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  1. gg "Inline" was exactly what I needed but I just couldn't think of it. Should have no problem finding what I need now. Thanks.
  2. I'm trying to see if the kind of device I'm thinking of even exists as a thing. I want something that can take audio from a standard 3.5mm jack, input to [device], and have output in standard 3.5mm but now with a volume control. To be more specific, I'm wanting to plug a console into an HDMI mnitor with audio pass-through, and somehow turn the pass-through into adjustable volume i can use headphones with. I already have speakers with their own headphone output but there's horrendous static that's unbearable. And I don't want to buy another set of speakers. I'm looking f
  3. @Intel Fanboy The Nest app is just for monitoring Nest products. Alfred doesn't save locally, just streams and it can't do that once it's in position.
  4. I need a security camera app that meets these requirements. 1. Android 2. Free with no subscription required 3. Works 100% offline with no access to internet or cell services. 4. Has motion-activating mode I have an older-ish Android phone I need to turn into a motion-activated camera for a small interior space. It will need to work with no access to a cloud(no internet here whatsoever) so it'll need to work off of its' own internal storage I can access later. Anybody know an app that'll work for that? I'd just download and try a lot myself but my phone that has
  5. kek. A device on the customer-end of the chain isn't gonna make the internet faster or bypass throttling. Snake oil indeed.
  6. Ended up reinstalling Windows. Solved 95% of the problems, GPU and CPU even run like 10°-15°F cooler which is... strange, but I won't complain. Random browser pages freeze but I'm blaming that on Opera and Firefox now, at least they're less common. Even fixed my failure-to-POST problems... somehow. Not sure how a borked Windows affects something like that but hey.
  7. Would but can't. Literally no other place to put it. My mobo is a mini-itx/micro-itx(I'll always get them mixed up.) so there's just nowhere to put it.
  8. No. I said in the beginning it'll fail to boot period(no splash screen, can't get into BIOS etc.) roughly 50% of the time unless I hit the reset button. Was just saying my 2 2TB drives wouldn't have any effect even if one was dying.
  9. I'll try later if I'm feeling brave.I have anomalously bad luck when it comes to something as simple as "Boot with no drives" and then the computer just dying or something. I know it boots with just my SSD in it though at least. My 2 2tb drives are for games and assorted media, they're just places to dump stuff. Nope. Yup. No problems. Did it when I upgraded to 16gb of RAM sometime in 2018. No speaker for beeps or digital readout. Just blank screen, keyboard doesn't light up etc., but everything is spinning/lighting up fine.
  10. Done all those already. None spat out anything wrong. And the CMOS battery coming out while the computer is A: Off, and B: Unplugged, is harmless, just annoying to deal with the computer needing to re-sync what time it is.
  11. Was using one of those air cans made for dusting computers and such. I blew some dust off the top of it(from a safe distance) and it just shot out of the slot because it's essentially spring-loaded. I fail to see how out of my last post, that's the most relevant part.
  12. I watch all my temps like a hawk. My cpu rarely goes over 130°F even under a moderate load, and even idling right now it's only 92°F with the fan speed at only 60%. It's air-cooled with one of those graphite pads Linus showed off in 2018(?) serving in place of the paste. BIOS CPU temp though, I dunno, I don't look at it there but I doubt it'd be any different in the 25s it takes to get from off to logged in and Speccy running. Not sure if it's relevant but I accidentally cleared the CMOS about a year ago. I was dusting it and the mobo's battery shot out of its' slot because of so
  13. About 2~ months ago it started acting up and I'm unsure if it's Windows being borked or some piece of hardware is dying. Specs first then I'll get into the examples. FX-8300 cpu 16gb (4x4) G.Skill RAM Asrock 970 ProM3(I think) motherboard Sandisk 256gb SSD 2x 2TB HD's(1 Seagate, 1 Western Digital) Asus ROG RX-480 8gb gpu Corsair CX 450M psu Nothing is more than 3 years old, was all new hardware at the time. Now on to the problems. Keep in mind all these started very suddenly one day, it wasn't a gradual thing. 1. Rig fails to POST about 50% of
  14. @Semper I ordered an 80mm and it's too fucking big. God I hate this bullshit.
  15. Weird how it's an "80mm" when it's closer to 70mm. But I guess 80mm is just the 'standard' right?
  16. I may have measured it wrong, if my continuing research is to be true. I measured along one side to the other. Getting conflicting info if you measure screw hole to hole, opposite corners etc.. I really just need to know what box I tick; 80mm or 70mm when looking for replacements.
  17. I measured it at 3 inches (76mm) sooooo I'm just assuming it's an "80mm" as far as specs are concerned and to just round it up? Googling the actual size myself is proving oddly difficult; I just pull up advertisements.
  18. Besides a fan controller, temp monitor, or usb hub, what all can I put in there? Anything else useful, neat, or just plain interesting.
  19. Oh I knew they were discontinued. Just never know if there's a few floating around in some obscure shops, possibly in another language even.
  20. Thanks but I'm trying to find that specific item.
  21. I can't find this scarf thing anywhere I look. I found 1 site that "had it in stock" but always error'd out during checkout for myself and my friend in another country who was gonna buy it. So we figured it was actually out of stock there too. If anybody can find any corner of the internet that has this I'd be incredibly grateful. I've wanted it for years but only now can I really get it.