status with no delivery date. Did they lose the damn package or something?? 😐

    1. Jurrunio


      The 5700XT or something else?

    2. -rascal-


      @Jurrunio Yeah, the 5700 XT 😞

      Can I not just go pick it up directly from their warehouse...?



  11. Holy moly! i9-10900K's are programmed with default max Core Current of 245A, and up to 310W+ on the CPU alone when overclocked.

    Looks like launch BIOSes on Z490 is also hot garbage, comparable to Ryzen 1000-series launch. Uhh...for those who pre-ordered...

    1. AshRiver


      Rip air cooler users

    2. -rascal-


      @AshRiver some of the reviewers are using 360mm AIO's (e.g. Corsair H150i Pro), and with MCE enabled in the BIOS, it still jumps to 80*C+.

  12. Sapphire NTIRO+ RX 5700 XT Special Edition for cheaper than than regular NITRO+ model? Currently at one of the lowest prices since it's release? Yes...thank you :)

  13. Wow first time dealing with Intel's RMA team. I am impressed!
    I was willing to pay a fee for a replacement i7-6800K (note, Broadwell-E chip) through Intel, as warranty expired in January 2020.
    Due to the unknown ETA of a replacement CPU, they are willing to give me a $441 refund. 😇

    1. Tech_Dreamer
    2. Tristerin



    3. -rascal-


      @Tristerin Yeah no kidding! I was expecting to *maybe* get a replacement, or nothing at all, but they gave me the option to refund the Recommended Customer Price shown on the Intel ARK page.

  14. Confirmed X99 motherboard is alive; the little...er..big... i7-6800K is the dead one.

    Odd it would be the CPU rather then motherboard.

    Off to send an RMA through EVGA and Intel I guess...

  15. Got a phone call...confirmed the ol' ASUS X99 Deluxe II motherboard is toast...EVGA PSU took the board with it. 

    Good news, all 32GB of DDR4 RAM is still alive and kicking.

    i7-8086K vs i7-9700K vs i9-9900K? What do?

    1. Bananasplit_00
    2. -rascal-



      EVGA P2 850W...not expecting that tier of PSU to give out and take a motherboard with it...

  16. Welp looks like my PSU kicked the bucket, and took my X99 motherboard with it. Hope the RAM is okay...because that is $500+ worth of it. RIP...?

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    2. -rascal-



      EVGA P2 850W.


      Not 100% sure, but power has been a little unstable (lights flickering/dimming, but no outage) due to heavy wind / snow in the last few days, so it could be that. My brother's system, router, my monitors, and printer are on the same circuit...and those were fine.

    3. Spotty


      Just had a read through the rest of your forum post. Does look like a dead PSU if its you tested in two other systems and it's not working.
      If you've tried that system with another PSU and it still doesn't boot, then as you've concluded in your thread it looks like the motherboard is dead as well.


      EVGA P2 850W.


      Not 100% sure, but power has been a little unstable (lights flickering/dimming, but no outage) due to heavy wind / snow in the last few days, so it could be that. My brother's system, router, my monitors, and printer are on the same circuit...and those were fine.

      Was the system plugged in to a surge protector or directly in to the wall?

      If the lights were flickering & dimming during a storm the PSU might have suffered some sort of failure due to brown outs (not a full black out where the power is lost). AC voltage may have dropped too low for the unit to handle, though the EVGA P2 is a high end unit and should be able to protect itself fairly well against that sort of thing, or at the very least not take the motherboard with it when it goes... But I guess there's a threshold where any PSU will give up.

      To be honest I'm not really that educated when it comes to that sort of issue with brown outs and such, and I'm really just guessing so don't take what I said as gospel... Maybe @jonnyGURU might have some thoughts.

    4. -rascal-



      Yes, it is hooked up to a surge protector, but not a UPS.


      I'm going to see if I can get the CPU + Motherboard + RAM tested tomorrow...that is when the snowing stops, and not get snowed in (damn Polar Vortex finally hit us)


      I don't know, maybe @jonnyGURU might have some insight. Anyways, I'm going to start an RMA with EVGA tomorrow as well.

  17. Been using my OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition for about 3 days now.

    REALLY good first impressions so far, really impressed.

    Haven't picked up a phone and be like "wow" in a looong time.

  18. Lose my LG G6 during a horrible weekend of deep-sea fishing...and the OnePlus 6T McClaren Edition gets released.

    It's a sign!!

    1. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      rip LG G6.. 2018-2018. 

    2. -rascal-


      Pretty much hahaha... bought it in the summer (used) because shitty Chilease Nexus 6P battery.

      The LG G6 is actually a decent phone... for $300 Canadian Pesos.


    3. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      i HATE LG's android skin SO MUCH. i bought an iPhone just to get rid of all the crappy OEM android interfaces

  19. Hahaha my FireStrike score from 2016 is still top-14 for all valid results with a FX-8350 and 2x R9-Fury's.

    Maybe time to bring the ol' FX-8350 rig out of the corner of the room, and do some test runs for one last time...for glory!!



  20. Get in touch with that Kat girl ?

    Doesn't hurt to make a new friend.

  21. Bought a good condition, used,  ASUS ROG R9-280X Matrix Platinum for $50 Canadian Pesos.

    Owner thought the card is defective, saying it artifacts -- really just ASUS' design flaw for not cooling 4 of 8 VRAM ICs that are running beyond Hynix's rated specs.

    Little copper heatsink mod, and boom, even better than new!

    Good spare card, or even just as a show piece :)

  22. Retired staff?! Why? Since when??

    1. Godlygamer23


      It's been what...a few months now? 


      I was not really on very much to respond to people's messages, and only moved threads to different sub-forums, so I decided to step down.

  23. As of January 2018, officially Product Test and Characterization Engineer!

    Next goal: getting the P.Eng certification...but which company to do it under as?

    Where do I want to eventually end up at? Intel Canada for their 3D XPoint (aka Optane technology)? D-Wave and their Quantum Computing project? AMD?

    Who knows...

    1. Canada EH

      Canada EH

      Speak english please ;) tech jargon is not my fortay

    2. Godlygamer23


      Congratulations. I hope you do great things. 

    3. 8uhbbhu8
  24. Ekwb P240 kit has arrived!!

    1. Jurunce




      @Candren Lycosa got the EK-KIT S360 and I had the pleasure of installing it for him, which is good experience on my part ^_^. The reason why he got that was that was all he could fit in his NZXT H440 (which is poorly engineered for airflow and cooling despite looking nice)

    2. -rascal-


      @JurunceNK that the thing I noticed with the H440. It looks nice, but it's lacking in the airflow department. I think it was one of the drawbacks with attempting to get a clean look for the case design.


      You have any recommendations on where/how the pump should be mounted, tubing configuration, etc?

    3. Jurunce


      I mounted the pump/res on to a HDD sled, and mounted the radiator onto the top of the case. That's how I did it.

  25. Haven't slept in 24 hours...And it's already morning...Might as well tack another full day on. RIP.

    1. 2FA


      I did that last week, it sucked so much. Just make sure to eat healthy snacks throughout the day and drinking fluids. It helps a lot.

    2. SpaceNugget