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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Bombastinator in What are USB ports on Monitors for? ?   
    Yup.  They put a cheap or possibly defective hub in the monitor.  Many hubs do polling devices fine.  Or fine enough anyway.  It may depend on how fast the polling is.  Some mice poll very very fast.  
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to lightfire in cheap PC-driven camera for sleep study?   
    Hey there, I'm not sure if it would work, but some phones have sleep monitoring (I know iPhones do). Of course I don't know what phone you have but chances are it has such a thing. It monitors when you're sleeping, deep sleep, etc. No idea how it works, but it seems to be pretty accurate to me.
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Ryzen4Life in cheap PC-driven camera for sleep study?   
    Buy a cheap logitech webcam and the materials for this project, should get the job done well enough
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Bombastinator in Sanity check for beefy HTPC upgrade   
    Sanity check... hmm...  “answer hazy?”
    the current system will still game.  Might need more video card.  Should function at least till the new consoles come out.
    The system upgrade is a high level gaming PC. The only reason I can see to even go above a 2070 is the whole console thing, and the current projected highest possible spec for that is a 2070S.  A 2070S will push 4k like you want, and is projected to meet or beat the consoles that aren’t even out yet.  
    My personal move in your position would probably be to maybe upgrade the video card, but not mess with the main box until the CPU actually needed to be upgraded.  It’s a plenty fast CPU until it runs out of threads.  I might even hold off on the video card upgrade until more is known about the upcoming consoles just to make sure the thing will game.
    It would totally work though.  One thing that does occur to me is HTPCs like to be really really quiet.  If you to go for the 3700x a low/mid level air cooler might be worth it.  The wraith Max is not a loud cooler, but it’s single ball.   Maybe an Arctic 33 or something.  Or even wait and use up the stock fan first.  A quiet GPU may be worth it for this one.
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Dredgy in $10K (AUD) ITX Workstation   
    2003 I got a 1.5mbps connection I think, though it might have been 768k - I remember speed not being the major improvement, but rather being able to talk on the phone.
    It has it's advantages - I am a very efficient programmer since I always target extreme low end. But it also makes me feel wasteful when I'm using cloud backup (on this new PC I have about 120GB backed up to dropbox atm) or when downloading steam games. This is also my first PC that doesn't have an optical drive!!
    Anyways, more pictures. Set up the desk with my 2 monitors that currently work - a 32" Samsung, and a 4:3 touch screen point of sale monitor. Using my old speakers which still sound great, but now to get started on the actual bits of the PC I use every day!

    And a picture of the old versus the new:

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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Dredgy in $10K (AUD) ITX Workstation   
    I had a 40GB hard drive in that build too (upgraded from a 2GB). That computer was P3 or P2 iirc, purchased in 1998. I only ever used to do programming which was never resource intensive, but my use cases widened a lot once I hit adulthood. Living rurally I’m used to a 6 GB cap on my internet too ( finally lifted in 2016, and I lived in the city for a few years beforehand) so to me a gigabyte or anything is a HUGE thing, and not something I take for granted,
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to LIGISTX in Does a 16c delta between max core temps suggest poor surface contact between IHS and cpu block?   
    All of that’s true/good points. Hard to know for sure. Can you delid a 10980XE? That could possibly help assuming it is a bad solder job. But, if it IS soldered, delid is super risky. Checking TIM spread may tell you if you have to lap it, but still not sure I would personally. I delid my 4770k and dropped load temps 22c, and brought the temp deltas to 2-3c coldest to hottest, but that also isn’t something I would recommend to people unless they know what they are getting into. 
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Fasauceome in Does a 16c delta between max core temps suggest poor surface contact between IHS and cpu block?   
    lapping the IHS may help with this delta, but it's also possible that the discrepancy is between the die and the IHS, especially with the amount of cores. (which would really suck because that puppy is soldered)
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Slottr in Swapping motherboard   
    I see what you mean, and I agree to some sections
    But Windows doesn’t handle the driver situation perfectly and it still goofs often enough
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Pickles - One of the Jar in add 2nd nvme ssd and convert existing setup to raid 0?   
    Your best bet to get this working is to create a clone of your current setup, then once that is set, create your RAID, clone everything back. Then expand the file system and all set. 

