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    The Netherlands
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  • CPU
    i5 4690 non k
  • Motherboard
    MSI Gaming 3 H97
  • RAM
    Cruxial balistic 2x4gb
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 770 (will add the actual model one day)
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    Jonsbo W2
  • Storage
    250 GB SSD + 1TB HDD
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    212 evo

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  1. I understand but ill take any delay I can get right now. But based on what you said I should be save to unplug it? I know but I will have to pay my rent first... already squeezing things atm
  2. Hello So I have a WD blue 1 tb and the SMART data indicates the HDD is deteriorating ->having more and more bad sectors/ read and write errors so its probably dying. I know I should replace it but I'm currently on a bit tight budget and can't really spare the money right now. Because of this I'm looking for a temporary solution till I can buy a new drive to replace it with I'm considering just unplugging the drive so it can't deteriorate further since it just my movies, music and my back up of the c: drive on it. Would this mess with my windows install? or should I do
  3. Well if you did it I can Let's see if my gtx 770 can cool it's head a little Thanks for the info
  4. just a small follow up question. Would you need to replace the thermal pads as well if you take of a GPU cooler? or just replacing the paste en reuse the pads?
  5. Eh no not really... If you are just talking switching power cables of the gpu then that's okay (just unlucky)
  6. Why not 4*4 gb ram? Might be cheaper upgrade you should have the ram slots for it
  7. Somewhere in 2018 I would like to upgrade my 770 to something bang for the buck 1070 perhaps? Maybe amd dunno. Would like to get some more ram as well if I can find a second kit of what I already have second hand I'll snatch it. For now CPU is fine perhaps in 2019ish I'll rebuild with 2nd gen zen (if they go Intel naming scheme) the r5 2600 or something but that means new board CPU and ram. So I'll see. Maybe I'll pick up the fluid gaming stuff from ek if I have extra budget at some point. Because liquid cooling is baller AF Probably I'll try to go down
  8. Fair enough hope you find one
  9. Ah okay. The thing why I mentioned it is that back plates are useless. Instead of spending 80 on a plate you could spend 170 on a custom loop
  10. Back plate for an armor? Isn't that like the worst 1080? Because the cooler is crap on it? Not sure what you are going to spend on the plate but you could look in to the ekwb fluid gaming line they do water cooling stuff for a good price might be more worth it.
  11. International transfers take a couple days they are usually processed in batches. As mentioned before they do nothing during the weekend. So they will look at it on Monday. Usually it should be there like Tuesday or Wednesday. Though you are in Greece don't you still have some restrictions on withdrawing money and transferring it? That might take some extra time because of checks and such.
  12. Did you try the night theme yet?
  13. Just browse the forum and try to comment to something on every tread where you have to add something
  14. its completely sealed off with a radiator in the sealed off part where the liquid condensates on. then that rad is cooled with another rad in the front of the rig. so no refilling