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    I like things that are hard to do, but also things like video games.
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    Software Engineer


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    Ryzen 5900X
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    Asus B550-I
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    32 GB Corsair Vengeance
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    NCASE M1 v6
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    Corsair P600 Gen4
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    Corsair 750 SFX
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    2x Dell 1440p 165Hz
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    Noctua 9U
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    Drop CTRL
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    Razer Mamba
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    Motu M2
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    Windows 10
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    Dell XPS

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  1. C# is an excellent choice because it has features of all other languages.
  2. Of the top 20 languages currently on the TIOBE index where string comparison is defined, Java is the only language to use the equality operator to compare the references of strings. It's more accurate to say that this should be the default expected behavior of a language, and it's Java that one needs to be careful of.
  3. My laptop has been broken for a month, something to do with the soldered on RAM. Brand new XPS 13 stopped working after a couple months. I call in and tell them the error code. They're like, "Yep that's onboard fault we'll have to get a replacement board and send someone out to fix it." Two weeks later they tell me that the part is back-ordered and it will be another month. Two weeks later it's two months. They offer to give me replacement refurbished laptop. I obviously decline I want my brand new laptop not some fucking old water damaged piece of shit held together with glue and
  4. In database normalization having a null value would be a violation. This should be viewed as a weakness of database normalization, however, since in many cases null improves readability, simplicity, and efficiency. In general things should be null if a lack of a value is a valid state. For example, in an array of boolean values indicated a positive selection or rejection, a null value may be used to indicate no decision has been made yet. A separate data structure to get around using null would be inane and needlessly more complicated. It also avoids using 0 as "no valu
  5. You guys probably already know this but I should go ahead and plug PowerToys Run since it adds some features that users are asking for (like spotlight search). That said not really mac os but I really really really like brew and even with scoop and chocolatey they're still not as good as homebrew.
  6. They did say it was free shipping on orders at $25 not $24.95. I'm not sure why he's surprised. These guys are hilarious. They must be rolling in cash.
  7. He did say IT not comp sci. --- The linux kernel is written in C, to modify you'll also have to use C
  8. You should just join whatever band/music class you have available.
  9. A String is sort of like a mix between the two, and that's how C# handles it. Note that IsPrimitive will return false, but it is included in the System namespace. Additionally, in C# it's normally declared with "string" instead of "String", but they mean the same thing. If you were to deal with strings in C, they're just pointers to an array of characters. This means of course, that they are actually reference types. This is why they're ultimately objects. However, in C#, they're treated as though they were a value type (i.e., primitive type). Doing firstString == secondString is a
  10. JavaScript is going to seem very strange coming from another language. Once you embrace its concepts it makes a lot more sense in the web context that it is used for. Still, I find that it is still difficult to develop since debugging can be challenging because it's so asynchronous. As far as static typing goes, just use TypeScript (already brought up, but worthy of another mention), which fixes a lot of this issue. Also try to stick to the big three frameworks instead of something experimental that will be abandoned who knows when. Angular, Vue, or React on
  11. I have some Bose sport in-ears and they don't fall out even with the most sweaty of my exercise routines.