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  1. I got the MSI B250M Mortar. So a molex adapter would work too then ?
  2. Hello, I always wondered how to connect an AiO water cooler to my motherboard if the motherboard doesnt have a PUMP header. Do I connect the connecter for the pump on SYS_FAN1 for example and set the voltage to constant 12V? And then I connect the Fans of the AiO to the CPU_FAN header. Am I thinking right or will a typical AiO not work with this connections/settings. The constant voltage needs to be adjusted to the pump used of course. Thanks for your answers!
  3. Hello, for a long time a have an issue with my pc. This issue happens randomly so not after I start a programm for example. It happens from time to time. My monitor went black and notified me that there is no signal, at this moment I still can here sound, like from an YT video fo example, also my mic works for a few second aswell. 5secs after the blackscreen I cant here the sound anymore and I can be heard either. Only a hardreset works so my pc can run normally after that. Pressing the Reset-Button on the case DOESNT work to fix the problem. The pc needs to be powered down complet
  4. so if I buy a budget card right now and it will last for around 2-3 years to play on high sometimes even on max settings, then I need to just buy the next card after that period of time and I will be fine for another 2-3 maybe even 4 years. How long do u think a GTX 1070 ti or a vega 56 will last probably?
  5. Or should I aswell consider a GTX 1060 6GB?
  6. Idk if a rx 580 would last me for a few years. If it would be enough for m 1080p wishes, should I get the 8GB version or will the 4GB version be enough?
  7. Is there a release date for the new RX 600 cards ?
  8. thanks for the answer my psu model is Corsair CX600M. At the moment I'm powering an i5-7500 on an MSI B250 board with it. Also my ssd an my hdd, nothing more. The cheapest 1070 Ti I could get is for around 430€. I also thought about buying that one but I think I should wait on that for the release of the RTX 1070 on 17th of October. Maybe prices will drop even further. Maybe I should ask in a different way. My plans are to game at 1080p @144Hz. Gamesettings should be set to high or maxed, depending on the game played of course (like Esports titl
  9. Hello, I was looking for a new gpu, since my old doesnt have the power to satisfie my needs. So I looked through a bunch of online shops and found a AMD Vega 56 for "only" 399€ [link: https://www.powercolor.com/product?id=1521537060 ] (I live in Germany). So is it worth it ? And if its worth it, how about the powersupply? Currently I have a 600W psu from Corsair. Do I need a bigger one to power the card ? My cpu only has a tdp of 65w so I think I'm fine. Thanks for the answers!
  10. Hello, I'm looking for a new notebook. It shouldn't be larger than 15.6", the resolution should be full hd and it should have like an Gtx 940mx or a similar graphics card. Could you guys recommend me a notebook which fullfills my needs, like office tasks and light gaming, at a price point of only 700€ ? I hope someone can help me, Thanks anyways!
  11. Hello, is it possible to use the 144Hz of a monitor at fullhd with a displayport to dvi-d cable ? the dvi-d end would be plugged into the monitor and the displayport-end into the graphics card. Or do I need a special cable to run my monitor at 144Hz full hd? Hope you guys can answer my question.
  12. Hello, I recently bought a need notebook and I want to install a M.2 ssd. While looking for a M.2 ssd I noticed that there are all different kinds of m.2 ssd (sata, pcie and nvme). Right now I need help be finding the right ssd for my laptop. [ Laptop: Asus FX553VD-DM603 (90NB0DW7-M08890) ] Which M.2 ssd do I need like sata, pcie or nvme? and can I use for example a sata M.2 ssd on an device which requires pcie or nvme ssds? I hope you guys can help me!
  13. Hello, I need a new notebook for my studium but I also want to do a little bit of gaming on it. I hope you can help me finding the right one. The following specs are needed for the notebook: [ 128GB SSD+ 1TB HDD, Full-HD Screen, 8GB Ram, DVD Drive (not necessary but would be nice) and also a capable graphics chip which can handle a little bit of gaming, all this with a 800€ budget, the laptop must be available in europe] I hope you guys can help me.
  14. Hello, I´m planning to upgrade my system by buying a new cpu. But I don`t know if I should wait for Ryzen 5 or if I should buy a Intel alternative. My budget is between 200-300€. What do u think? Should I wait for Ryzen 5 or should I buy a Intel CPU and if so why ? thanks for your help