    Personally, I use Mini Partition Wizard. Works like a charm. 
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    Kalm_Traveler got a reaction from Derkoli in looking for USB to SPDIF audio card   
    The nature of the signal doesn't really have any bearing on price of the device in question - especially if you're wanting something capable of Dolby Digital Live or DTS Connect encoding for 5.1 over Toslink. Honestly, I think the easiest solution would be one of Creative's external USB sound cards as long as it has optical output and DDL or DTS:C support.
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to X-System in Your personal rig CPU history thread - let's reminisce   
    1. Motorola 68000 (Apple Macintosh SE FDHD)
    2. Intel 486 DX4/100 (Compaq)
    3. Pentium II 233
    4. Pentium II 333
    5. Pentium II 350
    6. Pentium II 450
    7. Pentium 4 1.8A
    8. Pentium 4 2.4C
    9. Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 3.2 s478
    10. dual Xeon Prestonia LV 1.6@2.61 (2nd PC added)
    11. dual Xeon Irwindale LV 3.0 (2nd PC)
    12. Core i3-3220T
    13. dual Xeon 5150 (2nd PC)
    14. dual Xeon X5355 (2nd PC)
    15. Core i3-6100T
    16. dual Xeon E5-2630L v3 (2nd PC)
    17. dual Xeon E5-2667 v3 (2nd PC currently)
    18. Core i7-7700 (currently)
    And others CPU history in my laptop (Pentium -> Pentium II -> Pentium III -> Pentium M -> Core 2 Duo currently)
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Rocky Smith in Your personal rig CPU history thread - let's reminisce   
    1. Schneider CPC 6128 (my first "gaming computer")
    2. Intel 486DX33
    3. Cyrix 5x86 100 MHz
    4. AMD K6-300 MHz
    5. AMD Duron 1000 MHz (it was 1GHz, not sure if it was a duron, but I think)
    6. AMD Athlon 64 2000+ (or something around 2GHz)
    7. AMD Sempron 3000+
    8. AMD Athlon II X4 3GHz
    9. AMD FX 8320 Octa-Core
    10. Intel i7-5820K Hexa-Core

    (11. Ryzen 7 3800X Octa-Core (in planning))

    (A. Mac Pro 3.1 (2008) 2x Quad Core Xeon, 32GB RAM)
    (B. Some Notebooks)
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    Kalm_Traveler got a reaction from computersRawesome in Two 4 GB RAM vs. One 8 GB RAM?   
    Always two rather than only one because a single DIMM can only run in single channel mode, while 2 or 4 will run in dual channel (or potentially quad channel if you have an HEDT platform) which offers exponentially more memory bandwidth.
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Mister Woof in Your personal rig CPU history thread - let's reminisce   
    i got stuck at trying to remember the specs on all the laptops i've owned. half of them were just for goofing off and i had a few gaming laptops.
    then do i include the ones my i made for my wife? i don't even 
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to ShrimpBrime in Your personal rig CPU history thread - let's reminisce   
    Same problem. Can I just copy the list? it would make my life easier. Although, Maybe a third or so wasn't in a daily driver..... lol. 
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Divritenis in Your personal rig CPU history thread - let's reminisce   
    I'd include 2 that my parents got for me, but I was too young and cannot recall. Both were 2nd hand systems and the 2nd one had some sort of AMD Athlon in it. Anyways, here goes what I've purchased myself:
    AMD Athlon II X2 250 (2010) <- my first ever "pc" I've bought myself with my own money (PC in quotes, as I purchased some of the parts for upgrade and reused some from previous pc). AMD Pentium II X4 960 BE (2012) <- got more money and could upgrade CPU to a 3 year old AMD quad core. Oh the joy Intel Core i7-4700HQ (2014) <- first job out of school and could afford decent laptop Intel Core i7-6700HQ (2017) <- previous laptop died in flames, but still not ready to switch back to proper desktop - a decision I've regretted ever since AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (2019) <- finally back in desktop space and couldn't be happier
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Ralf in Your personal rig CPU history thread - let's reminisce   
    1st (~2000) - Intel 386
    2nd (2005) - Pentium II 266 
    3rd (2008) - Pentium 4 2.4Ghz(Northwood)
    4th (2009) - Dual Core E5200
    5th (2009) - Core 2 Duo E7500
    6th (2012) - Phenom II 965
    7th (2017) - Ryzen 7 1700
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Mister Woof in Your personal rig CPU history thread - let's reminisce   
    I started typing all this out, but got tired halfway through.
    Got a few OEM systems as a kid (Tandy 286, compaq 486sx2, ibm k6-2/266)
    First one I assembled with own money was a p3-450, 440bx, dual voodoo2s
    There's been a shitload between then and now, about half Intel half AMD.
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to atxcyclist in Your personal rig CPU history thread - let's reminisce   
    Might be impossible to capture it all, but here it goes:
    -8088 @ 4.77mhz, threw an XT together from parts in 1994 when I was 10, started this hobby with computers
    -486DX4 100mhz
    -133mhz K5
    -233mhz Cyrix (POS)
    -350mhz K6-2
    -600mhz Duron
    -Athlon XP 1800+
    -Pentium III 1.2ghz
    -Some cheap Pentium 2.4hz eMachines, 478 socket I believe
    -Pentium 524 3.06ghz single-core, finally made it to 64-bit in 2007
    -C2D E7400 2.93ghz
    -Phenom II x6 1035t 2.6ghz (?)
    -Athlon x4 870k 3.9ghz
    -i5 7600k  at 4.4ghz
    -Ryzen 7 2700x
    There were a lot of other things in there, but I cannot remember them all.
  21. Informative
    Kalm_Traveler reacted to leadeater in when are we going to get to the days isp install/activate a jack in your house and that is it.   
    Cable modems are modems because they are RF based technology even if modern deployments today are digital transmissions mediums it's still converted back to RF at the customer modem endpoint then converted again to ethernet. It's these RF signals that are being modulated and demodulated.
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Husky in Your personal rig CPU history thread - let's reminisce   
    1. Intel Pentium 4 2.80 @ 2.8 GHz
    2. AMD Athlon XP 3200+ @ 2.2 GHz
    3. Dual Socket AMD Opteron 254 @ 2.8 GHz
    3. Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.66 GHz
    4. Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.4 GHz
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to toasty99 in Your personal rig CPU history thread - let's reminisce   
    1. Phenom ii 955
    2a. I7 920 (used for 15 minutes to update bios)
    2b: Xeon x5650
    3. Ryzen 1600 original
    4. Xeon 1660v3 QS (i7 5960x would be consumer equivalent) 
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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to ShrimpBrime in Your personal rig CPU history thread - let's reminisce   
    Oh gosh how far back really we need to go into the history and making of what is today.
    I grew up on stories and have a 7 foot high computer cabinet in my garage that serves as my welding cabinet. 
    The late 80's and 90's when computing became presence in my life, was mostly apple Macintosh products. 
    Pocket electronic games where totally popular. Had all the good ones. Pocket Simon I remember well.
    We even had the 1980 something lego space dude. lol, I had at least 12 of them.
    Have seen a lot of hardware. I couldn't tell you every single system I've had. Can't remember them all.
    Oh here's a picture of the placard on that old computer cabinet I've still got. Came from gramps.

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    Kalm_Traveler reacted to Just Monika in Your personal rig CPU history thread - let's reminisce   
    Definitely extreme differences in the first few upgrades! I may have forgotten an additional CPU after the 166 MHz, I believe it was a 233 MHz Pentium in combination with some kind of Nvidia GPU with 32 MB VRAM. It was incredibly ill-suited for any kind of real gaming, the most it could do was Runescape (the original one) and simple games like Doom or StarCraft.
    I'd say the most incredible upgrade was the i5 4690S which was my first experience with an SSD. Completely knocked me off guard with the speed and I never really stopped being impressed by it.